Mixed Bag on the Jim Clark Reivers.

May 30th, 2013

Mixed Bag on the Jim Clark Reivers.

The annual pilgrimage by the rallying fraternity to the Scottish Borders took place this weekend, with four SOSCC teams heading East to compete on this popular event.

In the National Rally on Saturday, Boreland’s Mike Curry was again on the notes for his friend Andy Davison  in a BMW at number 124 but the engine let go after stage 2 and it was all over.

In the Reivers rally today, David Bogie and Kevin Rae (Cagemax Focus WRC) got off to a slow start as the car stalled at the start of stage one, handing a goodly sized lead to Euan Thorburn who was also driving a Focus WRC. Thorburn held the lead until the eighth and last stage, where a fire near to the end lost him enough time to allow David and Kevin to snatch the win by a meagre ten seconds.

Ian Paterson and Jim Haugh (Craigie Bank Garage Gulf Subaru) were going well at 28, and had got up to seventeenth or eighteenth until they needed to refuel. Running on Carless fuel means that only the Carless staff are allowed to fuel the cars. Somehow, during this process, the petrol filler cap was left off and it leaked all over the car, the highly corrosive liquid stripping paint and even getting under Ian’s feet. One spark would have been a disaster!. This was the end for them.

Stuart Paterson and Colin Maxwell (Oaktree Garage Subaru) were at 38 and having a good dayt until the engine let go on stage four. Hopefull;y the repair job will be cheap.

James Roberston and Ian Crosbie (Penpont Garage C2R2) were at at 53 and a after a smooth and consistent run, took 44th overall and no doubt some useful SRC class points.