New pics in the Miscellaneous Gallery.

May 21st, 2012

New pics in the Miscellaneous Gallery.

Those of you who visit the Miscellaneous Gallery on this website will know there’s now quite a long list of older images which are titled ‘Historic Pics’.

Tonight, two more Historic Pics were added, these being numbers 59 and 60 and are of William (Billy) Riddick who was an active member in the sixties & seventies.

Unfortuately, other than the information in the captions for these images we have little else, so if you can provide a bit more, please contact Roland Proudlock on 07824 847383 or

It would also be particularly helpful if you could provide some stories of Billy’s rallying or autocrossing successes, as we’d like to add a section on him to the ‘History’ page.