SoSCC Awards Night

January 25th, 2018

SoSCC Awards Night

Not long now until our Awards night, which is on the 3rd February at Woodlands House Hotel. If you haven’t already remember & contact Willie Keaning for your tickets.
Here are our award winners for 2017:

Queensberry (champion) – Jack Palmer
Ladies Champion – Kelsey Gillespie
2nd overall – Willie Keaning
George Myatt (Junior Champion) – Dugald MacGregor

Oak tree garage tar Champion – Willie Keaning
Premier Taxis grass Champion – Jack Palmer

Class 1 =
1st Jack Palmer
2nd Stephen Palmer
3rd Dugald MacGregor

Class 2 =
1st Warren Gillespie
2nd Kelsey Gillespie
3rd Dean Gillespie

Class 3 – Laura Stamper

Class 4 =
1st Drew Mclean
2nd Scott Bell
3rd Dean Gillespie

Class 5 =
1st Willie Keaning
2nd Danny Pattie
3rd Jack Palmer

Colin Marshall – Drew Mclean
Good companions – Andy Williamson
Marshall – Derek Kirkpatrick
Wrecker – Liam Harkness
Scavenger hunt – Derek McCrae

British Leyland – Jack Palmer
Vauxhall – Danny Pattie

Embassy hotel – David Bogie & Kevin Rae
AK Stephenson – David Bogie & Kevin Rae
Nithsdale Sheild – Alan Queen
Buccleugh – Greg Mcknight & David Crosbie
Francis Dundas – Alice Paterson
Southern Garage – Jim Robertson & Mike Currie
Jim Clark – Ian Paterson & Heather Grizdale

We look forward to seeing you all at the awards night ???