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If you have any information which should appear here, please contact the webmaster. The latest addition was made to this page on April 11th 2015 with the Autocar Magazine’s report on Francis Dundas’s win of the 1958 Scottish Rally.

Prior to this, on February 20th 2015, we added the list of all winners of the Queensberry (Club Champion) Trophy from 1954.

Then on March 24th 2015, we added the ‘Autocar’ Magazine’s stories of the 1952 and 1953 Scottish Rallies, the entry list for the ’52 event including three SOSCC drivers. Frank Dundas was the only member mentioned in the ’53 report.

And on March 30th 2015, we completed adding extracts ‘from the minutes’ of club committee meetings held in 1976, 1977 and 1978 and also items from newsletters, 12 Car Rallies and other correspondence when the club was Chaired first by mobile school dentist, Derek Attwood, and later farmer Bill Riddick, who lived at Templand Hill, Kirkton. Find all these items chronologically, by scrolling down the page and looking for the years highlighted.

Our Honorary President

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We were extremely fortunate that up to the date of his death, September 4th 2007, one of the founder members of the club, His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry KT, was our Honorary President and still actively supporting the club, kindly allowing us access to the many roads around the Drumlanrig Castle estate, particularly to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary in the form of a special stage rally in 2005.

The natural successor to the late Duke was his son, Richard, who early in 2008 willingly agreed to take over the role of Honorary President from his father, because in his words, he ‘believed in continuing on with traditions’.

The event in 2005 to celebrate the 50th anniversary was named the ‘Autumn Stages’, the traditional name for the club’s annual stage rally, (even though in 2005 the event ran out of season in May) having originally been scheduled for September 2004, but initially postponed, due to a lack of entries.

Undaunted, the committee pressed on and ran the event in 2005 instead, admittedly a few months late but fittingly this time, running with exactly 50 starters, to mark this historic occasion. The event was run again at Drumlanrig in September 2007 and September 2008. More about the ‘Autumn Stages’ later.

Our Honorary Vice President

This, as you will see from this website’s Home Page, is John Bogie.

To read more about John and his own motor sport career, please scroll down the page to the Alphabetical section, where you will find a short story about some of our more ‘experienced’ past and present members.

The Birth of the South of Scotland Car Club.

Until late in 2011, it had been believed that the South of Scotland Car Club started life in 1954. However, in November 2011, fresh information came to light after a great deal of detailed research, proving without doubt that in fact, the club commenced in 1951.

Initially, in 2010, we received a completely unexpected e.mail from a gentleman called Chris Denham.

Chris’s dad, George Philip Denham-Cookes, had recently passed away and knowing that his Dad had something to do with the club back in its early days, he had tracked down the SOSCC to let us know. After one and a half years and considerable correspondence, Chris was eventually able to provide vital clues that led us to conclusive proof of the precise date that the club was born.

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In 2010, Philip’s wife Iris was now in her nineties and living in Devon.

She had recalled that in November 1950, after she and Philip, a successful racing driver in his own right, had just completed a lengthy rally around Britain, had invited some fellow motor sport enthusiasts back to Woodland House in Newbridge for drinks. (Woodland House later became the Embassy Hotel and later re-adopted its original name to become the Woodland House Hotel).

According to Iris, after several whiskies, those present decided to start a club for motoring enthusiasts in the South of Scotland and agreed to put an advert in the Dumfries newspaper to advertise that a meeting would take place, inviting all interested parties to come along and join up.

By referring to Microfiche records kept in the Ewart Library in Dumfries, and specifically the ‘sport’ page of the Dumfries Standard, Wednesday January 31st 1951, a report was found of a meeting that had taken place in the Station Hotel Dumfries on ‘Saturday last’ at 3.00pm, where a group of enthusiasts had met and decided to go ahead with the formation of a new car club to promote motor sport and social events. Seventy people signed up immediately and that, without doubt confirms that Saturday January 27th 1951 is precisely when the South of Scotland Car Club was born. Philip Denham – Cookes was rightly elected as Chairman and donated one of the club’s original trophies, the ‘Denham Cookes Challenge Trophy’, which was indeed first awarded in 1951. (It is still awarded annually to this date).

Both the notice and the article referred to above are now on the ‘Miscellaneous’ page of our website gallery under ‘Historic Pics’ so you can see for yourself these much hunted and vital items.

Interestingly even the Duke of Buccleuch, who had made a wonderful speech at the awards ceremony at the end of the 2005 Autumn Stages at Drumlanrig Castle could only remember a conversation with Dr James Watson way back then and suggested that this conversation was where the club’s potential formation was first mooted. This however, wasn’t quite correct as history proves.

In fact, from Iris Denham – Cookes’ most recent recollections, it had been agreed at that inaugural meeting on January 27th 1951 that it would be good to have a high profile personality associated with the club to push it forward.

It transpires that another of the newly elected committe members in 1951, Dr James (Jim) Watson of Thornhill, had been given the job of approaching the Duke to suggest he be that ‘personality’. It would seem the bold doctor had taken advantage of the Duke at a moment when his resistance was at its lowest (having just given him an injection) to pop the question and of course, we all know now that he was happy to join in and in fact, became the club’s Honorary President. It might be suggested that the side effects of the injection are the reason the Duke remained unclear in later life about what had been said more than fifty years previously!.

Sadly the Duke of Buccleuch died in 2007, two years after the 2005 Autumn Stages event, where he had shown his enthusiasm and total support for the club.

The ‘Queensberry Trophy’ was first awarded in 1954 to the Club Champion and founder member, Dr Jim Watson of Thornhill. Scroll down this page to find out who presnted this trophy to the club.

Other notable early members were Francis (Frank) Dundas and Hector Munro, later to become Sir Hector and Tory MP for Dumfries.

The’GP Denham Cookes Challenge Trophy’. 1951

This trophy, as mentioned in the earlier introduction, may not always have been awarded to the highest placed driver on navigational rallies as it is today, but the names inscribed on it, provide a real ‘who’s who’ of past members and (in the earlier years), details of the cars they drove in pursuit of excellence. Here’s the list of recipients of this piece of club heritage since the very beginnings, also, in the early years at least, naming the cars they drove:

1951 R. Miller – Lea Francis. 1952 F. D. Dundas – Jowett Javelin & J. I Smith – Jaguar SS 100. 1953 F. D. Dundas – Jowett Javelin & J. Watson – Ford Anglia. 1954 F. Bogie – Jowett Javelin. 1955 F. Bogie – Jowett Javelin. 1956 F. Bogie – Jowett Javelin. 1957 P. Roxburgh – Hillman. 1958 J. McInnes – Morris 1000. 1959 P. Roxburgh – Singer. 1960 A. Dalziel – Austin. 1961 J. Bogie – Ford. 1962 P. Roxburgh – Citroen. 1963 J. Jamieson – MG. 1964 J. Bogie – Ford Cortina. 1968 W. Riddick – Escort. 1969 J. Bogie – DAF. 1970 D. Attwood – SAAB. 1971 J. Bogie – Mini. 1972 W. S. Robertson – Mini. 1974 E. McGowan – Ford. 1975 J. Brown – Mini. 1976 J. Brown – Mini. 1977 J. Brown – Ford. 1978 J. Doig. 1979 J. Bogie. 1980 J. Bogie. 1981 M. Rankin. 1982 D. Halliday. 1983 D. Halliday. 1984 D. Halliday. 1985 J. Doig. 1986 J. Doig. 1987 J. Doig. 1988 D. Magee. 1989 D. Paterson. 1990 D. Paterson. 1991 S. Davidson. 1992 J. Bogie. 1993 J. Bogie. 1994 M. Richardson. 1995 D. Latta. 1996 J. Bogie. 1997 J. Bogie & G. Myatt. 1998 J. Bogie & W. Ross. 1999 J. Bogie. 2000 J. Bogie. 2001 I. Wright. 2002 J. Murray. 2003 A. McKeown. 2004 I. Haining. 2005 I. Haining. 2006 I. Haining. 2007 I. Haining. 2008 W. Ross. 2009 W. Ross. 2010 W. Ross. 2011 K. Thomson

Does this bring back memories for the more ‘mature’ of you?.


From the Autocar Magazine, June 13th 1952. “The Tenth Scottish Rally”.

The ‘Scottish’ set off from the RSAC Club at Blythswood Square Glasgow on June 6th. This was the last year that the rally ran without declaring an overall winner. However, given there were three SOSCC drivers in the fray, here are some brief extracts from Autocar’s comprehensive coverage;

“Now that the 1,058 miles of Scottish roads, many of them narrow, winding and hilly, have been covered, the winners of the various classes feel justifiably proud of their cars and of their own prowess”.

“Class 4 was also hotly contested, , Miss Sadler in her mauve Rover being second with 37 marks to Dundas’ Javelin with 38, over Sydney Pentland’s Citroen with 36. In the unlimited open class, the XK’s were having a private feud, J C Broadhead with 38 marks, D O’M Taylor and Denham-Cookes with 37 and Leslie Wood with 36.”

“In the big closed car class, Robert Anderson’s Sunbeam Talbot, Warren’s Riley, E C D Russel’s Ford Zephyr, C F Kerr’s Mark V Jaguar, Dr J Watson’s black Allard, H W Underhill’s Mark VI Bentley, J Stoddart’s Vauxhall and W Chesney’s Sunbeam Talbot all had the coveted 20 marks and six others had scored 19”.

“Pentland in the Ciroen became first instead of third in class 4, with Neate’s Riley in second place and Dundas in the Javelin dropping to third, Miss Sadler having won no more marks. In class 5 Broadhead maintained the lead, Denham-Cookes being next and M H Lawson moving up to third place”.

“In the big open class, Denham-Cookes and Lawson now shared first place, with Broadhead next and Leslie Wood third, all in XK’s”.

“Amongst good performers were Blair (MG), Mrs Gibbon (Morris), Miss Dunn-Pattison (Hillman Minx), Lithgow (HRG), Ray (Morgan), Dundas and Fulton (Jowett’s) Cunningham and the Hon. H R Grosvenor (XK 120’s), Hughes (Allard), Furdson (Sunbeam Talbot), Warren (Riley), Russell (Ford Zephyr), and R W Holmes (Austin A90)”.

“The results are as follows:-”

In the 1,301 to 2,200 closed class, F D Dundas was second in his Jowett Javelin. And in the over 2.200 cc open class, G P Denham-Cookes was first in his Jaguar.


The ‘Coronation Scottish Rally’ was again reported on in the Autocar Magazine, this time on June 5th 1953.

With a total route of 976.5 miles, and lots of challenges along the way, here are a few extracts from the coverage.

“As usual, the rally was remarkable for the friendly sporting spirit which pervaded it and which was much in evidence in the prize distribution and dance that formed a fitting conclusion”. “Of 133 starters on Monday, 15 had retired by Thursday and many of the finishers showed signs of the hard going encountered in 976.5 miles of Scottish roads. But all had enjoyed the Coronation Scottish Rally, which by popular acclaim was one of the best yet. And now for next year’s Scottish!”.

“Provisional results:”-

“Open cars up to 1,500cc: 1st. Cooper MG, (F D Dundas). Team Prize: South of Scotland – Cooper MG (F D Dundas), Jaguar (P Denham-Cookes), Allard (Dr J Watson). Gentleman Members’ Prize (presumably a member of the RSAC) Jaguar XK120 (P Denham-Cookes). SSCC (Scottish Sporting Car Club) Prize (Gentleman) Cooper MG, (F D Dundas).

Webmaster’s note. While legend has it that Francis (Frank) Dundas was declared the first ‘overall’ winner of the ‘Scottish’ as prior to 1953 only class awards had been awarded, the Autocar report states “Honours were evenly distributed amongst the various classes and there was no general classification”. This requires clarification, although we might surmise meantime that Frank Dundas had the least penalties at the end of the event and therefore was the overall winner. We’ll settle for that!.


Jonathan Lord, whom most of you will know as Clerk of the Course for the Scottish Rally, added a book about Scottish Motor Sport in 1954 to his collection in 2011.

Here’s the SOSCC events calendar for that year:

South of Scotland CC events 1954:

March 13-14, Night Navigation Rally.

April 4th, Gymkhana.

May 9th, Galloway Hundred (Jonathan doesn’t know what sort of event that was).

June 20th, Gymkhana.

July 11th, Rally.

October 9-10, Rally (Dumfriesshire). (Actually, this was our ‘Ayrshire Rally, which started near Cumnock on Saturday 9th and having been as far West as Portpatrick, finished in Thornhill on Sunday 10th. The ‘Dumfriesshire’ in brackets was therefore, a bit of an understatement !.)

October 24th, Hill Climb (where?).

November 21st, Gymkhana.

The South of Scotland Car Club Secretary in 1954 was J B McGowan, 135 Irish Street, Dumfries.

Queensberry Trophy 1954 (Club Champion)

This trophy was presented to the club in 1954 by Dr and Mrs John Watson from Thornhill – and then the bold Doctor promptly won it !. Which came first, the trophy or the win?. We may never know !. This trophy is in fact, partly responsible for our initial mistaken assumption that the club was formed in 1954, (later corrected by an unexpected e.mail from Chris Denham as stated above) but nonetheless it’s recipients make fascinating reading, particularly in the early years when the club champion’s name was accompanied by the car they drove.

With so many members changing their cars mid-year, that tradition died in 1976 but how many of the names listed here do you recognise?.

1954 Dr James Watson, Ford Anglia. 1955 Francis Dundas, Morgan. 1956 Francis Bogie, Jowett Javelin. 1957 Paul Roxburgh, Hillman. 1958 J W McInnes, Morris. 1959 Paul Roxburgh, Singer. 1960 A Dalziel, Austin. 1961 John Bogie, Ford. 1962 Paul Roxburgh, Citroen. 1963 John Bogie, Ford. 1965 to 1968 – no winner!. 1969 J Taylor, Mini. 1970 Wullie Paterson, Ford. 1971 John Bogie, Mini. 1972 Derek Attwood, Saab. 1973 E McGowan, Ford. 1974 Ewan McGowan, Ford. 1975 Hugh Kirkpatrick, Cortina. 1976 John Brown. 1977 John Brown. 1978 Jim Doig. 1979 Jim Doig. 1980 John Bogie. 1981 David Sloan, 1982 David Sloan. 1983 David Sloan. 1984 David J Paterson. 1985 David Sloan. 1986 David J Paterson. 1987 Ian Wright. 1988 Colin Wright. 1989 Wullie Cork. 1990 David J Paterson. 1991 David J Paterson. 1992 George Myatt. 1993 Ian Wright. 1994 Mike Richardson. 1995 David A Sloan. 1996 David A Sloan. 1997 Wullie Ross. 1998 Ian Wright. 1999 Ian Wright. 2000 Ian Wright. 2001 Roland Proudlock. 2002 Roland Proudlock. 2003 Roland Proudlock. 2004 Tony Currie. 2005 Paul Whyte. 2006 Willie Keaning. 2007 Warren Gillespie. 2008 Warren Gillespie. 2009 Willie Keaning. 2010 Willie Keaning. 2011 Willie Keaning. 2012 Warren Gillespie. 2013 Shirley Currie. 2014 Danny Pattie.


From the Scottish Sporting Car Club’s ‘Top Gear’ magazine dated May 1956, comes this article…..

“The South of Scotland Car Club held their “Morgan Benefit” gymkhana on the exposed Tank Range near Kirkcudbright. The elements troubled Francis Dundas (Morgan) not at all, as his 31.8 marks margin over the second man shows, though Jim Hughan’s Morgan was no mean opposition but a spate of pylon bashing and wheelspins did his performance no good whatsoever. Highlight of the event was John Bogie’s performance in a diminutive Ford van. Only 0.8 of a mark behind Jim Hughan, John’s virtuosilty had to be seen to be believed.

Never were seven driving tests more varied than those of this gymkhana. The first, a rubber burning, pylon circling act, saw Jim Hughan storm round in 29.2 seconds with John Bogie doing a neat 31 seconds and Fergie Waugh (Anglia) 32.4. Test two was simple enough-in theory!. Two garages, parallel to each other, demanded a quick forwards and reverse and at this Francis Dundas, R Dickson (TR2) and Hector Monro (TR3) came out on top with 21 seconds apiece. The third manoeuvre was a hilarious forwards across and reverse across four lines dash, showing Francis Dundas out on his own with 29 seconds and Dickson and Monro tieing at 31.5 seconds.

Test 4 was a corker, involving two reverses down steep slopes and placing a premium on good braking qualities in reverse. Again, Dundas led the way with an immaculate 25 seconds while Dickson and Monro turned in 28.2 seconds. Test 5 was fairly easy, utilising the dead engine start and here John Bogie tied with R Dickson at 20 seconds, but Monro and Willard Wright (MG) came close behind with 20.5 seconds.

And so to No. 6 – a novel type of nonsense, starting with dead engine, then driving forwards to clear a line within 5 seconds, rounding a pylon to enter a garage then stopping on a slight uphill rise without the use of brakes!. Five bright boys incurred maximum penalties for wrongful right foot application but R Dickson knew the ropes in a fine run of 18 seconds. Lastly, there was an arm-breaking shuttle type of test. Francis Dundas rounded off his day with a sparkling 51 seconds against Jim Hughan’s 53 seconds and R Dickson’s 55.5 seconds.


F. D. Dundas (Morgan) 200 marks lost: J. A. Hughan (Morgan) 231.8 marks lost: John Bogie (Ford Van) 232.6 marks lost.

In the same magazine, from the ‘Motor Sport To Come’ listings, notable dates are:

May 13th. South of Scotland C.C. Galloway Hundred Rally. C.

May 20th. Dumfries & District M.C. and C.C. Nithsdale Navigation Rally. C.

May 21/25 RSAC. Scottish Rally. I.

From this listing, it would appear we can safely deduct that the Dumfries & Distric Motorcycle and Car Club didn’t become the South of Scotland Car Club as has previously been assumed, as both were clearly in existence at the same time.

Many thanks to Dr Stuart Parker for providing this article, in November 2011.

Cuttings from the Dumfries & Galloway News in 1956.

Parts of a report in the Dumfries & Galloway News, on January 14th 1956: “Monte Carlo Competitors Coming Our Way” “At the unearthly hour of 5.24 next Monday morning, 16th January, the Sunbeam of Len Potter and Mike Lawson bearing number 146, will set off from Blythswood Square, Glasow, on its long run of some 2600 miles across Europe to the fabulous Principality of Monaco. The first Glasgow starter is due at Stranraer at about 7.00am and, for the first time in history, residents in Dumfries & Galloway will see the Monte Carlo rally in daylight. This year the South of Scotland’s only representative is Frank Dundas of Dumfries, who co-drives this time with Campbell Nairn of Cupar Fife in the latter’s MG Magnette. Scots competitors number six in all, with the Neil sisters from Glasgow in a Standard, the only ladies crew. Numbers to look out for (Glasgow starters are numbered from 146 to 220 inclusive) – 147, Miss A Neil/Miss C Neil, Standard”.

(Frank Dundas later married Miss Innes ‘Annie’ Neil).

Dumfries & Galloway News, Saturday January 21st 1956: “Local Rally Men Still In Running” “The Dumfries crew competing in the Monte Carlo Rally completed the course in time and are still in the running. They are Mr James Payne and Mr Francis Dundas who are travelling in an MG entered by Mr J. C. Nairn of Glasgow. Only three other Scots cars are left of the six which set out from Glasgow on Monday. The Neil sisters – one of whom is engaged to Mr Dundas – have withdrawn. The Dumfries drivers arrived at Monte Carlo on Thursday afternoon, on time. Both cabled home to their families as soon as they arrived. Mr Dundas’ cable said: “Arrived safely but with penalties”.

There seems to have been some confusion at the Standard over Mr Nairn’s home address, giving it as Cupar in Fife and then Glasgow, in concurrent weeks.

Dumfries & Galloway News, Saturday 4th 1956:

“Car Club Rally”

“The first South of Scotland Car Club event of season 1956 took place last Sunday and resulted in a win for F. D. D. Bogie (Jowett Javelin). But for a minor error in control finding, the 1955 Club Rally Champion would have finished with a clean sheet, but overall he only dropped 10 points.

Second came John McDowall, competing for the first time in his newly acquired MG Magnette, with 60 points lost. Third in his Jaguar was Robin Miller with the loss of 273 points. The route for this event lay via Crocketford, Shawhead, Kirkpatrick Durham and Auchencairn with the novel feature being introduced of requiring drivers to cover the first part of stage one by themselves and attempting to find their navigators who had left before them. Although only 46 miles in length, this event really tested the competitors and great credit is due to Clerk of the Course Mr J Hughan, for its organisation”.

Dumfries & Galloway News, Saturday February 18th 1956.

“South of Scotland Car Club – The Seasons Trophy Winners”

“Over a hundred members and friends of the South of Scotland Car Club gathered in the County Hotel Dumfries last Friday evening, where they enjoyed a successful dance at which trophy winners during Season 1955, received their prizes. Among prominent personalties of the Scottish motoring scene present were: Mr A. K. Stevenson, Secretary of the Royal Scottish Automobile Club, Miss Anne Neil who presented the aweards and her sister, Miss Chris Neill, Mr and Mrs J. M. P. Miller of tyhe Scottish Sporting Car Club and the well known rally and racing driver J. C. Bain, together with Mr Alistair Ford, Editor of ‘Top Gear’.

Principal prize-winners were: – Queensberry Trophy-F. D. Dundas; Denham Cookes Challenge Trophy-F. D. D. Bogie; Cairn Rose Bowl-John McDowall with Miss Janette Paterson”.

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This picture accompanied the article, showing Miss Chrissie Neil with a group of the trophy winners after the presentation ceremony.

Dumfries & Galloway News, Saturday March 24th 1956.

“Night Navigational Rally – A Highly Successful Event”

“One of the most successful motor sporting events ever held in the South of Scotland took place last week-end when thirty six cars contested a joint South of Scotland Car Club and Dumfries and District Motorcycle and Car Club ‘Night Navigational Rally’, over 200 miles of Dumfries and Galloway Roads.

As a result of the combined organisation new problems in route plotting arose but these were handled with conspicuous success by Mr W. Beck and Mr D. Burns from the Dumfries and District club and Mr F. D. Dundas and Mr Henry Nicholson, who acted as Clerk of the Course, from the South of Scotland Car Club. The first car to leave Irvings Garage Dumfries at 11.00pm on Saturday was the Ford of E. Armstrong and therefafter at one minute intervals followed the remainder of the rally, the last competitor being Miss Annie Neill in her Standard.

Control one was situated near Brooklands House, with only three competitors arriving without penalty. From here the route assumed a difficult character, due to a cunningly contrived bearing sited on Dumroof Bank in the Solway Firth!. Four competitors came through to the control near Fagra with clean sheets but no fewer than eight were penalised 500 points each for opening their envelopes containing the location of the control.

Sections 3 and 4 presented no acute problems and at the rest stop in Newton Stewart the lead was held by Francis Bogie (Jowett Javelin) with a clean sheet. Close behind him were Drew Howie (Vauxhall), F. Armstrong (Ford), J. Jamieson (Austin), T. R. Graham (Ford), and J. Longbottom (MG), all from Dumfries and District: and W. F. Waugh (Ford), J. Hughan (Morgan), J. M. Payne (Morgan) J. M. Bogie (Ford), W. Wright (MG) and the Neil sisters. At the conclusion of section 7, near Templand an interesting driving test had been organised involving a quick forward and reverse movement over awkwardly placed lines. Fastest with a time of 19 seconds was J. T. Gray (Morgan) and good performances were recorded by J. Weddell (Singer) J. Bogie and J. Longbottom.

From the point of view of intricacy, possibly section 8 was the worst, only eleven clean sheets being recorded. The last stage to Lockerbie House Hotel for breakfast was a comfortable one and only four competitors were penalised. Resuts were quite speedily calculated the overall winner being Drew Howie, Kilmarnock, who although losing marks on the road, did well in the driving test to beat Francis Bogie, the runner-up. In all there were nine retirals.

Full results were: Outright Winner – D. L. Howie (Vauxhall), South of Scotland Car Club Navigator – J. C. Bain; Runner-up F. D. D. Bogie, (Jowett Javelin). South of Scotland Car Club and Dumfries and District Motorcycle and Car Club Best Novice – A. McLean (Morris) of the D& D M & CC.

Club placings: Dumfries and District Motorcycle and Car Club members- 1, F. D. D. Bogie; 2 J. M. Bogie; 3 A. McLean. South of Scotland Car Club members; 1 D. L. Howie, 2 F. D. D. Bogie, 3 J. A. Hughan (Morgan). With a view to securing closed invitation status, this event was observed by the R.A.C. and it is understood that the report is good”.

Dumfries & Galloway News. Saturday April 14th 1956.

“Car Club Winners. Kirkcudbright Event”.

“By kind permission of the Commanding Officer, the tank range near Kirkcudbright was the scene last Sunday of the South of Scotland Car Club’s April Gymkhana. A highly interesting and successful series of seven driving tests were performed by fourteen cars, and the results were – 1. F. D. Dundas (Morgan) 200 marks lost; 2, J. A. Hughan (Morgan) 231.8 marks lost; 3, John Bogie (Ford) 232.6 marks lost.”

Dumfries & Galloway News. Saturday May 19th, 1956.

“Galloway Rally”

“Run in ideal weather conditions, last Sunday’s Galloway 100 Rally, organised by the South of Scotland Car Club, provided an interesting afternoon’s motoring for drivers and navigators alike. Sixteen cars out of an entry of eighteen started from the Market Hill, Castle Douglas, with the first control only a short distance away at Greenlaw. This proved a difficult introduction to the rally proper and only John McDowall (MG) was unpenalised, the 100 marks for visiting a false control at Wheatcroft road-end. Unfortunately, this section had later to be cancelled in view of a misleading route reference.

At no point did the route exceed 10 miles as the crow flies from Castle Douglas and although not in any way svere or complicated, the five time controls, three false controls and four secret controls took their toll on the entry in the way of penalties. After a protest by MR F. D. D. Bogie, (Jowett) had ben lodged, considere by the Stewards and subsequently upheld, the provisional results were announced as follows; – 1. J. A. Hughan (Morgan) 30 marks lost; 2. J. G. McDowall (MG) 65 marks lost; 3. F. D. D. Bogie (Jowett) 125 marks lost.”

Dumfries & Galloway News. Saturday June 23rd 1956.

“South of Scotland Car Club”

“The South of Scotland Car Club, the Kilmarnock Car Club and the Lanarkshire Motorcycle and Car Club recently joined forces to hold an inter-club Challenge Rally. Entries were unlimited but the best ten finishers from each club were taken as being the club’s team. The event attrcated an entry of 55 cars of which 52 started from Dumfries House Station near Cumnock. The column of cars (which did not remain a column for long) then proceeded following among other things, flying crows from Sanquhar to Drumlanrig, and disused railway tracks around Leadhills; to Abington after covering about 140 miles.

When the results were worked out it was found that the Lanarkshire Motorcyce and Car Club, who fielded an entry of 14 cars had won the Inter-Club Challenge with 1,774 penalties. The South of Scotland Car Club, with 13 starters were second with 4,519 penalties, while the Kilmarnock Car Club with 25 starters suffered 10,046 penalties.

Apart from the Inter-Club Challenge Trophy, there are individual prizes for those unsung heroes – the navigators. 1st prize went to D. Worton of the Lanarkshire Car Club, whose driver, J. B. McWilliam also received a prize. 2nd prize was won by A. L. Duncan of the Lanarkshire Car Club, while the third prize, decided after taking a driving test into account to eliminate a tie, was awarded to I. Preston of the Kilmarnock Car Club whose driver, D. L. Howie had a faster time in his test than J. T. Gray.

It is hoped that this event which, it is understood, is the first of its type to be held in the South of Scotland, will become an annual challenge and will attract even larger entries.

Here’s a picture from the Dumfries & Galloway News, Saturday September 22nd 1956 of Francis Dundas and Innes (Annie) Neil’s wedding.

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‘Ayrshire’ Rallies in the 1950’s and 1960’s

Back in our early years, SOSCC ran the ‘Ayrshire Rally’.

From the Autosport Magazine, November 5th 1954.

‘South of Scotland Rally’.

A modicum of unclassified roads, the judicious use of a few well-placed route checks, two special navigational sections and two first class driving tests all contributed their share in making the South of Scotland Car Club’s “Ayrshire Rally” a thoroughly interesting event. Spread over two days, the rally started from Old Cumnock on 9th October and finished in Thornhill on 10th October, covering a great many roads well down into the Mull of Galloway that were completely new to most of the entry.

An interesting feature of the sport was the fact that the premier award was won by A. B. Carlaw (M.G.), who with his navigator Tom Robertson, made up a young and comparatively inexperienced crew but managed to beat such capable competitors as Francis Dundas (Morgan), Tom Legget (Crocus) and Herbert Meikle (Morris). The event was almost won on the road, for only four competitors – R. D. Macpherson (Ford), F. Dundas (Morgan), H. A. J. Meikle (Morris) and of course A. B. Carlaw (M. G.)- got through with clean sheets. It was Carlaw’s consistency and neatness in the two tests that won the day, for he did not actually make the best time in either of them.

On the first day’s running, Colin Cairnie (Renault), was unfortnate enough to bypass a check sign, which cost him 50 marks and a place on the awards list. Going up to Barr there were skid marks on the road where H. G. Vaughan had inverted his little Morris convertible ; there were no real injures to car or crew and when Vaughan had recieved assistance to get back on the road, he carried on very gallantly for the rest of the event. An unclassified road to New Luce meant trouble for R. G. Stuart in an old style Anglia, for in dodging an unexpected sheep he spun the car into a stone dyke and did its offside a bit of no good . However this car too, was soon on its way again. Finishing the day came a garaging test at Portpatrick, whose complications were most rapidly surmounted by F. Dundas (Morgan). Best saloon driver was J. Hughan (Morris Minor), but we must make mention of a very neat performance by Douglas Wilson (Austin 8), who did the test in complete darkness.

Sunday’s rallying was really something and the two special navigational sections took heavy toll amid map references , elevation points and stretches of road clued by ball and arrow diagrams on the route sheets. Douglas Organ, (Javelin) disappeared from our ken in the region of New Galloway with ball race bothers and coming over the hill from Minnigaff, T. Barclay disappeared into the scenery with his Hillman -to the detriment of the car but, fortunately, with little damage to the crew.

Best time in the next test was the 42.2 seconds of Tom Legget’s Crocus and the best saloon was C. Carnie’s Renault in 45.4 seconds. A. B. Carlaw showed confidence in the lock of his M. G. and clocked 43.8 seconds, which was to become the deciding factor in a well-organized event , during which interest never flagged.

A. N. Ford.


Premier Award. A. B. Carlaw. (M. G.) 93.8 marks lost. Navigators award. T. Robertson. Best performance by a South of Scotland member: F. D. Dundas (Morgan) 94.6. Closed cars under 1500 cc; 1. H. A. G Meikle (Morris) 116.0. 2. G. M. Smellie (Ford Anglia) 118.8. 3. R. D. Macpherson (Ford) 122.6.

Open cars under 1500 cc; T. H. Legget (Crocus) 96.0. Closed cars over 1500 cc; R. C. Dymock (Standard Vanguard) 186.0. Open cars over 1500 cc. F. D. Dundas (Morgan) 94.6. Team Award; A. B. Carlaw (M. G.) R. C. Stuart (Ford) and R. T. Abbott (Triumph TR2).

Thanks to Paul Whyte for finding and providing the above article.

The only other documents to hand are the regs and entry form for the 1962 and 1963 events, but from the many inscriptions on the Ayrshire Trophy, we know the event ran for more years than this. We still present the Ayrshire Trophy to this day, but it’s come down a bit in stature as it’s now presented to the highest placed semi-expert 12 Car Driver at the end of the year. Back in the day it was awarded to the crew who came out in first place after a 260 mile all night slog !.

1962 Ayrshire Rally

In 1962, the regs stated “The prize money is very attractive – £25 for the first car (£20 for the driver and £5 for the navigator) and we hope that our effort will be supported by enthusiasts from all clubs in Scotland (and Cumberland). The start of the rally is at Trigony Filling Station, Thornhill (map reference 74/893928). The start control will be open at 9 pm. Please report to the marshal in charge of the start by 9.15pm. First car off at 10.00pm.

The route is approximately 240 miles. All cars will compete in one class. The entrant placed first will receive the Ayrshire Trophy to be held for one year and £20. The navigator of the leading car will receive £5. Plaques will be awarded to the entrants placed second third and fourth. Three tankards will be awarded to the best team of three cars, provided that at least five teams are entered.

The maximum number of entries is 75. Entries for South of Scotlan Car Club members will be 15 shillings (75p in new money); invited entrants will be 25 shillings (£1.25 in new money). Team entry will be seven and six ( 37.5 p in new money)”.

Secretary of the meeting was J. Jamieson, West Lea, Lockerbie, Telephone 253. Clerk of the Course was Peter Little. Stewards of the Meeting were Paul Roxburgh and David Johnstone. Maps required were the old red one inch to the mile versions, numbers 68, 69, 74 and 75. “Timing will be by sealed watches. These will be pre-set and sealed by the organisers so that each competitor will leave at 10.00pm, according to the watch issued to him. There will be one halt of approximately 30 minutes after 130 miles. Petrol and soup will be available. Breakfast has been arranged”.

1963 Ayrshire Rally

The 1963 event was broadly similar with a few differences: The regs started off with this statement “This year, we at the South of Scotland Car Club believe that we have organised a really first class rally and are anxious to prove its inclusion in the Motor World Scottish Championship justified. There is an excellent variety of sections varying from a series of ‘one minuters’ to an odd navigation section with a bunch of Forestry Commission dashes (those are on excellent surfaces, with a minimum of navigation at a 30mph average)”.

“The start of the rally is at Coatesgate Cafe Beattock (MR 68/064052). The route is one of approximately 260 miles. Entry fee will be 25/. (£1.25 in new money). Team entry will be 7/6 per team (37.5 p in new money). Maps required are Ordinance Survey 7th series 1 inch to the mile shetts 68,69, 74 and 75. There will be a halt after 190 miles.”

[nggallery id=43]

Thanks to Ron Palmer for providing the 1962 and 1963 documents for this article.

Scottish Rally 1958

Here are extracts from the Autosport Magazine’s report on the ‘Scottish’, headlined ‘Dandy for Dundas’.

“This year the Royal Scottish Automobile Club’s annual Scottish Rally upheld its reputation as a well organised and interesting motor sporting occasion. Competition was keener than ever and the final issue was in doubt until the very last of the 13 tests. A thing that pleased us very much however, was that in the end, the Premier Award went to Francis Dundas. This popular competitor from Dumfries is well known and liked among our fraternity and although his name has often appeared on the awards lists of major events he has seldom won a Premier in them and more often than not, his loss has been occasioned by some minor mechanical defect or by his coming to the aid of another competitor in trouble”.

“He was given a good run for the very handsome Weir Trophy by Ron Dalglish who, like Dundas was driving a TR3 and might have wrested the lead from him, had he not slid his car over a stop astride line in the last test of the event”.

“Wednesday night was again spent at Grantown and on THursday there was a widely sweeping forward and reverse test in Castle Grant, a speed hill-climb of Balliemore and a regularity climb of Inverfarigaig. Francis Dundas was still in the lead and he made the best time for his class at Castle Grant but Ron Dalglish was creeping up on him”.

The final day.

“The road lay by Kinloch Rannoch and the Trossachs to Glasgow and an arrival in the early afternoon with time to have a wash and brush up for the merry prize-giving and dance that concluded yet another successful Scottish Rally”.

Jim Clark Memorial Rally 1970

Three SOSCC crews entered the first ever Jim Clark Rally in 1970. You may recognise some of the names.

[nggallery id=126]

Thanks to club member Colin Maxwell for providing the programme for scanning.

12 Car Rally. March 1973.

Here’s a rally report taken from a cutting from the Dumfries & Galloway Standard, dated March 7th 1973.

“Local rally drivers open the new season.”.

“The South of Scotland Car Club have promoted their first rally of the new season. The event started at Birdsalls Garage in Lockerbie and turned out to be one of the best events run in recent years. Several club members from the Lockerbie area had put their heads together to plan a route on a format which is bound to be used in the future. The navigation was neither hard nor time-wasting and the course turned out to be very sporting , using several white roads around Lockerbie. Although the rally was for novice crews only, several cars tuned up at the start with rather unusual crews – Richard Stewart for instance, in the navigatores seat and Roy McCourt driving his Escort TC.

Victory eventually went to the Cortina GT of Mark Stewart and Walter McDonald and it is a credit to the organisers that even they lost over 1000 penalties.

The route to TC1 started almost immediately with a rough white past Dryfesdale House Hotel: it caused some cars a little bother and the results could be seen at the control, when several cars turned up without exhausts and with rather green looking navigators. The route varied through TC2 and on to TC3, 4 and 5. The section to TC6 had two possible routes but only one fitted into the mileage allowed. A few of the navigators came unstuck and chose the wrong route which took them about a mile out. At this point, Richard Stewart and Jim Doig were well in the lead and well up on Mark Stewart and Walter McDonald. Then things started to go wrong.

Richard Stewart discovered that his stomach was having difficulty keeping food down and to cap it all, the Cortina lost its exhaust. They plodded on but lost more and more time and missed codes at nearly every check point. Nevertheless they finished third. Back On Time The instructions to TC7 at Hoddomcross were a mixture of spot heights and map references and may have delayed some of the navigators. However the more experienced crews soon found themselves back on time. Nancy Gibson and Ken Duff in a Mini were the only crew to clean this section, but it made little difference to their overall position.

The course to TC8 and TC9 foxed many crews, although it seemed relaxed. G. Anderson and G. Brown in a Lotus Cortina managed to clean the latter section without penalty but no one else did. The final two sections were cleaned by Stewart and McDonald, putting them almost 1000 points ahead of Anderson and Brown, their nearest rivals. The results were given out at the Kirkconnell Hall Hotel in Ecclefechan. (1) M. Stewart/W. McDonald, Cortina GT (2) Anderson/Brown, Lotus Cortina (3) J. Doig/R. Stewart, Cortina (4) R. McCourt/D. Irving, Escort TC (5) J. Graham/R. Carruthers, Cortina (6) Nancy Gibson/K. Duff, Mini (7) C. Maxwell/I. Carruthers, Triumph 2000 (8) R. C. Brown/N.J. Hagan, Volkswagen. P. M. Connelly and E. Lauder had to retire their Cortina on the first section. So did Ian Tweedie and Peter Giesiecke when their Cooper “S” lost its exhaust on the same section”.

The Embassy Hotel Trophy 1974

This fine big trophy was first awarded in 1974 as it was donated in that year by Billy and Nan Houliston, ‘mine hosts’ at the Embassy Hotel Newbridge, at that time the headquarters of SOSCC and a popular stopping off point/lunch halt/finish venue for the Scottish and Autumn Stages rallies among others. In 2015 we have been awarding this to the SOSCC crew with most points gained in stage rallies other than the Scottish Rally Championship since 2002 but back in 1974 this event didnt exist, so it must have been awarded for another achievement. Do you know?. If so please do tell.

Back in the beginning, the winning driver was named as was their club and the car, so you should find this list interesting particularly as it contains some of the bigger names in national rallying from the 70’s: There’s a gap between 1984 and 2002 so those among you who know rallying history might be able to say why. If you do, let us know.

1974 Stewart Robertson, SOSCC, Escort. 1975 Murray Grierson, SOSCC, Escort. 1976 Alan Arneil, East Ayrshire CC, Escort. 1977 Bill Taylor, St Andrews & District, Escort. 1978 Alan Arneil, East Ayrshire CC, Chevette. 1979 George Simpson, BTRDA, Escort. 1980 Malcolm Wilson, Workington & District MC, Escort. 1981 Ivor Clark, SOSCC, Avenger. 1982 Robin Christie, Machars CC, Chevette. 1983 Darryll Weidner, BTRDA, Audi Quattro. 1984 Ken Wood, Hawick & Border CC, Rover. 2002 J Bogie & D Paterson. 2003 J Bogie & D paterson/ N Cowan & D Adamson. 2004 J Bogie & D Paterson. 2005 J Bogie & D Paterson. 2005 J Bogie & D Paterson. 2006 J Bogie & D Paterson. 2007 S Hogg & P Shortt. 2008 D Bogie & K Rae. 2009 S Paterson & C Maxwell. 2010 S Paterson & C Maxwell. 2011 D Bogie & K Rae. 2012 S Paterson & C Maxwell / M Hunter & J McWhir. 2013 M Coulthard & D Crosbie. 2014 S Paterson & A Paterson.

‘From The Minutes’ 1976, 1977 & 1978.

The following are extracts from minutes of club committee meetings held during 1976, 1977 and 1978 when first, Derek Attwood, and then Bill Riddick, Chaired the Board of Directors. In addition there are items of interest from events and newsletters, also during this period.

March 1976

An information letter was sent to the Board of Directors from club Secretary David Irving under the heading ‘Tundergarth Trophy Rally Cup”. “It is the wish of club members Mr & Mrs Hyslop, Embassy Hotel, Dumfries, that you should be notified of their presentation to the car club of a trophy for the above named event in the club’s calendar. This trophy will be presented to the first overall crew and will be presented each year at the car club’s dinner dance. As this rally started last year for the first time, it is also the wish of Mr & Mrs Hyslop that the trophy be back dated to last year and duly presented to last year’s winning crew of Hugh Kirkpatrick and Bob Morland, to be in their charge until the dinner dance 1977 when it will be presented to the winning crew of the 1976 rally. This trophy will in no way affect the presentation of the small keepsake trophies that are presented at the end of the event to the first three overall crews”.

Tundergarth Rally.

Mr D M Irving was asked to giove a report on the position reached in the preparation of this event. It was stated that all official bodies had sanctioned the rally and that all PR work had been carried out”.

April 1976.

Board Minutes:-

“Honorary Members.

Mr D M Irving proposed that Mr Francis Dundas and Mr Ian Bogie be made honorary members of the club and they appeared to be the only two left of the original starters of this car club. This motion was not considered necessary and was not voted upon. Dr W Balfour remains the only honorary member to the club.”

June 1976.

Board Minutes:-

“The Duke of Buccleuch has given permission for his name to appear on the letter headed Paper for club use”.

July 1976.

Board Minutes:-

“Autumn Stages Rally:- Mr D Attwood the Chairman, reported that the rally would use its National status for the first time this year . He thought that the entry fee would be in the region of £27.00. Prize money would be in the region of £400.00″.

Doonhamer Rally:- Mr R Morland pointed out that the 1976 Doonhamer was well under way and that as the usual ESSO prize fund was £15, £10, £5, he proposed making this year’s Doonhamer prize fund £15, £10, £7.50, £5. The entry fee is to be £5.00 as usual”.

“Mrs I Doig asked the Chairman about the Tony Brunskill competition on which he was trying to get a run on our Autumn Stages Rally for the winner. The Chairman stated that he had sent all the relevant details to the RAC and that it was now up to them”.

A month later, the minutes recorded this paragraph: “On the subject of Mr Brunskill’s Young Rally Driver of the Year Award, the Chairman stated that following consultations with the R.A.C. as to the insurance position should the Autumn Stages organisers allow Brunskill to take a Minor in his car as part of the prize awarded to the winner, the R.A.C. would not condone this and that it was up to Brunskill to find cover acceptable to the R.A.C. himself. The position was at the moment that Brunskill had been notified of this and that the Chairman awaited his contacting him”.

“Webmaster’s note; The BBC News website and the Cumbrian ‘News and Star’reported in 2011 that Brunskill had been jailed after admitting indecent assaults on several school boys during the 1970’s. After Brunskill admitted to other offences, his jail term was increased in 2012 from ten to fourteen years. Reading the minutes, it’s almost as if our committee had a bad feeling about him back then.

Autocross August 15th 1976.

In a brief report on this forthcoming event the organisers Mr D M Irving and Mr W Riddick pointed out that a venue had now been confirmed (by kind permission of M/s Dundas Ltd.) and that this event would take the format of a four abreast meeting . It was stated that many marshals would be required and that helpers in the form of the committee members’ wives might be available to look after the refreshments etc on the day. Mr F Wright and Mr J Brown said that they would try and produce their usual excellent prefabricated buildings for the public to use for their calls of nature.”

September 1976.

Board Minutes at the Embassy Hotel. In the Chair was Derek Attwood. Also in attendance were Mr S Robertson, Mr F Wright, Mr J Brown, Mr W McDonald, Mr W Riddick Mr K Rundle, Mr D M Irving, Mr J Doig, Mr R Morland, Mr A McEwan and Mr J Shannon. Under ‘matters arising’ is the following intruiging item;

“The chairman stated that following the last West of Scotland Association meeting it would now be pointless in sending the proposed letter to the RSAC, giving our views on the Scottish Rally”. Webmaser’s Note. What had been bothering our committee so much about the Scottish Rally is currently unknown but it may emerge some day.

On a more positive note, under the heading ‘B.T.R.D.A.’ was the following; “It was reported to the Board that a letter had been received by the Company Secretary from the Secretary of the B.T.R.D. Association asking for permission to consider the Autumn Stages as a counter in their Championship for 1978”. The minutes go on to say that the committee had agreed unanimously to agree to this proposal.

November 1976

Board minutes:-

In the chair D Attwood. “Doonhamer Rally. Report given by Mr R Morland. Everything to do with this forthcoming event is well ahead and entries satisfactorily high. Public relation work is a little behind but following short discussions with other directors this was put right. Mr W McDonald stated when asked that some nineteen volunteer marshals were available at the minute and that everything had been sorted out with M/s ESSO”.

“Car Club Dinner Dance:- Mr W McDonald asked the question “How much did the Directors’ drinks prior to the dinner dance come to?.” On being answered “in the region of £85″, Mr McDonald proposed that this form of entertainment be looked into and this was seconded by Mr Attwood”.

“It was proposed that organisers of events should make correct use of the Car Club Queen?. Webmaster’s note. Perhaps this could have been minuted better !

January 1977

Board meeting on January 5th at the Embassy Hotel.

“It was decided following discussions that the project of electing a Car Club Queen would be dropped this year”.

February 1977

Board minutes:-

“Mr D M Irving put in front of the Board the new trophy presented to the club by Mr J McQueen. This trophy will be awarded to the first overall winner of the Guid Nychburris Autotest each year and will be known as The Queens Silver Jubilee Trophy , Guid Nychburris Autotest. As the event first started in 1976, the trophy will always be presented one year late”.

” It was decided that as the club had a very good trophy in the form of The Scottish Motor Traders Association Trophy, it was imperative that Directors tried to find out what this trophy had been awarded for in the past, as it had not been presented since 1972″.

June 1977 ‘Club News’

The club newsletter which at that time had the above title, gave a comprehensive report on the ‘Grove Autotest’ held on June 19th at the old Grove Hospital near Terregles. “There was a total entry of 18 starters all doing 3 tests with 2 runs at each test, all 6 runs were timed to the second and totalled together along with any penalties incurred during the tests, to determine the overall positions. Classes 1 and 2 were amalgamated to class A and classes 3, 4 and 5 were amalgamated to class B, awards being awarded for 1st in class A and first and second in class B”. “Raymond Kirk. This was not to be Raymond’s day, perhaps running at number 1 was putting him off . His times were very competitive, picking up a fastest time on test 3 but however he picked up a total of 60 penalty seconds by hitting 2 markers on each test”.

“Robert Wells. See, your newsletter editor does exist and is not just a figment of your imagination, although he may prefer to forget this event. Although lying in fourth overall after the first test he went on to collect 60 penalty seconds in the remaining tests”.

“Mike Wells. Mike is a new member of the club and was taking part in his first competition. Competing in a 998 Mini, he ended up 2nd in class after receiving only 10 penalty seconds throughout the tests. This was a very encouraging result for Mike”.

“Jerry Brookes. Jerry left his Imp at home for this event and arrived in a Fiat. This was not one of Jerry’s better results who although picking up no penalties had slower times thus putting him down the results a bit lower than normal”.

“Alan Edwards. Alan was in good form and although being underpowered in this class he went on to finish a very good second in class even although he incurred 20 penalty seconds on the event”.

“Mike Rankin. Mike arrived in his Mexico as used on the International Scottish Rally, many thinking he may not arrive as he was competing in another very demanding local event the night before. Mickey had a very good day and although picking up 30 penalty seconds he finished first in class B”.

“Selwyn Austin. This was Selwyn’s first autotest and sure not to be his last. He went on to finish just outside the awards with a third in class with no penalties against him”.

“Derek Wright. Due to a problem over cars Derek was competing in a 2.3 Firenza which was the most powerful motor competing. However the car proved to be a little large for throwing about and Derek collected 40 penalty seconds throughout the tests although he did have some good competitive times”.

“Brian Wells. This was not to be Brian’s day but as it progressed Brian steadily improved producing some of the faster times on the last test. But also at the end of the day Brian had a total of sixty penalty seconds to place him well down the results”.

“John Brown Car 11. John was competing in his 1300 Escort which was quite underpowered in this class. John only had one penalty all day but it was on the very last test and it robbed him of a second in class award. John finished 4th in class”.

“Car 12 Eddie Graham. Eddie in his Honda Accord was classed in with all the minis (all 3 of them) to make up class A. Although producing some fast times Eddie finished with 40 penalties reducing him to 3rd in class”.

“Car 13 Chris Breen. Chris is another comparitively new member to the club and he brought along his 1500 Anglia and certainy put it through its paces . Chris finished with 20 penalties 5th in class”.

“Car 14 Robin Bardsley. Robin appeared in his pink Mini and and showed everyone how it should be done right from the start taking the fastest times on 2 out of 3 tests. He finished with no penalties and first in class A”.

“Results: Class A. 1. Robin Bardsley 347.75. 2. Mike Wells 396. 3. Eddie Graham 406.25. 4. Brian Wells 458.25. Class B. 1 Mike Rankin 359.5. 2. Alan Edwards 370. 3. Selwyn Austin 371.75. 4. John Brown 375.5. 5. Chris Breen 386.75. 6. Jerry Brookes 388. 7 Derek Wright 388.5. 8. Raymond Kirk 407. 9 Robert Wells 449.5”.

Webmasters note. Although the above report stated there were 18 entries, ony 13 cars appear in the results. Did five retire or was this a typo by the editor, Bob Wells?.

Another item in this short newsletter was “LATE NEWS. August 7th Machars Stages Rally. This is a Restricted Rally, run by Machars Car Club, starting at Bladnoch and finishing at Wigtown. The event will consist of 30 miles of stages on farm and estate roads making up the 15 stages. Entry fee is £12 and the closing date is 2nd August”.

June 1977.

Board Minutes:-

CMSG Report:- M/S Wright and Wells reported that Bill Troughear is to chair a Stage Rally Safety Code Panel, who will be responsible for advising on stage safety throughout Great Britain. On the subject of the fatal accident on the Tour of Cumbria, it was found that following the inquest, the only thing to prevent the organisers from being held to blame for accidents of this nature was the signing of the declaration of absolution by competitors. It was also stated that due to the forestry commission increasing their charges (over £5,000 for this one event) the profits were well down and as a result, the club share would be very much reduced”.

July 1977.

Extracts from a Production Car Trial’s Regs. “The South of Scotland Car Club Ltd will promote a closed permit Production Car Trial at Bankhead on Sunday 31st July 1977. The start will be at 78/860387 public roads will not be used to link sections. The entry fee is £1.50.

July 1977

Board minutes:-

“Mr I Bogie is to be asked if it is possible for him to supply a history of the Car Club. Mr Irving stated that he would look into this”.

“Ladies Committee Proposals:-

The Company Secretary read out a letter from the Ladies Social Committee in which they asked fro two propoisals to be brought up at the Board meeting.

Proposal 1. That the Dinner Dance of the South of Scotland Car Club Ltd, should return to its formal days as it was once. In reply to this following sensible discussion, the Board recommended that it is to be stipulated in the Club’s newsletter preceeding the dance (January) that only formal wear and Lounge Suits will be allowed at the Dinner Dance. This is also to be stated on the tickets.

Proposal 2. That the membership fee should be put up from its present £2.50 to £5. It was pointed out in reply that this proposal should be brought up only at the Annual General Meeting or at a Half Yearly Meeting”.

September 1977.

Board minutes:-

“Mr E Lauder brought up the idea of a Club House, which following discussion was Shelved”. Later, “Mr F Wright put before the Board his expense claim for attending a C.M.S.G. meeting totalling £1.64. This was passed by the Board to be recommended to the members”.

November 1977.

Board minutes:-

“R.A.C. Rally:- Mr K Rundle stated that there had been no letter received by the Board from the Scottish end of the R.A.C. organisation, as was the normal practice. All contact had been more or less last minute word of mouth stuff with the result that names had had to be put forward quickly for key positions. Miss A Marshall had been appointed in charge at Lockerbie , Mr T Beattie at Twiglees and the speaker at Moffat. Marshals were required every ten yards through the stages and it would be almost impossible to arrange this, with the number of marshals that would on the night be available.

A marshals meeting had been arranged to be held in the Embassy Hotel on November the 17th 1977. This would be advertised in the local press on two consecutive Saturdays, as this did not fit in with a monthly newsletter”.

January 1978.

Board minutes:-

“The Autumn Stages Rally will remain in the Scotsman Championship for 1978 and will be a Division I and II round. Th East of Scotland Association are to downgrade to Restricted all rounds in the championship run by their members, except the Snowman and the Granite. The Autumn Stages has been voted the best National Rally of 1977. It will be a counter in the 1978 BTRDA Gold Star Championship, who have guaranteed National advertising and it will be a counter in the Ford Escort 1300 Championship”.

February 1978.

Board minutes:-

Mr R Wells placed before the Board of Directors an expense claim for £2.80. This was agreed in principle and will be put before the membership at the next AGM/Half Yearly GM, with the recommendation that this amount be granted”.

April 1978.

Board Minutes:-

” Matters Arising. Ice Autotest.

This had had to be cancelled at a late stage since the Ice Rink Directors were concerned about possible damage to barriers and increased wage costs for staff. It may still be possible to hold a similar event at a later date . Thanks were expressed to Mr F Wright for his assistance in organising the cancelled event”.

Webmaster’s note. This most likely refers to Lockerbie Ice Rink, as the Dumfries Ice Bowl had not yet been built.

“Annual Dance.

It was agreed that the Ladies’ social committee be allowed to run the dance, reporting back to the Board. Appreciation of the previous efforts of the Ladies’ committee was expressed. Written quotations are to be obtained from Tapestry, the Omegos and West Coast Three, and any booking made to be confirmed by the band in writing. The venue of the dance will again be the Cairndale. The question of dress was raised and on a vote being taken, three members of the Board voted for lounge suits and eight for Dinner/Lounge Suits. It was agreed that “Dinner/ Louge Suits” be again printed on the tickets.”

From the April Newsletter:

12 Car Rally. 5th April 1978. Twelve crews paid an entry fee of £1.50 and signed on for this event (some whose writing is so scribbly it’s hard to decipher) and they finished in the following order: 1st Jim Doig & Bob Morland 0 Penalties, 2nd Ian Crosbie & Mike Rollo 50 penalties, 3rd Selwyn Austin & Jim Dean 60 penalties, 4th John Bogie & Alan Edward 110 penalties, 5th Jerry Brookes & Patricia Bardsley 140 penalties, 6th Dougie Campbell & J Wilson 180 penalties, 7th Derek Wright & Robin Bardsley 310 penalties, 8th J Robertson & Robert Fenwick 670 penalties, 9th David McKeown & Kenny Morland 890 penalties, 10th L Marchbank & E Young 1060 penalties, 11th John Brown & Frank Wright 1540 penalties. Car 7, crewed by Harold Tweedie & Ken Rundle, apparently failed to finish as they were not classified in the final results!. This was a shame for Mike Wells and David Paterson who had submitted an entry in Mike’s Morris 1300, Reg No TKE426H but, being the thirteenth entry in, didnt get a run!. Secretary of the meeting was Mrs J Riddick, Clerk of the Course was W (Bill) Riddick and Club Stewards were Colin Maxwwell and David Irving.

Many thanks to Bill Riddick’s Daughter Kirsty, who gave all the documentation the above excerpts were gathered from, to the club long after the death of her father.

The Big Events.

Over the decades since the club was established, it has participated on the broader stage, by promoting events as part of championships that brought competitors from outside the area to compete locally. The ‘DOONHAMER’ rally and the ‘TUNDERGARTH TROPHY’ rally (which was first run in 1975) were both navigational events and would commonly start late at night, running right through to breakfast time, often with breakfast provided. From memory, one Doonhamer which started at the now unlikely venue of St Michaels Street Garage in Dumfries (when there was a lot more space to play with and long before the area was as developed as it is today), had around 100 entries! How times have changed, – most likely due to the fact that running such a rally nowadays would be a PR nightmare.

Here’s the first ten starters, from a total of 32 entries, on the Doonhamer on April 5th 1986:-

1. Charlie Brown & Neil Turner, Glasgow, Lanarkshire Car Club, 900CYS, Golf.

2. Bill Boyes & Brian Couper, Kilmaurs, Kilmarnock & Loudon Car Club, —— Escort.

3. Jim McDowall & Robert Beck, Creetown, Machars Car Club, MIJ426, Golf.

4. John Bogie & Frank Wright, Dumfries, Machars Car Club, VHH201Y, Escort.

5. Jim Doig & George Black, Dumfries, South of Scotland Car Club, —— Escort.

6. Derek Halliday & David Sloan, Closeburn, South of Scotland Car Club, —– Sunbeam.

7. Jim Clark & Gordon Hood, Beeswing, South of Scotland Car Club, B130LSW, Panda.

8. John Shennan & TBA, – – – – – – – – – -.

9. Alan Candlish & David McKeown, Dumfries, South of Scotland Car Club, —— Sierra.

10. Chris Harvey & Jed Woollard, Hamilton, Lanarkshire Car Club, —— Fiat 127.

Other notable entries were:- 11. Les Percival & Andrew Kellitt, Penrith, SOSCC, EHH668V, Escort. 13. Ronnie Kirkpatrick & Bob Green, Penpont, Solway CC, SOS394X, Escort. 15. Derek Forster & Gordon Paterson, Dumfries, SOSCC, LOS754S, Ascona.

Results not available….

Guid Nychburris Autotest.

This first ran in 1976 and was won by a visitor called John Chalmers in an MG Midget. This was part of the Scottish Autotest Championship and local club members could only watch in awe, as visitors, mostly from the central belt of Scotland who made up most of the entry list, would turn up with their specially prepared Midgets, Sprites and Mini Copoper S’s etc, to show how it was done. Over the years, the tables have turned. At the time of writing this in April 2008, the whole of Scotland now struggles to produce an autotest championship, whilst SOSCC club members regularly achieve entries of up to 30 cars on their own, on the club’s tarmac (or grass) autotests. The record number of entries on a ‘closed to club’ event was reached on March 23rd 2008, with 36 members taking part in a Tar Autotest on the old runway at Heathall, in Dumfries.

Winners of the trophy since the trophy was first awarded: 1976, John Chalmers, Midget. 1977, Graham Forrester, Mini. 1978, George Black, Mini. 1979, David Robertson, Mini, 1980, David Sloan, Mini. 1981, Jon Cook, Midget. 1982, Jon Cook, Midget. 1983, George Croppp, Mini Special. 1984, Garde Murray, Escort. 1985, David Sloan, Mini. 1986, Tony Mitchell, Mini. 1987, Gordon Clendinning, Mini. 1988, Gordon Clendinning, Mini. – No Guid Nychburris Autotest from 1989 to 2004 – 2005, Warren Gillespie, Mini. 2006, Iain Haining, Mini. 2007, David Robertson, Mini Special. 2008, Gordon Clendinning, Nova. 2009, Gordon Clendinning, Nova. 2010, Wullie Keaning, Nova. 2011, Gordon Clendinning, Nova.

Crossflags PCT.

Most current members will have little or no recollection of our annual championship Production Car Trial (PCT), which often drew in more than 60 entries from over the border, most of whom were participating in the Cumbria Motor Sport Group’s PCT Championship. Latterly, before it died out, the event took place on the steep grassy slopes just along the road from where Mabie Farm Park is today and was sponsored by former member, Bert McNish, of Crossflags Motors who, at the time, were trading from their garage in York Place, Dumfries. Clerk of the Course of this event which took place for five or six years was committee member Bob Wells, who was keen on PCT ‘s as well as Tar Autotests. In fact Bob won the sports car class in the West of Scotland Autotest championship in his yellow Midget. At its height, the Crossflags PCT even drew the attention of Border TV, who came to one event and made a feature of it for their tea-time show, including in-car shots, interviews with Bob and some competitors and general shots of cars on the hills.


Sand racing was one of the early disciplines to be organised by the club in the 1950’s, down on the shore at Powfoot, Micky Paterson being responsible for this. He also ran the first club Autocross at Broadgate Farm, Mouswald in the 60’s of which very little information is now available. More recently, other autocross events have been run including at least one event at Oakbank, Brasswell, but the most recent was run on June 24th 2007, just off the A76 between Thornhill and Sanquhar on the Drumlanrig Estate. This was round 7 of the 2007 ANECCC Autocross Championship and attracted 35 entries.

Local entrants were Ian and Billy Biagi in specials who finished 25th and 23rd overall respectively but it was won by visitor Geoff Holland from Tyne & Wear. This event was deemed by the committee marginal as to whether it would be financially viable in the longer term. No SOSCC autocrosses have been run since although we say, ‘never say never’.

High Auldgirth Hill Climb

This ran twice a year for a good few years and while at the first event on July 5th 1992, it attracted only 14 entries comprising: Ian Paterson, Geoffrey Harkness, Richard Dobson, Fraser Kinnear, Nigel Harkness, David Reid, Graeme Forrester, David McKeown, Donald Graham, John Moffat, Kevin Guthrie, Stewart Marshall, Ian Wright and William Struthers, it quickly gathered strength, often attracting in excess of 60 entries, including anything from a Morris 1000 to a 2.8 litre open-wheeled racing car, which we were quickly advised was illegal on this width of track!!!.

The entry list for the May 1994 event included: Ian Wright and Liam Patterson in Civics, Finley Vance in an Escort, Irene McKay in a Sierra, Ian Biagi in a Mini, Geoffrey Harkness in a Ray 78, Willie Nelson in an Escort, Murray Grierson in an MG Metro, David McKeown in an Ascona and, George Myatt and Scott Bell in a Lotus, but by far the most awesome of all, was David Seaton from Edinburgh in his 2.8 Pilbeam (mentioned above) which took FTD on his second competitive run with 49.19 despite recording a 45.31 on an earlier practice run. Records arent sufficiently detailed to confirm whether the weather had deteriorated during the day, but one can safely assume it did!.

As the road is, in some parts, only about eight feet wide and not over eleven feet wide, which would have allowed us to permit open-wheeled cars over 1600cc to continue to compete, development of this venue was stifled, as widening the track would have proved a financial impossibility.

Interest in the event finally waned, as even the routine upkeep of the track was an expensive, time consuming and never-ending task but this doesn’t stop many people constantly requesting to this day, that the hillclimb should run again, as it was a genuine hillclimb in the truest sense of the word and a real challenge, including no less than three hairpin corners, as it climbed 90 metres along its 1066 metre length.

It seems pretty certain that Malcolm Wishart from Glasgow, a retired regional manager with the Clydesdale Bank, will therefore always hold the record at High Auldgirth. His best time of 43.44 seconds set on July 6th 1997, in perfect sunny, warm and dry conditions, was achieved in his immaculate 2 litre Mallock.

Ideal conditions were never to be taken for granted on this site which, due to its elevated position, overlooking large swathes of the beautiful surrounding Dumfriesshire countryside, seemed all too willing to attract any passing rain shower. The last hillclimb event took place here on June 14th 1998.


This ex-airfield near Longtown, was resurrected in 2009 by SOSCC as a single venue rally destination, the last club event having run here back in 1989. In its heyday, Hallburn could easily attract up to 80 entries and with plans afoot in 2009 to refurbish the concrete roads around this old wartime airfield, it could again be hosting full entries. The 2009 event that ran in July had 44 starters even though it was not part of a major championship and it was immediately a hit with past participants and newcomers alike, thanks in no small part to sponsors Oakbank Services and D. W. Construction.

The Hallburn Stages Rally on November 11th 1984 takes us back in time. The top ten seeds for this event were:-

K. Hill & G. Hill of the Wigton Motor Club in a Chevette, I. Griffin & R. McCrorie of the Stranraer Motor Club in an Escort, Mike & Isobel Riddick of the Solway Car Club in a Sunbeam, J. Weir & H. Irving from Wigton MC in an Escort, I. Nelson & Tom Gilhooly from Wigton MC in an Escort, J. Liddle & A. McVittie from Wigton MC in a Chevette, Kenny Dorans and Alan Burgess from Stranraer Motor Club in a Sunbeam Lotus, G. Currie & D. Beattie from East Ayrshire CC in a Sunbeam, Jock Black & Mick Rollo from SOSCC in a Fiat 131 and D. Robinson & I. Robinson from Wigton MC in an Escort RS 1800.

Further down the list were: 11, David McKeown & J. Crane from SOSCC in a Mk II Escort, 13, G & C Welsh from SOSCC in an Escort, 15, Hugh Murdoch & R. McIntyre from Stranraer in an Escort 2.0, 19, Donald Peacock & W. Murdoch from Solway CC in an Escort, 21 David Reid & ‘A N Other’ from Machars in an Escort, 22, K. Thomson & C. McKay from Solway in an Escort Sport, 23, Alan Candlish & Jock Davidson from SOSCC in an Escort, 24, W. Bone & D. Livingstone from Machars in an Avenger, 25, Derek Halliday and David Sloan from Solway in an Escort, 30, Bob Blair & Gavin Murray from SOSCC in an Escort RS 2000, 36, Niall Cowan & Barbara Armstrong from Wigton MC in a Sunbeam, 37, T. Ridley and E. Graham from SOSCC in a Clan, 40, Sam Mullen & A Gallagher from East Ayrshire in an Escort, 48, Ian Paterson & ‘A N Other’ from SOSCC in a Fiat 128 Sport, 49, Mark McKnight & S. McKay from SOSCC in an Escort Mk II, 53, Alan Barrie & ‘A N Other’ from SOSCC in a Mini, 55, David Magee & Mike Wells from SOSCC in an Escort and at 60, Jim Sharp & D. Taylor from Stranraer in a Sunbeam.

This was a round of the Five of Clubs Championship, offered 8 stages totalling 25 miles and the three classes were: Class 1, up to 1300cc, Class 2, 1300 to 1600 cc and Class 3, over 1600 cc. The entry fee was £20, the maximum entry of 60 cars started at 30 second intervals and while the regs stated the event was only open to members of SOSCC, Solway, Stranraer, Wigton and East Ayrshire Car Clubs, six entries from the Machars Car Club seem to have sneaked under the wire. Surely, missing Machars CC off the regs was simply a misprint?.

The 1989 Seat Stages at Hallburn ran on May 7th with 77 starters and the sponsors were Southern Garage Dumfries, who were Seat dealers at that time. It was a round of the County Motors Clubmans, Five of Clubs and CMSG Stage Championships. The cars started and ran at 30 second intervals and stage one commenced at 10.00am. Final results were posted and the awards presentation took place at the Carlisle Crest Motel. Clerk of the Course was Callum McKay and the entry fee was £43 for 22 stage miles over 8 stages. Top ten seeds were:

1 M. Edgar & E. Tiffin – Chevette, 2 B. Mitton & A. Bouch – Chevette, 3 R. Cook & J. Parker – Escort Mk III, 4 Alistair Stewart & Willie Nelson – Suzuki Swift GTI, 5 R. Clark & W. Horne – Audi 80 Quattro, 6 R. McLellan & J. McCallum – Escort Mk III, 7 H. Murdoch & ? Murdoch – Escort, 8 J. Askew & M. Walker – Cavalier, 9 Ian Paterson & Helen Brown – Escort, 10 J. Willis & S. Willis – Metro.

First overall on 25 minutes 23 seconds were car 12, G. Currie & A. Causey in an Escort. Other notable entries were: 19 David McKeown & J. Smith – Ascona, 22 Richard Dickson & Iain Haining – Sunbeam, 32 George Porteous & D. Porteous – Escort, 43 Robert Dickson & Derek Forster – Escort, 44 Keith Forster & Jock Kelly – Sunbeam, 45 A. MacGregor & Robert Paterson – Escort, 47 A. McKechnie & Ian (Bing) Crosbie – Escort, 59 Stuart Paterson & Arron Cruickshank – Escort, 70 R. Myatt & G. Myatt – Avenger, 74 Steve Petch & A. Grimstone – Daihatsu, 77 Eddie Ferguson & David leslie – Skoda.

Autumn Stages Rally.

Undoubtedly the flagship event of the club has really always been the ‘Autumn Stages’ Rally, a special stage event which, for many years, was a round of the Scottish Rally Championship, the West of Scotland Rally Championship, the Harold Thompson & Sons ANECCC Championship and on two occasions, the BTRDA Championship.

Club members, who also happened to be businessmen, were often called on to provide sponsorship for the Autumn Stages. Among these companies were Mogil Motors, the club member connection in this case being Tony Charnell, Tweedies Daihatsu (Harold Tweedie), Grierson & Graham (Eddie Graham).

Bowmaker Finance and the Scotsman Newspaper were also involved in the early years and more recently, on the 2005 event, Palmerston Furniture (David Hughes) and Oakbank Services (owned by John Bogie, our Honorary Vice President), whose company basically made the roads around Drumlanrig useable in the first place and then returned for a whole week after the rally to rebuild them, along with one ‘B listed’ bridge, which one or two drivers had helped to demolish!.

Bringing matters right up to date, Ciceley Commercials provided financial sponsorship for both the 2007 and 2008 Autumn Stages Rallies, with Oakbank Services again extremely generously preparing and repairing the roads, especially for this event.


First ever Autumn Stages. Won by Alistair Brearley & Michael Smith.

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The 1973 Autumn Stages, run on September 30th was sponsored by the Scotsman newspaper. It had 100 entries plus 30 reserves. Alistair Brearley & Michael Smith started at number one in an Escort and the remainder of the top ten seeds were: 2, J. Baillie & R. Baille, Escort. 3, Brian Coyle and William McGregor, Stiletto. 4, A. Kesson & K. Christie, Escort. 5, Dominic Buckley & Brain Lowrey, Escort. 6, Ken Wood & A. Barrow, Mini Cooper. 7, Keith McCleary & D. Titterington, Escort. 8, Ian Gemmell & Ian Knox, Avenger. 9, Les Eagleton & Edna Eagleton, Escort. 10, Brian Benson & Willie. Clark, Escort.

Notable local entries were: 11, Stewart Robertson & Tom Mair, Dalbeattie, Escort. 13, Murray Grierson & T. Anderson, Dalbeattie, Escort. 27, John Bogie & Andrew Ralley, Dumfries, Mini Cooper. 31, George Rutherford & Gordon Hood, Castle Douglas, Escort. 32 Tom Laird & Sheila Laird, Crossmichael, Escort. 33, Roy McCourt & David Irving, Dumfries, Escort. 34 R. W. Armstrong & J. Morrisson, Lockerbie, Renault Gordini. 44, A. K. Shedden-Brown & Willie Service, Whithorn, Escort. 45, Tour Eide Johansen & David Turnbull, Dumfries, Escort. 55, Ollie Gault & M. Connelly, Castle Douglas, Cortina. 60, Tom Gilhooly & Ken Duff, Gretna, Volvo. 62, T. Black & G. Black, Dumfries, Mini Cooper. 65, D. Porteous & J. Graham, Lockerbie, Mini Cooper. 66, W. Mathieson & B, Chamberland, Whithorn. Mini. 72, Derek Billson & G. Lindsay, Dalbeattie, Riley Elf. 78, Mike Nairn & W. Dalgliesh, Lockerbie, Stiletto. 81, Rab Smith & John Brown, Thornhill, Mini Cooper. 83, Mark Stewart & Ernie Smart, Dumfries, Cortina. 84 E. Stewart & D. Beattie, Castle Douglas, Cortina. 85, Tom Corrie & Gordon Currie, Castle Douglas, Morris 1000. 86, Campbell Macauley & Andrew Macauley, Dumfries, Mini Cooper. 87, W. Graham & R. Carruthers, Lockerbie, Escort. 88, G. Anderson & I. Anderson, Dumfries, Cortina. 89, T. Biggs & T. Milligan, Sanquhar, Hillman Imp. 90, Roland Proudlock & John Innes, Dumfries, Mini. 91, George Brown & Ian Gordon, Dumfries, Cortina. 96, B. Johnstone & R. Macfarlane, Lockerbie, Renault. 98, Derek Halliday & R. Williamson, Thornhill, Anglia. 99, Raymond Kirk & Frank Wright, Dumfries, Mini Cooper. 100, Harold Tweedie & G. Millburn, Dumfries, Escort. The reserves list included: David Reid & TBA from Dumfries in an Escort. G. Armstromg & B. McCleary from Newton Stewart in an Escort. Alan McMorran & A. Breckenridge from Castle Douglas in a Mini. J. McCubbin & L. Robertson from Kirkbean in a Simca and W. Ellis & & J. Russell from Dalry in a Mini.

Top ten overall were:-

1st. Car 1. Alistair Brearley & Michael Smith, Galashiels, Escort, 38 minutes 32 seconds.

2nd. Car 23. Chris Stevenson & Ian Tweedie, Penrith, Escort, 39.19.

3rd. Car 5. Dominic Buckley & Bryan Lowrie, Kelso, Escort, 39.28.

4th. Car 6. Ken Wood & Alan Barron, Stow, Mini Cooper, 39.48.

5th. Car 7. Keith McCleary & David Titterington, Carlisle, Escort, 40.00.

6th. Car 10. Brian Benson & Willie Clark, Glasgow, Escort, 40.10.

7th. Car 15. Robin Murray & Ivor Clark, Carlisle, Firenza, 40.14.

8th. Car 9. Les Eagleton & Edna Eagleton, Stocksfield, Escort, 40.20.

9th. Car 3. Brian Coyle & William McGregor, Glasgow, Stiletto, 40.32.

10th. Car 4. Alistair Kesson & Kenneth Chrystie, Glasgow, Escort, 40.41.

The A. K. Stevenson Award for the highest overall SOSCC crew went to car 23, Chris Stevenson & Ian Tweedie from Penrith in an Escort. There were 82 finishers and among those were Roland Proudlock and John Innes on their first ever rally in a Mini that cost just £45, had a minimal single-hoop roll cage and normal seats with simple lap & diagonal belts. The four remould chunky tyres lasted the full event and they cant remember seeing a scrutineer although there apparently was one!. They finished 64th.

This Scottish Championship ‘Challengers’ event started at Huntingdon Market in Dumfries and from there the crews went to stage one, Mabie, which started along the wee farm track that is off to your right half way up Whinny Hill, on the New Abbey Road from Dumfries. The 3.1 mile stage emerged in a grass field near Lochanhead. Then it was on to Ae 1, 2 & 3 at 3.2, 5.7 and 5.5 miles respectively. Stage 5 was Greskine, (on the North side of the M74 near Beattock) a 3.4 miler which had a scary 90 degree right handed corner near the end which, if you got it wrong, meant you were in danger of going onto the railway line below. (It was cautioned)

Twiglees & Castle O’er rounded off the fun at 6.4 and 4.45 miles after which everyone retired to the Queens Hotel in Lockerbie for tea.

The entry fee was £7 including high tea. Late entries were accepted with a surcharge of £1. The Clerk of the Course was Derek Attwood, the Secretary of the Meeting was Richard Stewart, Assistant Clerk of the Course was Colin Maxwell, Scrutineer was Rab McDonald and Chief Timekeeper was Bob Morland. No servicing was allowed anywhere !.


Just to prove how popular a rally the Autumn Stages was, the 1974 rally had a full house of 120 entries, plus a further 20 reserves. The whole route was presented to competitors as a long list of map references, which they had to mark on maps to find their way round from the start at Curries Transport Depot in Heathhall, Dumfries via the stages to the finish at the Embassy Hotel in Newbridge, Dumfries. There were nine stages commencing with Twiglees at 6.4 miles, Castle O’er at 4.45 miles, Windyhill (Ae) at 2.5 miles, Lamphitt (Ae) at 4.8 miles, Gubhill (Ae) at 4.0 miles, Morrins (Ae) at 4.8 miles, Lochaber (Mabie) at 1.5 miles, Craigend (Mabie) at 2.0 miles and Dalbeattie at 8.0 miles. The top ten seeds were:

No 1. Alastair Brearley & M. Smith of Galashiels, in an Escort.

No 2. Gavin Waugh & S. Turnbull from Brampton, in an Avenger GT.

No 3. Jimmy MacRae & D. Brown from Kirkmuirhill, in an Escort.

No 4. A. Kesson & K Christie from Glasgow, in an Escort.

No 5. Fred Almond & H. Kennedy from Hexham, in an Escort.

No 6. Dom Buckley (senior) & R. Smart from Eccles, in an Escort.

No 7. Murray Grierson & J. Anderson from Dalbeattie, in an Escort.

No 8. M. Telford & J. Taylor from Carlisle, in a Saab.

No 9. Mike Gilligan & Ron Palmer from Carlisle, in an Escort.

No 10. Stewart Robertson & Tom Mair from Dalbeattie, in an Escort.

Other notable entries were:

11 Richard Stewart & Jim Doig from Dumfries, Escort. 12 Keith McCleary & Ivor Clark from Gretna, Escort. 30 Tom & Sheila Laird from Castle Douglas, Escort. 32 George Rutherford & Mike Jackson from Castle Douglas, Escort. 51 M. Wilson ( ? ) & J. Davies from Workington, Escort. 52 R. Armstrong & R. Jardine from Lockerbie, Renault Gordini. 57 Tom Gilhooly & T. Vivers from Gretna, Volvo. 66 Brian Halliday & T. Irving from Palnackie, Escort. 72 T. Eide Johansen & D. Turnbull from Dumfries, Escort. 79 David Reid & S. Robertson from Auldgirth, Escort. 86 Roland Proudlock & John Innes from Dumfries, Mini. 87 M. Nairn & W. McGaw from Lockerbie Stilletto. 90 T. Corrie & G. Currie from Castle Douglas, Morris 1000. 95 Rab Smith & Jock Brown from Thornhill, Mini. 97 Harold Tweedie & G. Millburn from Dumfries, Escort. 99 J. (Robin) Bardsley & Steve James from Auchencairn, Mini. 100 Derek Halliday & Margaret Halliday from Thornhill, Volvo. 103 Ross McKay & John Shannon from Powfoot, Escort. 104 A. Peacock & R. Ritchie from New Gallowy, Healey Sprite. 109 R. Carruthers & C. McCourt from Lockerbie, Escort. 116 Tam Wilkinson & Alex McEwan from Dumfries, Imp. 120 W. Billson & TBA from Dalbeattie, Riley Elf.

The reserves list included local drivers, such as Micky Rankin, Roy McCourt, Ewan McGowan, Ken Duff & Kenny Nairn. The winner however, was none other than Jimmy MacRae, taking his first ever rally victory, a win he fondly remembers to this day. (See the item on the 1988 event).


The 1975 Bowmaker Autumn Stages (sponsored for the first time by Bowmaker Finance) was a ‘National’ permit event and had 121 starters and 99 finishers after nine stages. 1st overall, after a week of heavy rain had turned the forest tracks into skating rinks and taking the ‘Clyde Valley Trophy’, were Malcolm Wilson & J. Davies with a total time of 38.47. 2nd overall: Murray Grierson & T. Anderson, taking the Embassy Hotel Trophy with a time of 39.17. 3rd overall were car one, Jimmy McRae & D. Brown on 39.29. Top SOSCC crew were M. Grierson & T. Anderson who also lifted the A. K. Stevenson Trophy


The Bowmaker Autumn Stages was run on a ‘Restricted’ Rally permit due to the lack of stage miles which the Clerk of the Course felt was not in keeping with National status. It was included in the ‘Scotsman Scottish Rally Championship’ as ran on Sunday September 26th, again sponsored by Bowmaker. The regs for the rally stated that Forestry Commission fees were planned to be increased sustantially on September 1st and the entry fee had been set on this basis, even though the increase had not been confirmed at the date of the regs going to press. The regs therefore, went on to state that if the FC fees were not increased, each entrant would receive a refund.

It was a counter in the Scotsman Scottish Rally Championship for ‘Challengers’ and the ANECCC (Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs) Stage Rally Championship and started at Lockerbie Auction Mart at 12.00 noon!, finishing at the Embassy Hotel in Dumfries, after a total of only 90 miles including the stages. (This is beacause in the good old days, servicing took place at the roadside after stages and there were no central service parks miles away from the forests). Scrutineering began at 09.30 am. There were eleven stages; Castle O’er 4.3 miles, first car due at 12.30, Hog Knowe 2.6 miles 12.41, Broomy Brow 2.2 miles 12.47, Bowmaker 6.0 miles 12.52, (MC2 at Pargkate for 46 minutes) Cranloch 7.1 miles 14.21, White Naze 2.9 miles 14.34, Black Sike 2.1 miles 14.40, Gubhill 1.5 miles 14.48, Glencorse 5.9 miles 14.56, The Moyle 4.2 miles 15.34 & Dalbeattie 4.6 miles 15.43, with a total mileage of 43.4 miles “timed to an accuracy of less than one minute by RAC approved timekeepers”. All stages were Forest stages and the entire route according to the official printed regs, would be on maps 78, 78 & 84!, although the initial photocopied version it said 78, 79 and 84. Stages 10 and 11 were cancelled at late notice “due to circumstances beyond our control” and a refund was made to competitors.

1st overall would win the Clyde Valley Trophy (to be held for 11 months) plus £60. 2nd overall would receive the Embassy Hotel Trophy (tbhf11m) and £40. Third overall would receive and award plus £30. First, second and third in class would receive £25, £20 and £15 respectively. The first overall SOSCC crew would receive the AK Stevenson Trophy. The ‘team award’ was the £2.00 entry fees collected from each three car team, divided equally between each driver in the winning team. White Horse Whisky awards were presented to the 1st crew overall, the first ‘Challenger’ and the first SOSCC team. The maximum entry for the rally including reserves was 120 and the minimum was 60, the minimum entry for each class being 10. The entry list opened on August 23rd and closed on Thursday September 16th. Late entries would be accepted until midninght on Monday 20th September at an additional fee of £2.00. The entry fe was £28.50, which included two high teas.

The Secretary of the Meeting was Ken Rundle and other senior offcials were:- Clerk of the Course, Derek Attwood. Assistant Clerks of the Course, Frank Wright and S Robertson (the original duplicated version said F. Wright and Colin Maxwell). Club Stewards, Ian Muir and Bill Troughear. Chief Scrutineer, Rab McDonald. Chief Timekeeper, S. Robertson. (the original photocopied version said F. Wright)

More form the regs:- “Competitors arriving more than 30 minutes after their scheduled time of arrival at a stage start will be deemed to have missed that stage”. “Competitors are required to reduce any lateness at Main Control Out”. “Competitors may report up to 30 minutes late at start of stages or or Main Control in, without penalty”. “Missing a Special Stage or Main Control In or failing to record a stage start or finish time – 30 minutes per offence”. “Smoking in special stage areas – Exclusion”. “There will be no designated service areas – therefore no servicing”. (Aye – right!. Roly P) “To be clasified as a finisher, a car and crew must book in at the Final Control within 30 minutes of Scheduled time and have completed two thirds of the Special Stages and not incurred a penalty of exclusion”. “All cars MUST carry in an acceptable position, a fire extinguisher of at least 1 kg capacity”.

Top seeds quoted from the entry list were:-

1. Malcolm Wilson & John Davies, Workington, (Peter Russek Manuals) Ford Escort RS.

2. Drew Gallacher & A N Other, Girvan, Ford Escort RS.

3. Murray Grierson & A N Other, Dalbeattie, Ford Escort RS.

4. Ian Wilson & Charlie Young, Stonehouse, (Lows for Opel with Vital Rust Proofing) Opel Kadett GT/E.

5. Fred Almond & Chris Walker, Hexham, (Team Hexham) Ford Escort.

6. Alistair Brearley & Roger Turnbull, Galshiels, Ford Escort RS.

7. Allan Arneil & Ian Buttery, Hamilton, Ford Escort RS.

8. A. C. Campbell & Peter Burnside, Falkirk, (Shellsport) Ford Escort RS.

9. Russell Close & Alan Maddison, Lanchester, (The Motor Centre / Team Avon Tyres) Ford Escort RS.

10. David Porter & Matt Kidd, Edinburgh, (Marshals Chunky Chicken / SMT) Vauxhall Magnum.

11. Roger Guest & Val Guest, Blackpool, (Shellsport / Rowland Marsden Autobodies) Escort RS 2000.

12. Mike Gilligan & K. Ion, Carlisle, (County Garage Group for Ford) Escort RS 2000.

13. Robin Murray & Stuart Turnbull, Carlisle, Vauxhall Firenza.

14. Alasdair Pearson & Lindsay Kerr, Newton Mearns, (Linn Automobiles Glasgow) Vauxhall Magnum.

Other notable entries: 17. Stewart Robertson & C. Clark, Dalbeattie, (Peter Russek Manuals) Escort RS 2000, retired. 18. Willie Rutherford & Hugo Kennedy, Stockfield, Anglia 1558, retired. 20. Dominic Buckley (Snr) & Walter Duguid, Kelso, Escort RS, 5th. 21. Ivor Clark & Brian Kinghorn, Gretna, Hillman Avenger, 23rd. 22. Hammie Hannah & David McHarg, Girvan, Ford Escort RS, DNS. 23. George Porteous & David Porteous, Kilmarnock, (Millens Auto Services) Escort TC, 14th. 24. Andy Smith & John Eyres, Ayr, (Smith Metals Ayr) Escort RS 2000, 17th. 31. Bill Murray & Bryan McLeary, Carsluith, Escort RS, 4th. 36. Richard Stewart & Bob Morland, Terregles, Anglia RS 2000, 52nd. 42. Peter Cooper & John Shannon, Dumfries, (Burmah Castrol) Datsun Violet, retired. 44. John Cleland & John Fife, Peebles, Colt Lancer, 32nd. 48. John Butson & John Easson, Peebles, (Behar Carpets Glasgow) Chrysler Avenger, 24th. 49. Tom Gilhooly & N. Richmond, Gretna, Volvo 142, 36th. 52. Kenny Nairn & Rob Carruthers, Lochmaben, Escort TC, 62nd. 58. Lawrence Seditas & Robert Picken, (Wellington Motor Company Ltd) Opel Ascona 1.9, 46th. 63. Jim Carty & Chris Dove, Elderslie, (Pied Piper Menswear) Ford Escort RS, 61st.

Other entries continued………….64. Michael Rankin & David Henderson, Dunscore, Ford Escort, 43rd. 67. Walter McDonald & Charles Caven, Dumfries, (Hotel Bella Luce Guernsey) Ford Escort, 26th. 68. John Bogie & Tom Currie, Dumfries, Daf 55, retired. 72. Brian Allan & John Watson, Newton Stewart, Ford Escort, retired. 75. Joe Smith & Gordon Hood, Crocketford, Chrysler Imp, retired. 76. Brian Halliday & John Brown, Castle Douglas, Escort Mexico, 33rd. 77. John J. Morrison & Nacy Gibson, Lockerbie, Mazda RX3, 63rd. 79. Gerard Gilhooly & Andrew Kellitt, Gretna, Volvo 122s, retired. 83. Tom Wilkinson & Alex McEwen, Dumfries, Escort Sport, 40th. 87. Ewan McGowan & John Adamson, Lochfoot, Fort Cortina, 55th. 99, Derek Wright & John Coyle, Dumfries, Escort Mexico, retired. 102. Derek Bilson & Robin Bardsley, Dalbeattie, Escort Sport, 84th. 106. Kenneth Duff & Brian Johnstone, Lockerbie, Renault Gordini R8, 72nd. 107. Robin Christie & Iain Robinson, Whithorn, Austin 1800 (later moved up the seeding but result unknown). 108. Alan McMorran & Alan Gibson, Castle Douglas, Chrysler Imp, 51st. 114. Michael Nairn & Robert Common, Annan, Sunbeam Stiletto, DNS. 115. M. J. (James) Robertson & Mike Rollo, Thornhill, Escort Mexico, 59th. 116. Jeremy Brooks & Billy Crombie, Dumfries, Chrysler Imp, 73rd. 117. Derek Halliday & Margaret Halliday, Thornhill, Chrysler Avenger, retired. 118. Tom Black & George Black, Castle Douglas, Mini, 57th .

The reserve list included Michael Fusco & David Johnstone, Dumfries, Ford Escort who were 81st.

Top ten overall:-

1st. Car 1. Malcolm Wilson & John Davies. 39.38.

2nd. Car 7. Allan Arneil & Ian Buttery. 40.13.

3rd. Car 9. Russell Close & Alan Maddison. 40.30.

4th. Car 31. Bill Murray & Bryan McLeary. 40.57.

5th. Car 20. Dom Buckley & Walter Duguid. 42.04.

6th. Car 34. E. McKenzie & Charlie Nichol. 42.13.

7th. Car 12. Mike Gilligan & K. Ion. 42.48.

8th. Car 4. Ian Wilson & Charlie Young. 42.51.

9th. Car 33. John Nicol & Aubin Roger. 43.03.

10th. Car 15. Alex Holmes & Irvine Buckley. 43.05.


The Bowmaker Autumn Stages ran as a ‘National’ event on Saturday September 24th and was a round of the ‘Scotsman/Glayva Scotch Liqueur Scottish Rally Championship’ for Drivers and Challengers, the ANECCC Stage Rally Championship, the A.W.S.M.C. ‘West of Scotland Rally Award 1977’ and the Cumbria Motor Sport Group Rally Championship.

This was a National permit event and Clerk of the Course was Frank Wright who started the event at County Garage Kingstown Estate Carlisle to allow access to Newcastleton (Kershope) Forest followed by a service halt at Lockerbie Ice Rink (first cat due at 11.11am) with lunch and the finish being at the traditional club haunt, the Embassy Hotel in Newbridge, Dumfries. Apart from the Bowmaker sponsorship, Citroen/SMT were now co-sponsors.

Among the awards to be presented were: 1st overall, Clyde Valley Trophy plus £75. 2nd overall, Embassy Hotel Trophy plus £50. Third overall, an award plus £35. Ist, 2nd and 3rd in class received an award plus £25, £20 and £15 respectively. The first regeistered Scottish ‘Challenger’ received the Scotsman Trophy. the Fisrt SOSCC crew received the AK Stevenson Trophy and Glayva Whisky awards were presented to 1st overall, 1st ‘Challenger’ and 1st SOSCC crew. One of the full page adverts in the programme was for the Corrie Group Company who had garages with showrooms in Dumfries, Heathhall, Annan, Castle Douglas, Newton Stewart and Stranraer and could supply Morris, MG, Rover, Triumph, Daimler, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover and Austin cars plus Sherpa vans. Corries no longer exist and in fact, ceased to do long before this was typed in 2012.

Apart from Frank Wright who was Clerk of the Course, Assistant Clerk was Colin Maxwell, Club Stewards were Ian Muir and Bill Troughear, Chief Scrutiner was Rab McDonald, Chief Timekeeper was Jim Deans, and Rally Secretary was Ken Rundle.

The top ten seds were:

1. Allan Arneil & Ian Buttery, Hamilton, Magnum Coupe.

2. Bill Taylor & Ian McIver, Cupar, RS 1800 Escort.

3. Charles Samson & Alec Samson, Kingskettle, RS 19800 Escort.

4. Jim Howden & Ian Marwick, Balerno, RS 1800 Escort.

5. Drew Gallacher & David McHarg, Girvan, RS 1600 Escort.

6. Donald Heggie & George Dean, Cupar, RS 1800 Escort (English of Bournemouth).

7. Ian Wilson & Charles Young, Stonehouse, Vauxhall Chevette.

8. Alistair Brearley & Roger Turnbull, Galashiels, RS 1800 Escort (Eastford Motors Penicuick).

9. Murray Grierson & John Shannon, Dalbeattie, Datsun Violet (Dunlops Dumfris / Burmah Castrol).

10. Andrew Smith & Kenneth Hamilton, Ayr, RS 1800 Escort (F & S Rallying).

Other notable entries were: 12. Ian Gemmel & Frew Bryden, Mauchline, RS 2000 Escort (Maconochies of Kilmarnock) . 13. Dominic Buckley & Walter Duguid, Kelso, RS 1600 Escort (Team Esso Uniflo). 14. Fred Almond & David Almond, Hexham, Escort 1700 (retired). 15. Bill Murray & Gordon Hood, Carsluith, RS 1600 Escort (Reid & Adams Ford in Stranraer) (retired). 17. Peter Tokely & David Hodges, Hawick, Triumph TR7 (Croall Bryson / Peter Scott Scottish Knitwear) (16th overall). 18. Willie Lawrie & Dick Haggart, Newburgh, Magnum Coupe (retired). 20. Mike Giligan & Ken Ion, Carlisle, RS 2000 Escort (12th overall). 21. Ivor Clark & Vic Horsley, Gretna, Avenger (49th after a big time given for stage 2). 22. R K Shedden-Brown & William Mathieson, Blairgowrie, RS 1600 Escort (retired). 23. Bill Dobie & Peter Mellor, Maryport, RS 1600 Escort (26th overall). 24. David Gillanders & J Ross Baird, Bridge of Don, RS 2000 Escort (English of Bournemouth) (retired). 26. Stewart Robertson & Lawrance Clark, Dalbeattie, Dolomite Sprint (Corries / Unipart). 30. David Porter & Matt Kidd, Edinburgh, Magnum Coupe (Marshals Chunky Chickens / SMT) (37th). 34. Walter McDonald & Charles Caven, Dumfries, RS 2000 Escort (Demolition Autos Dumfries) (17th overall). 36. Jimmy Horne & George Wilson, Duns, 1600 Escort (13th overall). 39. Michael Leithhead & Barbara Gault, Hawick, Mini (Croall Bryson & Co) (29th overall). 43. Tom Bicket & Ian Cree, Tarbolton, Fiat 131 (31st overall). 48. Tom Gilhooly & John Bogie, Annan, Volvo 142 (27th overall). 49. Robin Christie & Jim McDowall, Whithorn, Magnum Coupe (22nd overall). 55. Lawrence Seditas & Robin Picken, Dundonald, Opel Kaddette GTE (Wellington Motor Co Ltd) (25th overall). 61. James Fleming & Robert Cunningham, Ayr, Toyota Celica GT (30th overall). 62. Tom Wilkinson & Alex McEwan, Dumfries, Escort Sport (Demolition Autos Dumfries) (retired). 64. David Allen & John MacKenzie, Newton Stewart, Escort 1300 (43rd overall). 70. Doug Smith & Jock Adamson, Dalswinton, Escort 1300 (retired). 72. Keith Wilson & Peter Johnstone, Moffat, Escort Mexico (50th overall). 75. David Johnstone & John Innes, Dumfries, Escort 1300 (39th overall). 77. Michael Fusco & Kenny Rutherford, Dumfries, Escort 1300 (51st overall). 79. Eric Stewart & Derek Beattie, Castle Douglas, Escort 1600 (34th overall). 80. Alan McMorran & Alan Gibson, Castle Douglas, Imp 998 (58th overall). 84. Bertie Burleigh & Andrew Kellit, Eaglefield, Escort 1600 (46th overall). 90. Charles Easson & David Easson, London, Escort Twin-Cam (retired). 91. George Brockie & Kenny Spence, Lochmaben, Escort 1500 (DNS).

In the rally programme, the late Ross Finlay provided an insight into the Scotsman Glayva Championship. Drew Gallacher had up to this event been setting the pace until unreliability began to affect his Escort. Allan Arneil had then taken the lead but Jim Howden was also in with a chance as well as Bill Taylor. Charles Samson was now picking up the pace after his “unfortunate experiences of last year” (presumably referring to the Samsons’ big crash on the ‘Scottish’ near Dalry) while “it looks as if Jim McRae will not be entering enough championship events late in the season to capitalise on his good Jim Clark and Burmah scores”. Division II in Group two of the Scottish Championship was still wide open but according to Ross, Jim Howden stood a very strong chance of a series win.

The first car left County Garage at 9.00am at the start of a 200 mile route including eleven stages totalling 61.63 competitive gravel miles. The stages were: Kershope, Castle O`er, Twiglees 1 (Hog Knowe), Twiglees 2 (Killburn Hill), Ae 1 (Windy Hill), Ae 2 (Cranloch), Ae 3 (White Naze), then after lunch the remaining four stages were to the South West, namely Laurieston, Glengap, Dalbeattie and Mabie.

As in 1976 the entry fee had ben set assuming Forestry Commission charges would rise on September 1st, although competitors were again promised a refund if prices did not rise or stages were cut as had happened in 1976. Map numbers 78, 79, 83, 84, 85, & 86 were required. The entry fee was £45 which included two snack lunches and two high teas. Late entries would have a £2 surcharge. Team entries, per three car team, were £2 per team with the wining team`s drivers splitting all the cash between them. Item ’14 S66 i’ of the Regs states: “Servicing will be permitted in designated areas only by cars displaying official service plates, price £1 per set, and which should be ordered when submitting your entry”. S.67:To be calssified as a finisher, a car and crew must book in at the Final Control within 30 minutes of Scheduled time and have completed two-thirds of the Special Stages and not incurred a penalty of exclusion”. 16. “Competitors using Muir Bedall Insurance must produce their letter of acceptance showing their RDS number when paying their premium for Insurance at Documentation”.

Top ten overall: 1st. Charles Samson & Alec Samson. 73.02.

2nd. Bill Taylor & Ian McIver. 73.41.

3rd. Allan Arneil & Ian Buttery. 73.49.

4th. Ian Wilson & Charles Young. 75.06.

5th. Murray Griesron & John Shannon. 76.09.

6th. Dominic Buckley & Walter Dugiud. 76.28.

7th. Stewart Robertson & Lawrance Clark. 77.19.

8th. Ian Gemmel & Frew Bryden. 77.30.

9th. John Nicol & Jim Leighton. (car 11) 77.36.

10th. John Heward & Mike Pitts. (car 19) 78.11.

First team overall were ‘South of Scotland Team 1’, Bill Dobie, Stewart Robertson & Malcolm Wright (car 27). Top SOSCC crew were Stewart Robertson & Lawrance Clark. The top registered ‘Challengers’ were Peter Tokely and David Hodges. There were 90 starters and 59 finishers.


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The 1978 Bowmaker Rally, held on Saturday 23rd September, was a round of the British Airways/Scotsman Scottish Rally Championship and for the first time ever, the BTRDA Gold Star Rally Championship. It was also a round of the Harold Thompson ANECCC Stage Rally Championship, the West of Scotland Stage Championship and the Ford Escort 1300 Competition. The rally forum, held the night before, had a panel comprising reigning Scottish Champion Charles Samson, racing driver Tony Charnell, Chris Lord, one of the BTRDA drivers and John Horton, rally manager for Dunlop Tyres. Three films were shown, ‘Pentti’, ‘Seconds Out’ and ‘The Fascination of Motor Sport’. Admission was free.

The Rally programme, presented as a pull-out section of the Dumfries Courier newspaper, carried confirmation that this was Bowmakers’ 4th year of sponsorship of this event. Starting frm the Mercury Motor Inn in Moffat and being elevated up to a ‘National’ event from the normal ‘Restricted’ level, it took in eleven stages in Killburn Hill (Twiglees) at 6.06 miles, marshalled by Hawick & Border CC, Hog Knowe (also Twiglees) 5.10 – Workington & District MC, Castle O’er 4.36 – Wigton M C, Kirkland Hill (Ae) 12.20 – Apex M C, Windy Hill (Ae) 4.35 – Cumberland Sporting C C, White Naze (Ae) 5.44 – Lanarkshire C C, Knockenshang (Ae) 4.10 – Lanarkshire C C, Mabie 3.16 – Kilmarnock & Loudon C C, Dalbeattie 9.24 – Apex M C, Glengap 4.80 – Solway C C and Bennan 11.0 – Machars C C. The rally finished at the Cargenholm Hotel near Dumfries.

Senior officials were: Clerk of the Course Frank Wright, Secretary Ken Rundle, Depute COC’s Colin Maxwell, & James Dean, Club Stewards Bill Troughear & Ian Muir, RAC Steward Jonathan Lord, Scrutineers Rab McDonald & Bruce King, Chief Timekeeper Richard Milne and Press Officer Bob Wells.

Highly respected Scottish motor sport journalist, Ross Finlay, contributed to the programme a very detailed explanation of the Scottish Championship positions leading up to this event, which recorded Drew Gallacher as the runaway leader of Divison 1, ahead of Charles Samson who still had a mathematical chance of catching Drew but only if he faltered. Second to sixth places in the championship could go to any one of five drivers, namely: Jim Howden, Murray Grierson, Ivor Clark, David Porter and Alistair Braerley. In division two of the championship, Dumfries driver walter McDonald had a slim lead over the likes of Alistair Roy, Ronnie Dale and Robin Christie.

The top fourteen seeds were:

1. Charles Samson & Roger Anderson, Kingskettle, Escort RS 1800.

2. Drew Gallacher & David McHarg, Girvan, Escort RS 1800.

3. Tim Brise & Bob King, Wilmington, Kadette GT/E.

4. Chris Lord & Ron Varley, Leeds, Chevette.

5. Jim Howden & Hugh McNeil, Edinburgh, Escort RS 1800.

6. Murray Grierson & John Horton, Dalbeattie, Datson Violet.

7. Bill Dobie & Peter Mellor, Maryport, Escort RS 1800.

8. Allan Arneil & David Brown, Hamilton, Chevette 2.3.

9. Frank Pierson & Ed Morgan, Salop, Escort RS 2000.

10. Donald Heggie & Iain Mungall, Coupar, Escort RS 1800.

11. Dominic Buckley & Walter Duguid, Kelso, Escort RS 1600.

12. Ivor Clark & Ken Wilson, Gretna, Avenger 1600.

13. No number 13.

14. Alistair Brearley & Roger MacFarlane, Galashiles, Kadette GT/E.

15. Ken Wood & Peter Brown, Galashiels, TR7.

Other notable entries were: 17. Walter McDonald & Charlie Caven, Dumfries, Escort 1700. 21. Robin Christie & Eric Stewart, Whithorn, Vauxhall Magnum. 28 Mike Gilligan & Kenion ?, Carlisle, RS 2000. 31. Stewart Robertson & Lawrence Clark, Dalbeattie, Dolomite Sprint. 50. Kenny Nairn & Rob Carruthers, Boreland, Escort RS 1600. 61. Austen Rraine & Andrew Kellit, Carlisle, Escort 1300. 64. Paul Gilligan & Peter Oddie, Carlisle, Escort 1300. 69. James Fleming & Robert Cunningham, Ayr, Chevette 2300. 73. George Porteous & David Porteous, Lockerbie, RS 2000. 74. Peter Cooper & John Shannon, Dumfries, Datsun Violet. 75. Alex Watson & Gordon Hood, Beeswing, RS 2000. 102. Bertie Burleigh & Robert Renwick, Ecclefechan, Escort 1600. 105. John Innes & Roland Proudlock, Collin, Mini Cooper ‘S’.

The winner was Charles Samson who had tied with Allan Arneil on total stage times but as Charles’ first stage time was faster, he took the spoils. Other than to confirm that the A. K. Stevenson Trophy for the top SOSCC crew was awarded to walter McDonald and Charlie Caven, the rest of the results for this event are yet to be traced.


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The 1979 Bowmaker rally took place on Saturday 22nd September with sponsorship from Bowmaker for the fifth year running.

It was run on a ‘National’ Permit and again it was a round of the British Airways/Scotsman Scottish Rally Championship, the Esso BTRDA Gold Star Rally Championship, the Harold Thompson & Son ANECCC Stage Rally Championship and also the Ford Escort Rally Championship, The West of Scotland Rally Championship and the Mopar Sponsored Rally Championship.

Ross Finlay’s contribution to the rally programme confirmed that on the run-up to this event, 1978 Scottish Champion Drew Gallacher and Donald Heggie were battling for the Scottish Championship lead, Donald just having the edge due to Drew retiring on the Granite City and scoring only a few points on the Scottish, despite having had a works drive. Meanwhile, coming to Dumfries, Allan Arneil led the West of Scotland Stage Championship. Scottish R. C. points prior to the Bowmaker were: Donald Heggie, Escort, 66. Drew Gallacher, Escort, 63. Vince Finlayson, Talbot Sunbeam, 45. Andrew Cowan, Escort, 39. Allan Arneil, Chevette, 36. Dave MacDonald, Celica, 33. David Gillanders, Escort, 32. Ivor Clark, Avenger, 30. David Porter, Chevette, 27. Ken Wood, TR7 27.

In division II of the Scottish Championship, (for drivers who before the 1st of January 1979 had not finished in the first 20 of an International or RAC Championship National Rally, or in the first 10 on a National or Restricted staus Drivers’ event in a previous Scottish Championship, or as winner or runner-up in a previous Challengers’ Championship), SOSCC member Kenny Nairn was described as a dark horse who, having scored well on all four rounds he had contested to date, would not need to drop points as compared to leaders: Bill Nicol, Jim Carty and Brian Wilkinson who had done more events.

Senior officials were: Clerk of the Course – Jim Dean, Deputy COCs Colin Maxwell & Fraser Robison, Event Secretary – Ken Rundle, Club Stewards – Ian Muir & Bill Troughear, RAC Steward – G. Foster, Scrutineers – Rab McDonald & Bruce King, Timekeeper – Richard Milne, Press Officer – Roland Proudlock and Computer Results were provided by Martin Liddle.

Part of the Clerk of the Course’s introduction, featured in the rally programme went as follows, “This year of course we have had to take the petrol supply situation into account and reduce our overall route from last year by over 10%, something most motor sport events are doing on a voluntary basis”. On a more positive note, the programme also records the astounding fact that the South of Scotland Car Club team had been victorious over all the works teams in the 1979 Scottish Rally. The team’s drivers were Ivor Clark, Walter McDonald and Stewart Robertson and all were entered for the ‘Bowmaker’.

The maximum entry was 120 and the minimum was 80. Entries were £55 which included 2 snack lunches in the Embassy Hotel, Dumfries. (the lunch halt) The start was at 8.01 am from the Ladbroke Mercury Motor Inn in Moffat which is where it also finsihed. The publicised stages were: 1. Hog Knowe (Twiglees) 5.20 miles. 2. Castle O’er 4.36. 6. Dalbeattie 9.24. 7. Poldivan (Ae) 5.12. 8. Hole House (Ae) 7.35. 9. Castle O’er II 4.36. 10. Hog Knowe II 5.20. Total distance was 175 miles of which 60 was stage miles. Item 8 on the regs stated, “All special stages will be Forestry Commission property, except one which will be on a sealed surface”. (However, according to the final road book, all of the ten stages tackled were in Castle O’er, (2 runs) Twiglees, (2 runs) Ae (5 stages) and Dalbeattie, none of which were – or even are at the time of typing this in 2012 – sealed. So where the hell a sealed surface stage had been planned is a mystery).

There were four classes: Up to 1000cc, 1001 to 1300cc, 1301 to 1700cc and over 1700cc.

First overall, Drew Gallacher & David McHarg, won the ‘Clyde Valley Trophy’ + £100, 2nd, Geoff & Alan Simpson, the ‘Embassy Hotel Trophy’ + £60 and 3rd, George Hill & Ron Varley, – £40. The Highest placed Lady Driver, Chrissie Ashford, received an award presented by Border Travel Services Ltd. Top SOSCC crew were Ivor Clark & Kevin Doyle in an Avenger.

Item 18 in the regs included the following: “Smoking in a special stage or failure to wear a crash helmet or seat belts on a special stage – Exclusion” and also “Use of pace notes – Eclusion”. Later, the regs state “The cost of a ‘Service Pack’ which contains all rally and service routes, ‘Service Ban’ and ‘Out of Bounds’ areas will be £1.50 and must be ordered on the competitors official entry form.”

There were 106 starters and 71 finishers.

Top ten seeds were:

1. Drew Gallacher & David McHarg, Girvan, Escort RS 1800.

2. Bill Dobie & Peter Mellor, Maryport, Escort RS 2000.

3. Donald Heggie & George Dean, Cupar, Escort RS 1800.

4. Derek Evans & Terry Evans, Shrewsbury, Chevette 2300.

5. Geoff Simpson & Alan Simpson, Sandford, Escort RS 1800.

6. Allan Arneil & David Brown, Hamilton, Chevette 2300.

7. George Hill & Ron Varley, Oldham, Chevette 2300.

8. Pip Dale & Richard Stark, Skirpenbeck, Chevette 2300.

9. Chris Lord & Ed Morgan, Leeds, Chevette 2300.

10. Ivor Clark & Kevin Doyle, Gretna, Avenger 1600.

Other notable entries including local crews were: 16. Dominic Buckley & Tony Thomson, Kelso, RS 1800. 17. Ken Wood & Peter Brown, Galashiels, TR7. 29. Kenny Nairn & Rob Carruthers, Lochmaben, RS 1800. 32. Stewart Robertson & Lawrence Clark, Dalbeattie, Sunbeam 1600. 33. Walter McDonald & TBA, Dumfries, RS 1800. 75. Robin Christie & Eric Stewart, Whithorn, Chevette 2300. 92. Alex Watson & Gordon Hood, Dumfries, Escort Sport 1599. 99. Andrew Wood & Diana Taylor, Kelso, Escort II. 103. David McKeown & Kenny Morland, Dumfries, Escort TC. 105. Jock Davidson & Ronnie Kirkpatrick, Dumfries, Escort. 109. Raymond Kirk & Bob Blair, Dumfries, Escort RS 2000. 112. John Innes & Roland Proudlock, Dumfries, Austin Mini Cooper ‘S’. 118. Robert Renwick & Lesley Marchbank, Beattock, Escort. 119. John Harkness & James Brown, Thornhill, Escort.


1st overall. Drew Gallacher & David McHarg. Escort RS 1800. 64.52.

2nd overall. Geoff Simpson & Alan Simpson. Escort RS 1800. 65.42.

3rd overall. George Hill & Ronald Varley. Chevette. 65.56.

4th overall. Derek Evans & Terry Evans. Chevette. 66.02.

5th overall. Allan Arneil & David Brown. Chevette. 66.16.

6th overall. Ivor Clark & Kevin Doyle. Avenger. 66.53.

7th overall. Steve Bannister & Fred Husband. Escort RS 1800. 66.56.

8th overall. Ken Wood & Peter Brown. TR7. 67.02.

9th overall. Bill Dobie & Peter Mellor. Escort RS 1800. 68.17.

10th overall. Stewart Robertson & Lawrance Clark. Sunbeam. 69.02.

Other notable results, including local entries, were:

Car 29 Kenny Nairn & Rob Carrurthers, Escort RS 1800 – Retired. Car 53 Robin Christie & Eric Stewart, Chevette – 15th overall. Car 61 George Porteous and Craig Bennett, Escort RS – 22nd overall. Car 92 Alex watson & Gordon Hood, Escort 1600 Sport – 52nd overall. Car 95 Austen Raine & Andrew Kellit, Escort – 53rd overall. Car 103 David McKeown & Kenny Morland, Sunbeam – 56th overall. Car 105 Jock Davidson & Ronnie Kirkpatrick, Escort – 62nd overall. Car 109 Raymond Kirk & Bob Blair, Escort RS – 59th overall. Car 112 John Innes & Roland Proudlock, Mini Cooper ‘S’ – Retired. Car 119 John Harkness & James Brown, Escort – 69th overall.


The 1980 Bowmaker Rally took place on Saturday 20th September and despite returning to ‘Restricted’ from ‘National’ status, was still a round of the Scottish Rally Championship Divisions I & II, the West of Scotland Rally Championship and the ANECCC (Association of North East and Cumbria Car Clubs) Championship. Although the programme affirmed there was a strong bond between the SOSCC and Bowmaker, the economic situation in 1981 dictated that Bowmaker Financial Services would have to end their six-year partnership after this event, forcing the club to find a new sponsor.

Clerk of the Course Jim Dean had arranged a six stage event which started at 11.01 am at the West Cumberland Farmers depot at Heathhall in Dumfries & went through Mabie, Dalbeatte, Ae 1 & 2 (which were not publicised to deter spectators), Castle O’er and Twiglees to finish at the Mercury Motor Inn in Moffat. Scrutineering took place on the Friday night at Mogil Motors, Locharbriggs, Dumfries. There was excitement when it was announced that Malcolm Wilson was to take in a rally for the first time since breaking both ankles in a horrific crash on the Scottish Rally in June. Drew Gallacher was determined not to let Malcolm have his own way though and he powered his way to an impressive win.

Top ten seeds were:

1. Drew Gallacher & J. Eyres, Girvan, Chevette HS 2300.

2. Malcolm Wilson & TBA, Workington, Escort RS 1800.

3. Donald Heggie & Iain Mungall, Cupar, Escort RS 1800.

4. Walter McDonald & Gordon Hood, Dumfries, Escort 2000.

5. Ken Wood & Peter Brown, Galashiels, TR7 V8 3500.

6. Dominic Buckley & George Blackie, Kelso, RS 1800.

7. Tom Clark & Charlie Young, Newmains, RS 1800.

8. Ian Wlson & Paul Mason, Stonehouse, Talbot Sunbeam.

9. Andy Smith & Alan Patterson, Ayr, RS 1800.

10. Colin Grewer & Tim Ashton, Monkbridge, Escort 2000.

Other notable entries, including some locals and unusual cars at 61, 63 & 74, were: 12. Robin Christie & Roy Campbell, Port William, Chevette 2300. 14. Kenny Nairn & Rob Carruthers, Lochmaben, RS 1800. 15. Richard Stewart & Bob Morland, Dumfries, Sunbeam. 17. R. J. Murray & Stuart Turnbull, Carlisle, Chevette 2300. 26. Bill Lymburn & Allan Hutchinson, Prudhoe, TR7 V8 3500. 27. Jimmy Fleming & Robert Cunningham, Ayr, Toyota Starlet 1588. 29. Micky Rankine & Jim Doig, Dumfries, Escort 1997. 30. Louise Aitken Walker & Ellen Morgan, (sponsored by Mogil Motors of Dumfries and driving their Fiesta) Duns, Fiesta 1600. 31. Peter Knowles & Lawrence Clark, Chester Le Street, Escort 1700. 35. George Marshall & Allan Ainslie, St Boswells, Chevette 2300. 36. Andrew Wood & Norman Gault, Melrose, Escort Mk II 1300. 45. Lawrence Seditas & Duncan Ballintyne, Dundonald, Opel Kadette ST/E 2000. 47. Tom Gilhooly & Ian Nelson, Annan, Escort RS 2000. 50. Tony Janetta & Donald McGill, Stirling, Sunbeam TI 1598. 51. Gordon Smith & Alan Stark, Alford, Escort RS 2000. 53. John Wilson & Charlie Smith, East Kilbride, RS 2000. 57. David McKeown & Kenny Morland, Dumfries, Escort Twin Cam 1558. 58. Alex Watson & Lawrence Clark, Dumfries, Escort Sport 1599. 60. Kenneth Pattison & John Ross, Carlisle, Escort Twin Cam 1558. 61. Farquhar MacRae & Fiona Kennedy, Inverinate, Davrian Imp 998. 63. John Tainsh & Peter Elliot, Aberdeen, Magenta 1293. 74. Roland Simey & George Rutherford, Castle Douglas, Vauxhall Magnum. 76. Willam Anderson & Donald Anderson, Annan, Escort 1600. 79. Michael Connelly & Ronald David Sezz, Castle Douglas, Austin Mini Mk I. 80. Michael Riddick & Robert Green, Castle Douglas, Talbot Sunbeam 1598. 81. William Haining & Alister Clark, Castle Douglas, RS 2000.

Scottish Championship points prior to this event were: Divison I: Drew Gallacher 88, Ken Wood 57, Walter McDonald 53, Donald Heggie 43, Dom Buckley 41 & Ian Wilson 40. Div II: Robin Christie 55, Wlson Girvan 53, Dougie Riach 38, James Bissett 35, Hugh Munro 35 & Robert Miller 34. West of Scotland points to date were: Tom Clark 24, Walter McDonald 23, Drew Gallacher 20, Robin Christie 15, Richard Stewart 12 & David Fulton 11. Harold Thomson & Sons ANECCC points to date were: Alan Conley 57, Fred Henderson 56, Richard Mawson 53, Mike Gilligan 46, Roy Wadsley 40 & B. Lewis 30.

Senior officials were: Clerk of the Course – Jim Dean, Secreretary – Brian Carruthers, Depute COCs – Alan Candlish & Fraser Robison, Club Stewards – Derek Attwood & John Taylor, RAC Observer – Bill Troughear, Scrutineer – Rab McDonald, Timekeeper – Frank Wright, Press Officer – Roland Proudlock.

Local drivers featuring in the following week’s newspaper report were Micky Rankine & Jim Doig who buckled a wheel on a tree stump in the Dalbeattie stage but still finished 17th, while Richard Stewart & Bob Morland broke their rear axle and two shockers to go into retirement. Kenny Nairn’s recently rebuilt engine let go. However, Walter McDonald & Gordon Hood took top local spot with 4th overall and the A. K. Stevenson Trophy for the top SOSCC Crew.

1st Overall. Drew Gallacher & J. Eyres, Chevette. Some of the other locals crews’ results: 20th. Car 47, Tom Gilhooly & Ian Nelson. 37th. Car 74, Roland Simey & George Rutherford. 46th. Car 58, Alex Watson & Lawrence Clark. 47th. Car Car 80, Mike Riddick & Bob Green. 52nd. Car 57, David Mckeown & Kenny Morland. The full results list is yet to be traced.


The 1981 Mogil Motors Stages on Saturday September 19th had 82 starters and 58 finishers after seven stages totalling 45 miles in Twiglees, Castle O’er, Ae (3 stages), Dalbeattie and Mabie. Rally HQ was the Mercury Motor Inn in Moffat, where it started and finished with service/lunch at the Embassy Hotel Dumfries. Clerks of the Course were Alan Candlish and Fraser Robison, Secretary – Brian Carruthers, Club Stewards – Derek Attwood & John Taylor, RAC Observer – Janathan Lord, Scrutineer – Rab McDonald, Timekeeper – Bob Morland, Press Officer – Roland Proudlock. The entry fee was £50 and the rally was a round of the Esso Scottish, West Of Scotland and Norflex ANECCC Rally Championships. Incidentally, as the club had at reasonably late notice, found itself without a sponsor for its flagship event, Tony Charnell, the MD of the local brach of Mogil Motors had no hesitation in putting his firm’s name on his event.

The road book only contained a long list of map references which the navigators had to plot on maps, to find their way round the route. As this rally took place pre-Dumfries bypass, an extra 16 minutes were built into the road timing to let the cars push their way through the town and interestingly, the noise check took place after scrutineering!. Top ten seeds were:-

1 K. Wood & P. Brown – TR7 V8, 2 D Buckley & G Blackie – Escort RS 1800, 3 I. Wilson & P. Mason – Talbot Sunbeam, 4 A. Arneil & R. Anderson – Chevette 2300, 5 A. McSkimming & R. Wilson – Escort RS 1800, 6 W. McDonald & G. Hood – Escort RS 1800, 7 K. Stewart & J. Stewart – Escort 2000, 8 R. Close & J Parker – Kadett GTE, 9 M. Nichol & G. Mackie – Escort RS 2000, 10 A. Wood & A. Weatherhead – Escort 1800. Other notable entries were: 13 Ivor Clark & Tom Fleming (late entry, so no car listed) 21 Kenny Nairn & R. Carruthers – Escort RS 1800, 23 Micky Rankin & George Black – Escort 2000, 30 Anthony Charnell & Roy McCourt – Escort RS 2000, 37 George Donaldson & B. Woodward – Mini, 39 Jock Davidson & Ronnie Kirkpatrick – Escort 1300 GT.

Top ten overall were:-

1st. Ken Wood & Peter Brown. TR7 V8. 49 minutes 19 seconds.

2nd. Ivor Clark & T. Fleming. ?????. 49.47.

3rd. Walter McDonald & Gordon Hood. RS 1800. 50.15.

4th. Alan Arneil & Roger Anderson. Chevette 2300. 50.54.

5th. K. Stewart & J. Stewart. Escort 2000. 51.33.

6th. Darryl Weidner & D. Hart. RS 1800. 51.36.

7th. Russell Close & John Parker. Kadett GTE. 52.04.

8th. T. Muir & G. Sharp. Escort 1840. 52.08.

9th. Ian Wilson & Peter Mason. Talbot Sunbeam. 52.49.

10th. B. Stanners & A. Sylph. Escort 2000. 53.05.

The ‘AK Stevenson Trophy’ for first South of Scotland Car Club crew, went to Walter McDonald & Gordon Hood. The Embassy Hotel Trophy went to Ivor Clark & T. Fleming. The Demolition Autos award was won by Micky Rankin and George Black and ‘Man of the Rally’ was T. Fleming. Dont know why, but could it be just for sitting beside Ivor Clark?.


The 1982 Mogil Motors Stages took place on Saturday September 11th and was the penultimate round of the Esso Scottish Rally Championship (the last round being the ‘Sprint Tyres Trossachs Rally’) and as the following week’s report in the Dumfries Courier records, “was totally dominated by Ken Wood (Galashiels) in the flying Golden Wonder Triumph TR7 V8. Wood finished almost three minutes ahead of his closest rival, Robin Christie (Port William) driving a Vauxhall Chevette, after a particularly demanding one day rally. Dumfries couple Micky Rankine and George Black finished in 11th place only 6 minutes behind the leaders”.

Starting at the Moffat Mercury Motor Inn, the 85 car entry tackled the six stages that were on offer, ranging from 4 to 12 miles in length. Bruce Lyle (Chevette) and Allan Arneil were both potential challengers but Lyle’s Merson Signs Chevette left the track on stage two while Arneil’s Nicholsons sponsored Escort broke a half shaft, also on stage two. The chase for second place was then taken up by the three Vauxhall Chevettes of Port William’s Robin Christie, Inverness’s Dougie Riach and Fort Augustus’s Wilson Girvan. Girvan fell foul of a nasty corner on stage four, leaving Christie to to keep Riach at bay, finishing just 11 seconds apart at the finish.


1st. Ken Wood & Peter Brown, Galashiels, Triumph TR7 V8, 49.44.

2nd. Robin Christie & Roy Campbell, Port William, Chevette, 52.34.

3rd. Dougie Riach & Jack Davidson, Inverness, Chevette, 52.45.

4th. Andrew Wood & Gordon Hood, Melrose, Escort, 53.20.

5th. Bill McGhie & Andrew Hosie, Skene, Escort, 54.30.

6th. Jimmy Fleming & Robin Cunningham, Ayr, Toyota Starlet, 55.26.

7th. David Metcalfe & Phil Sandham, Darlington, Escort, 55.28.

8th. George Gillespie & David Marshall, Larkhall, Sunbeam, 55.28.

9th. Marion Bol & Tony Janetta, Escort, 55.42.

10th. John Allan & Ian Webb, Oban, Escort, 55.48.

As stated above, 11th. Micky Rankin & George Black, Dumfries, Escort 55.54.

There were 61 finishers.


This Autumn Stages was won by Kevin Curran.


The Tweedies Daihatsu Autumn Stages ran on Saturday September 8th and had 72 starters and 50 finishers. Here are the top ten finishers:-

1st. Car 0, Malcolm Wilson & Nigel Harris. 2.1 Audi Quattro A1, 41.11. (Clyde Valley Trophy)

2nd. Car 2, Ken Wood & Peter Brown. 3.5 Rover Vitesse 43.06. (Embassy Hotel Trophy)

3rd. Car 15, Dougie Watson Clark & Ron Palmer. 21. Ford Escort RS. 43.15.

4th. Car 12, Tony Stephenson & Peter Jackson. 2.1 Ford Escort RS. 43.25.

5th. Car 13, George Marshall & Brian Marshall. 2.3 Vauxhall Chevette HSR. 43.39.

6th. Car 8, Tom Muir & George Sharp. 2.4 Opel Ascona 400. 43.51.

7th. Car 9, Robin Christie & George Black. 2.3 Vauxhall Chevette HSR. 43.54.

8th. Car 5, Dom Buckley Snr & Doug Redpath. 1.8 Ford Escort RS. 44.54.

9th. Car 14. George Gillespie & George Black. 1.6 Talbot Sunbeam. 45.06. 1st in Group A.

10th. Car 4, Dougie Riach & Bob Wilson. 2.0 Ford Escort RS. 45.15

Other notable entries were:- 40th, Car 1, Donald Heggie & Ian Mungall. 42nd, Car 3, Andrew Wood & Douglas Paterson. Retired in stage 1, Car 6, Murray Grierson & Roger Anderson. Retired in stage 1, Car 7, Jimmy Fleming & Rob Cunningham. Retired in stage 6, Car 10, David Gillanders & Graham Neish. 15th, Car 22, Mike Riddick & John McQuaker. 24th, Car 27, Andy Kelly & Gordon Hastie. 14th, Car 31, Tommy Finn & Jonathan Lord who picked up the ‘Demolition Autos Award’ for the first West of Scotland Championship crew. 11th, Car 40, Kenny Dorans & Alan Burgess, who picked up the ‘Newcomers Trophy’. 22nd, Car 42, Brian Kinghorn & John Campbell, who picked up the AK Stevenson Trophy for the first SOSCC Crew. 19th, Car 48, Ronnie Gray & Colin McRae. 48th, Car 57, Ruth Gilchrist & Donald Peacock. Retired in stage 1, Car 61, Niall Cowan & Barbara Armstrong. Retired in stage 6, Richard McCrow & Emma McCrow. 23rd, Car 65, David Turnbull & Gavin Murray.

Marque awards:- Dougie Watson Clark & Ron Palmer (Ford). George Marshall & Brian Marshall (General Motors). Ken Wood & Peter Brown (Austin/Rover). Spirit of the Rally – David Turnbull & Gavin Murray.

Here’s John Fife’s report, as printed in the November 1984 Rally Sport’ magazine. “It was obvious that Malcolm Wilson was not really competing on the Tweedies Daihatsu Autumn Stages Rally, for running at car zero he was deemed not to exist as far as the other 70 crews were concerned!. Malcolm’s testing exercise centred around some new Dunlops and although over the opening stage the pursuit was not too far behind his Audi Quattro, thereafter the four-wheel drive beastie powered away into the distance.

South of Scotland Car Club only had six stages but they were real corkers, in excellent condition and promising some really fast motoring. The conditions of these stages masked the fact that the event was somewhat shorter than originally envisaged, as everyone revelled in the sheer speed of it all. When Donald Heggie (Goodyear Tyres Escort RS) and Andrew Wood (Nicholsport/Precision Engine Services Lotus Sunbeam) struck trouble, Ken Wood (Golden Wonder Rover V8) was left to coast home to a maximum point score in the Esso Scottish Rally Championship. Similarly, Dougie Watson-Clark (County Garages/Lloyds/Castrol Escort RS) had an unchallenged run to maximum points in the ANECCC series in an excellent third place overall.

The only thing to marr the day’s enjoyment was the over enthusiastic attention of the local constabulary: while they did nothing to obstruct the running of the rally, they certainly did nothing to help it on its way and were quick to pounce on the unsuspecting should they err in the slightest. Apart from that, the local folk were extremely hospitable, especially when all and sundry were asked for directions following the omission of certain map references in the Final Instructions!.

But the stages caused everyone to overlook the shortcomings – they were dry and hard all day, until a late afternoon shower made them ever so slippy, but certainly not soft. Wilson proved how quick they were when he ‘cleaned’ Ae twice – and that’s not easily done, even in a four-wheel drive turbocharged Quattro”.

Note: Malcolm Wilson was using this event as a shakedown for the forthcoming Lombard RAC Rally. However, he retired on stage seventeen with engine failure.


The Tweedies Daihatsu Autumn Stages had 72 starters and 55 finishers. Top ten finishers:-

1st. Car 9, David Gillanders & G. Neish, 37 minutes 49 seconds.

2nd. Car 6, Smith & Carstairs, 37.50.

3rd. Car 3, Murray Grierson & Roger Anderson, 37.55.

4th. Car 5, Robin Christie & Roy Campbell, 38.11.

5th. Car 4, Jimmy Girvan & McGilvray, 38.29.

6th. Car 10, Girvan & Urquhart, 38.30.

7th. Car 26, Whiteford & Gallacher, 38.57.

8th. Car 7. Fletcher & Chisholm, 39.12.

9th. Car 8, Alistair Brearley & Wilson, 39.18.

10th. Car 21. Mike Riddick & Bob Green. 40.13.

Other notable entries:- 34th. Car 11, George Gillespie & George Black, 44.41. 15th. Car 15, Stewart Robertson & Lawrence Clark 41.02. Retired on stage 2. Car 27, Brian Kinghorn & Jim Stairs. 24th. Car 51, Alastair Stewart & Willie Nelson 43.17. Retired on stage 1. Car 54, Jock Black & Ian (Bing) Crosbie.

‘AK Stevenson Trophy’ for first SOSCC crew – Alastair Stewart & Willie Nelson.

‘Demolition Autos Trophy’ for first West of Scotland Championship driver – A. Kelly.

Marque Awards:-

Gordon Smith / Carstairs (Ford – Mogil Motors Trophy) Robin Christie / Roy Campbell (General Motors – SMT) G. Anderson / Thomson (British Leyland – Corries).

1st Scottish Championship Crew – David Gillanders and G. Neish. 1st Scottish Championship Newcomer – J. Girvan.


No event.


The Tweedies Daihatsu Autumn Stages ran on September 6th. It had 78 starters and 52 finishers. Top ten finishers:-

1st. Car 1, Murray Grierson & Roger Anderson, Kadett 400, 28 minutes 07 seconds.

2nd. Car 2, Kenneth Dorans & Alan Burgess, Metro 6R4, 28.21.

3rd. Car 4, Raymond Kirk & John Davidson, Escort, 29.16.

4th. Car 46, Don Milne & John Baird, Nissan 240, 29.249.

5th. Car 38, Brian Kinghorn & Rob Grant, Escort, 30.09.

6th. Car 6, John Hepple & Jimmy Burns, Escort, 30.17.

7th. Car 11. Alastair Stewart & Willie Nelson, Nova Sport, 30.34.

8th. Car 22, Eddie O’Donnell Jnr & Eddie O’Donnell Snr, Escort, 31.00.

9th. Car 25. Alan Barrie & Alan McKean, Sunbeam, 31.01.

10th. Car 9. Ricky Wheeler & Ian Kimm, Escort, 31.07.

Other notable entries:- 11th. Car 5, George Gass & Gerry Bryden, Manta, 31.13. 37th. Car 16 John Willis & Sharon Willis, Mini, 34.11. Retired. Car 26, Ian Paterson & Helen Brown, Escort. 32nd, Car 33, Barbara Armstrong & Mhairi Harvey, Sunbeam 33.23. 25th. Car 41, Garde Murray & Gavin Murray, Escort 32.59. Retired. Car 44, Richard Dickson & Iain Haining, Astra. 19th. Car 54, Niall Cowan & Mike Rollo, Peugeot GTI, 31.57. 28th. Car 55, Alan Candlish & David Kirkpatrick, Sierra, 33.04. 18th. Car 56, David Mckeown & Gordon Paterson, Ascona, 31.44. 47th. Car 62, Allan Paterson & Kenny Wyllie, Escort, 36.07. 43rd. Car 65, Keith Forster & Derek Forster, Avenger, 34.37. 50th. Car 67, Brian Jardine & Stuart Wilson, Escort, 39.43. 51st. Car 69, Andy Nicholson & David Beattie, Sunbeam 44.18. Rolled. Edward Fergusson & Sharon White, Skoda. 45th. car 73, Mark McKnight & Struan McKay, Escort 35.22. OTL. Car 75, Neil MacGregor & David Leslie, Escort.

Marque awards:-

John Willis & Sharon Willis, Mini (Austin/Rover – Corries of Dumfries Shield) Stuart Peebles & Richard Clark, Escort (Ford – Mogil Motors Shield) George Gass & Gerry Bryden, Manta (General Motors – SMT Shield)

First South of Scotland Car Club crew: David McKeown & Gordon Paterson.


The Tweedies Daihatsu Forest Stages took place on July 16th 1988. (Note that it has now moved away from Autumn and the name has changed accordingly) The motor sport headline in the Dumfries ‘Standard’ on Wednesday July 20th 1988, read “Colin Follows In His Fathers Footsteps”.

This was the lead-in to a report on the previous Saturday’s SOSCC stage rally and here are some excerpts from it:

“Perhaps it was a case of history repeating itself for the MacRae family on Saturday. For Dumfries provided the backdrop for son Colin’s first ever rally victory… fourteen years after it did the same for his dad, Jimmy. Colin, the Lanarkshire driver fast building a name for himself on the rallying circuit, won the Tweedies Daihatsu Forest Stages rally in torrential rain. It was his first ever overall win after several events where he took the runner-up spot.

Dad, Jimmy won his first event here back in 1974 when it was known as the Autumn Stages rally. Colin was driving the Nissan 240 RS and took along his girlfriend, Alison Hamilton as co-driver.”

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And so, a bit of history was made right here, where both father and son enjoyed the sweet smell of success in the local forests, courtesy of the South of Scotland Car Club. Of course the report goes on to ralate the stories of a number of other local competitors, whose successes or failures merited a mention at the time but would take up too much space here to repeat it all.

However it’s difficult to resist repeating the final part of the report, which goes, “And on a final amusing note, Eddie Fergusson enjoyed an unexpected ‘race’ in the Skoda Estelle. He slowed down at the first junction in the event and as he was doing so, spotted a rabbit in the road. The rabbit spotted him and decided to shoot off in the same direction. Eddie’s foot went to the floor and the pair zoomed off, with the rabbit accelerating away”. Mentioning Colin MacRae’s first victory and this tale in the same rally report, must surely be what they mean by going from the sublime to the ridiculous!

And needless to say, Alison later became Colin’s wife.


1st. Colin McRae & Alson Hamilton, Nissan 240 RS, 33.09.

2nd. Richard Wheeler & Bob Morland, Escort, 33.36.

3rd. Murray Grierson & Mark Grierson, Escort, 33.41.

4th. Pat Haley & Anne Cavanagh, Talbot Sunbeam, 33.54.

5th. Brian Allan & David Reid, Escort, 33.55.

6th. Ian Wilson & David Marshall, Opel Kadett 400, 34.01.

7th. Steve Petch & Alan Grimstone, Daihatsu Charmant, 34.34.

8th. Raymond Kirk & John Davidson, Escort, 34.36.

9th. Alisdair Stewart & William Nelson, Suzuki Swift GTI, 34.50.

10th. Michael Riddick & Isobel Riddick, Toyota Corolla, 34.52.

The A. K. Stevenson Trophy for first SOSCC crew went to Raymond Kirk & John (Jock) Davidson. Men of the Meeting were Ian Paterson & Alan Paterson who after the failure of the rally car’s engine on the eve of the rally, borrowed the engine from their Transit Van service vehicle, fitting it overnight and going on to finish the event. Here’s a bit more from the newspaper report; “Around 85 cars started the event that featured reverse seeding for the first time. It meant the faster drivers set off last, a move designed to allow the slower competitors a chance to use the roads while they were in better condition. It had a good effect in that it attracted more entrants. But on the practical side, it resulted in many of the faster cars catching up on the slower ones”.

Dumfries’s Ian Currie & Colin Johnstone lost the brakes on their Avenger on stage 2 and did the 8.5 miles of Dalbeattie with only the handbrake to stop them. Alan Candlish, accompanied by Andy Jardine failed to finish in their Sierra, Alan’s first non-finish in ten years, Mike & Isobel Riddick had a good battle with Niall Cowan and Mick Rollo’s 205 GTI, the Riddicks taking the upper hand on this occasion.


The 1989 Tweedies Daihatsu Forest Stages Rally ran on Sunday July 30th and was a round of the West of Scotland, ANECCC, County Motors and Cumbria Motor Sport Group Stage Championships. There were 71 starters and 51 finishers. The five stages were called Gowkstane, Gawinmoor, Dalbeattie, Ae and Auchencairn – some names more familiar than others !.

It was co-promoted by South of Scotland CC and Wigton Motor Club.

1st. Stewart Robertson & Lawrance Clark, Metro 6R4, 36 minutes 38 seconds.

2nd. Murray Grierson & Roger Anderson, Metro Ford, 38.03.

3rd. Jimmy Girvan & Campbell Roy, Toyota GT4, 39.18.

4th. Donald Harper & Douglas McCallum, Cosworth, 39.33.

5th. Keith Lovergreen & Ro Lee, Escort, 39.56.

6th. Michael Riddick & Isobel Riddick, Celica, 40.01.

7th. Peter Herron & Tom Herron, Escort, 40.13.

8th. Andrew Scott & John Herbert, Escort, 40.14.

9th. Gordon Smith & Alan Stark, Cosworth, 40.36.

10th. John McKenzie & Trish Elder, Ascona, 40.42.

Other notable local finishers were:- 11th, David McKeown & John Smith, Ascona, 40.52. 13th, Alan Barrie & Alan Mckean, Escort, 41.07. 16th, Brian Kinghorn & Jim Stairs, Escort 41.15. 17th, Richard Dickson & Jack Houston, Sunbeam, 41.18. 25th, Andrew MacGregor & Paul Atkinson, Escort, 43.05. 30th, Alan Candlish & Bob Morland, Sierra, 43.25. 31st, Alan McMorran & Ronnie Kirkpatrick, Avenger, 43.25. 33rd, Barbara Armstrong & Amanda Burnie, 309 GTI, 44.00. 39th, Alisdair Stewart & Mairi Harvey, Suzuki Swift, 47.05. 40th, George Porteous & David Porteous, Escort, 47.12. 45th, Stewart Paterson & Kenneth Wyllie, Escort 49.07. 50th, Willie Nelson & John Kelly, Escort, 63.54.

First South of Scotland Car Club Crew, David McKeown & John Smith.

Marque Awards:

Donald Harper & Douglas McCallum (Ford – Mogil Motors Shield) John McKenzie & Trish Elder (General Motors – SMT Shield) Stewart Robertson & Lawrence Clark (Austin Rover – Corries of Dumfries Shield).


The 1990 Tweedies Daihatsu Forest Stages Rally ran on Sunday 29th April. There were 67 starters and 46 finishers. The seven stages were, Auchencairn, Curly Knowe, Ae, Dalbeattie, Auchencairn, Curly Knowe, & Ae. The rally was co-promoted by SOSCC and Wigton Motor Club.

1st. Murray Grierson & Roger Anderson, MG Metro. 40 minutes & 01 seconds.

2nd. John Gray & Fergus Loudon, Sierra Cosworth. 40 minutes & 36 seconds.

3rd. Donald Harper & Gus McKinnon, Sierra Cosworth. 40 minutes & 40 seconds.

4th. Tom Coughtrie & Bobby Wallace, Escort RS. 41 Minutes & 35 seconds.

5th. Ian Wilson & John Bennie, Sunbeam. 41 minutes & 36 seconds.

6th. Steve Petch & Andrew Grimstone, Charmant. 42 minutes & 21 seconds.

7th. George Porteous & Andy Jardine, Escort. 42 minutes & 22 seconds.

8th. Brain Allan & David Reid, Escort. 42 minutes & 50 seconds.

9th. Kevin Harker & Chris Goldsworthy, Escort. 43 minutes & 29 seconds.

10th. Allan Clark & Gordon Gracey, Avenger. 43 minutes & 29 seconds.

Other past & present members, who finished this particular event were:

12th, Alisdair Stewart & Mairi Harvey, Suzuki Swift, 43.40. 16th, Robert Dickson & John Kelly, Escort, 44.19. 17th, Ian Paterson & Keith Forster, Samba, 44.29. 41st, Willie Cork & Mark Houston, Escort, 49.53. 45th, Edward Fergusson & Edith Dempster, Skoda, 54.40 and 46th, Ruth & George Myatt, Avenger, 58.59.

Marque Awards:-

John Hughes and Peter Foy (General Motors – SMT Shield) (Austin Rover – Corries of Dumfries Shield – not awarded) John Gray & Fergus Loudon (Ford – Mogil Motors Shield).

1st South of Scotland Car Club Crew – George Porteous & Andy Jardine.


The ‘Tweedies Daihatsu’ (note it was not called the Autumn Stages due to a move away from Autumn) rally in 1991, which ran on April 21st, was a round of the ‘West of Scotland’, ‘County Motors’, ‘Association of North East Car Clubs’, and ‘Six of Clubs’ stage championships. It had five stages over 35 Forestry Commission stage miles and an entry fee of £145. (The fee for the same event a year earlier was £130.). One of the scrutineers listed in the 1991 regulations was one Roy Herron, a popular man in the rallying world, who tragically died some years later in a stage rallying accident.

There were no more forest based ‘Autumn Stages’ rallies until we ran three events at Drumlanrig Castle.

These ran in 2005, 2007 and 2008 and the winners were: 2005, Brian Allan and David Reid, Escort. 2007, Michael Horne & Robbie Mitchell, Escort Mk II 2.0. 2008, Keith Robathan & Duncan Brown, Escort Mk II 2.0

‘A’ is for Alphabet.

In this section of the history page, a wee bit of a story about members past and present who competed or achieved something remarkable, will be provided. So, for ‘A’ we could have Attwood as the surname and Derek for the first name, but only when the details for Derek Attwood are obtained and put together.

For starters though, we can select ‘B’ for Bogie.


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Bogie – John, who lives just outside Dumfries, is one club member who really has to juggle his time between running thriving businesses and rallying. Born in 1955, John’s first taste of stage rallying came when he turned seventeen but at that time he was very limited for choice as to what car to use, due to the fact that he had previously suffered severe leg injuries in a car crash, meaning that a car with only two pedals was the only thing that would be suitable!. At that time, you could buy a Daf 55, a belt-driven affair which, while they could be bought for road use, were fairly scarce in rallying circles. The car provided limited success but was a lot of fun, nonetheless. John comes from a long line of rallyists, his dad Ian having serviced for his uncle, Francis (Frank) Dundas, who won the first ever Scottish Rally in 1958 in a Triumph TR3. Two other uncles, one called Francis Bogie and the other, also called John Bogie, served their time in rallies, uncle John campaigning a Mini Cooper for a number of years, regularly taking in the Scottish Rally with wife Pat navigating, as the highlight of their year.

After a few years of the Daf, John ‘retired’ from stage rallying prematurely at 22 and with business commitments, marriage and then kids coming along, was satisfied to continue his sport on navigational rallies, partnered by guys such as, Alan Edwards, Frank Wright and David Paterson. His best result at this level came on the SOSCC’s legendary ‘Doonhamer’ night navigational rally, which he and Frank won outright, against a full-house entry of 120 cars. John remembers the keen competition between him and other clubmates and came to expect all sorts of tricks and lies from the likes of Micky Rankin, Murray Grierson and Big Stewart Robertson, all of whom tried to outdo each other, to win at all costs. He recalls one amusing incident on a navigational rally, when approaching a ford (river crossing) near the Haugh of Urr. Alan Edwards knew that the road the ford was on wasn’t on the rally route but he did know it was a decent short cut. They arrived at the ford with Alan shouting “its a goer, go on, go on”. As John gingerly lined the car up at the edge of the ford which was (to him at least) obviously in flood, Alan continued to encourage John to “go for it”. At that moment, John spotted a huge tree, complete with branches, entering the range of the headlights and shooting past them, heading downstream at a rate of knots. He reckons they would have been found somewhere way out in the Solway Firth, had he listened to Alan that night.

John re-started stage rallying again at 45 but this was a very much more adventurous affair, campaigning two immaculate Metro 6R4s for just a few years, scoring a fantastic string of results in the process. His worst memory is the big crash on the 2005 Jim Clark, when he mistook a corner for one similar to it elsewhere on the route, the resultant crash scene resembling ‘a light plane crash’ more than a car accident, according to John. He and David ‘Pat’ Paterson were very lucky to get away from that one so lightly, as the previously immaculate Metro was wrecked.

But without doubt, his favourite result was on the 2006 Cheviot Rally on Otterburn, a round of the National Tarmac Championship. Despite only 50 foot visibility in heavy fog over the last stage, where the pair had to rely totally on the pace notes at speed, while fearing that one of the many cattle that roam freely on the ranges might looom out of the darkness, they pressed on and took the win. At the moment they crossed the finish line, John had made his mind up and shocked everyone, including wife Anne, by stepping up for his trophy and simultaneously announcing he was retiring on the spot.

John says he feels very privileged to have met so many genuinely nice people during his rally career, including Chris Wood who prepared his Metros until a tragic motorbike crash took his life and of course, Colin Mcrae, who used to call in at John’s factory at short notice, just for a chat. Now, all John’s motorsport efforts go into assisting son David in his rally career, while also generously supporting our Stage Rallies and proudly holding the post of Honorary Vice President of the SOSCC. Updated 07/09/2011.


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Bogie, John Mullen & Patricia (Pat) – Full story to follow courtesy of their son, Dougie.

John Died in 1985 aged 56 and Pat died in 2006 aged 73.


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Charnell – Tony, born in Dudley, West Midlands in 1937, went straight from school to work with Rootes in Coventry as an apprentice and after a succession of promotions within the industry, finally arrived in Dumfries in 1974 as ‘Dealer Principal’ with Mogil Motors, the Ford dealers at Locharbriggs. Here, among many successful associations with motor sport, Tony was instrumental in giving Louise Aitken Walker one of her breaks in rallying, sponsoring her for a time in a rapidly driven Fiesta. Tony also deserves credit for personally stepping in to save the Autumn Stages in 1981, when it unexpectedly found itself without a sponsor. Thereafter, the ‘Mogil Motors Stages’ became a well known name in Scottish rallying circles. And it would be fitting to mention that Tony competed on this event with Roy McCourt co-driving, starting at 30 and finishing 38th.

But Tony was a motor racing man and back in August 1962 had his first race, at Oulton Park in an Austin Healey Sprite Prototype, finishing about 20th. 1963 saw his progression to a Healey 3000, with 2 wins at Silverstone and various sprint awards. Having moved to Scotland in 1964 a sprite was his mode of racing transport at three or four meetings while 1965 saw his move to an Imp which he raced at Ingliston, one or two autocross metings thrown in for variety. In 1966 he continued racing and autocrossing the Imp but this year also saw his first taste of endurance racing where he was a member of the winning team at the six-hour relay race at Silverstone. The Imp remained in service in 1967 but this was joined in 1968 by a Lola Twin Cam for Libre racing, with wins at both Silverstone and Croft before selling it to Ian Mclaren, another familiar name from that era.

Semi-retirment followed in 1969/70 where a group II Imp had sparse outings but this was only a short rest, as in 1971/72 he raced a fearsomely fast Chevron B8 taking 3rd in the RAC Sports Car Championship, with various wins at Ingliston and Croft. In 1973, a curiously named Chevron ‘Gropa’ FVC took him to seven wins at Ingliston plus more at Croft, Silverstone and Mallory Park, the crowning moment of the year being where he stepped up to receive the Scottish GT Championship Trophy. Those of us with longer memories will recall the inaugural Avon Tour of Britain in 1973, a mix of racing and rallying events which seemed to cover the length and breadth of mainland UK, where he was 1st in the small car class and 23rd overall, in a Simca Rallye 1000, navigated by his wife Corinne and serviced by rally preparation legend, Des O’Dell. To see the Simca, go onto You Tube, type in ‘Avon Tour of Britain LLandow’ and look for a wee white car, number 99.

1974 saw him race a Lola T212-FVA with which he won the Scottish Sports Car Championship and set class lap records at Ingliston, Croft, Castle Combe and Llandow. He also raced abroad for the first time at Nurburgring, where he retired with mechanical problems but at Avus – Berlin, he won the 1600cc class. An ex-Graham Hill Brabham BT38 BDA was campaigned by him at Ingliston, Croft and Silverstone. In 1975, he raced a Chevron B23 at Ingliston three times but spent much more time racing abroad, where his best results were 4th overall in a 2 Litre Championship race at Hockenheim (the original long track) and tenth at the Ostereich Ring. His 1976 successes were achieved in a Chevron B.31, with wins at Ingliston and Thruxton, 3rd overall in the RAC Sports Car Championship and 5th overall at Zolder (Interserie). His team tackled Le Mans in 1977 in the same car but retirement beckoned and a year later, the same car crashed out of Le Mans with suspension failure while leading its class.

It was a case of ‘third time lucky’ in 1979 when, with a Chevron B36 Sports Car, he and his team-mates, Robin Smith and Richard Jones, won the 2 Litre Group 6 Class at Le Mans, where they lifted the ‘Woolfe Barnato Trophy’ plus the ‘Motor’ trophy for being the first British car home. Success was also tasted at Brands Hatch in the Chevron with a 3rd overall and 1st in class. In 1982, Tony raced a Lola T212 in the Atlantic Computers/Bellini Models Historic GT Championship, taking one 1st overall and four podium positions. Tony continued racing and his his last event was in 1985 but the highlight of his racing career was undoubtedly that superb class win at Le Mans in 1979.

Tony’s wife Corinne fondly remembers travelling to the race meetings in the team bus, where she struggled to get a word in, as all the men in the team, including Tony’s close friend Roy McCourt, kept her amused endlessly with their hilarious banter. Tony was a keen sportsman in other disciplines such as golf and rugby and Corinne also recalls one story where Tony was in recovery from a broken leg, sustained during a rugby match. Having only had the plaster off for two days, Tony turned up at a race meeting at Ingliston with a leg that was clearly still stiff and painful but he was determined to race. Not having been passed medically fit to race, he was summoned to the medical van and managed (despite the pain and discomfort), to affect a suave walk into the van where he was examined. The doctor gave him a thorough check and remarked “your leg must be ok, because you are walking fine”. Managing to stifle a grimace, Tony strolled back out of the van, having totally duped the medic. If only he had known!. As President of the Scottish Motor Trade Association, he was honoured in 1985 to show Her Majesty the Queen round the Scottish Motor Show when it was held at the new Scottish Exhibition Centre. Tony was a gentleman and very popular for his reassuring manner. His house in Dumfries only has subtle hints of having been the home of a busy and far travelled racing driver. In the hallway, a small offcut of carpet bearing the crest of the BRDC (British Racing Drivers Club) was small consolation for Tony who really wanted to carpet the whole hall with it, but couldnt get enough!. A Silk Cut Jaguar mechanic’s pinafore hangs in the kitchen as a reminder that other members of the family still continue in the racing world. Tony sadly died after a long illness in 2001. Dated 07/10/09.


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Cringean – James McCartney. Born in Thornhill June 14th 1923, Jimmy was educated in Thornhill’s Morton Primary and at Dumfries Academy. At the start of WWII, he studied at Edinburgh Dental College then joined the navy as Surgeon Lieutenant, stationed in Plymouth. His dental career moved on, seeing him being a school dentist around Dumfries for the rest of his working life. Jimmy was a member of Thornhill Golf Club for over 70 years but he also had a great love of cars motoring and especialy rallying, with his most thrilling trips being the 1950 and 1951 Tulip Rallies. These were four day non-stop events, travelling from Glasgow through France then into Switzerland, via “The Route of 1000 Mountains”, through Luxembourg then into Belgium via “The Route of 1000 Curves”, before finishing in the Netherlands.

In 1950, he and his great pal Billy Marchbank, (the Butcher in Thornhill) drove the route non-stop in Jimmy’s Austin 10. At one point in the Alps, while they were doing well, they decided to stop to admire the view but by the time they had finsihed, most of the pack had passed them!.

Jimmy often mentioned their stop in Eindhoven, where they were given a tour of the Philips factory and more importantly, allowed the chance to shower and shave with a complimentary Philips razor.

By that time, they realised that it was pretty hard work when you needed both navigator and driver 24 hours a day, so the next year, they did the sensible thing and went with Doctor Jim Watson of Thornhill in his Allard. That meant one of them got the chance of some shut-eye while the other two concentrated on the driving.

Around that time, Jimmy splashed out on a lovat green Jaguar XK120 sports car, which was used for rallies in Britain, including a number of Scottish Sporting Car Club ‘Heather’ and ‘Highland Three Day’ rallies in Scotland, where they won several trophies for coming first in their class. Hill Climbs on the ‘Rest And Be Thankful’ were also a great favourite. According to his cousin, Neil, with Jimmy’s dashing good looks and a sports car, he was quite the eligible batchelor. Jimmy married in 1960 and he and Margaret had two children Janey, born in 1961 (who was instrumental in getting all this information to the webmaster) and later, Andrew.

Following the children’s births, Jimmy gave up rallying for more gentle hobbies. One of the highlights of his his life was receiving the ‘Silver Jubilee Medal’ from the Queen in 1977, about which he was extremely modest.

Clearly, along with Billy Marchbank and Doctor Jim Watson, Jimmy was one of the SOSCC’s founder members in 1951. We are extremely grateful to his daughter Janey and to Mrs Cringean for the above excerpt from Jimmy’s Eulogy, following his death on March 1st 2011. Several fantastic ‘Historic Pics’, also provided by the Cringean family, have been uploaded onto the ‘Miscellaneous’ gallery and can be found alphabetically, under ‘Historic Pics’.Updated 12/01/12..


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Denham – Cookes – George Philip was born on November 6th 1917 and although his full name was George Philip Denham-Cookes he was always known as ‘Philip’ or ‘Denham’. His father Arthur died in the Spanish flu epidemic shortly after the First World War. His Mother was the novelist, Ursula Bloom, who wrote hundreds of romantic novels and once even made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the “most prolific authoress”!. Philip was educated at Pangbourne College, Berkshire and went on to the Cirencester Agricultural College, where he first seems to have developed his interest in cars. Unfortunately the details about his motor racing career before the War are a bit vague although Mrs Denham-Cookes believes he raced an ERA. Sadly there are no photos or records left from this period, as a lot of very interesting information and literature was destroyed in a house fire at Woodland House, Newbridge, Dumfries, in the mid-fifties.

During the Second World War, he served with the RAF as an Air Traffic Controller, first at Prestwick where he met his wife to be, Iris and later at RAF Valley in Wales. After the War, Philip and Iris emigrated briefly to South Africa but soon decided it was not for them and returned to farm at Burnside of Baltersan near Auldgirth. He took up racing again but Iris soon persuaded him to take up rallying instead, with her as co-driver. First they rallied a Jaguar Mk V and later the Jaguar XK120 which, according to Iris was the next one off the production line after Ian Appleyard’s famous XK Reg no NUB120 ….. though this has not to date been verified.

Newspaper and magazine cuttings which thankfully do still survive to this day, verify that as well as racing, Philip competed regularly at the Rest and be Thankful, Prescott and Bo-ness Hillclimbs and was always a force to be reckoned with. (See the Historic images on the Miscellaneous Gallery).

Of course rallying was also a big part of his life and the RAC and Scottish Rallies featured strongly. Here’s a short and totally charming item from ‘Motor World’ dated June 13th 1952, published just after the ‘Scottish’.

“Winner of The Motor World prize in the Scottish Rally was G. P. Denham-Cookes who gained the highest marks in Class V for open cars with engines exceeding 2200cc. His car, of course, was a Jaguar XK 120 and car and driver were very consistent throughout if we except the last test in which his braking distance might have been less. While never making top marks in the tests, he twice had 19 and twice had 18 which gave him a lead of which even a loss of 15 marks in the final test could not rob him. He ended up four marks ahead of the next two Jaguars.

Denham-Cookes is a farmer from Dumfries and has been a most successful exponent of the Jaguar this season. I trust Mrs. Denham-Cookes and he enjoy their morning cup of tea – farmers rise early I believe”.

Even though the Denham – Cookes’ had only moved into the area around 1950, both were delighted to immediately get involved in local events and organisations. Philip was honoured to be selected, at the age of 32, to play the role of ‘Pursuivant’ in the Guid Nychburris (Good Neighbours) festivities of 1950, a week long series of celebratory events for the townspeople of the Royal Burgh of Dumfries. Here’s how he is described in the souvenir programme which in 1950 cost one shilling!. “Mr Philip Denham – Cookes is perhaps better known at Silverstone than in Dumfries. Before the war he was a member of a team of British racing car drivers and had many successes on the track. Although now farming at Burnside of Baltersan, Auldgirth, he has retained his interest in motoring and his racing Heeley (should of course be Healey) – the colour of which almost matches his fiery red hair and handlebars moustache – is frequently seen in Dumfries. Mr Denham – Cookes is a son of Ursula Bloom, the author and journalist”.

It was later in 1950 that the idea to form the South of Scotland Car Club was mooted but only after several whiskies had been consumed by Philip and several like-minded motor sport enthiusiasts, at his home, Woodland House, which is currently the ‘Woodland House Hotel’ near Dumfries. Up to the date of this meeting in November 1950, Philip and most other local motor sport enthusiasts had been active members of the Dumfries & District Motorcycle and Car Club, which had certainly existed as far back as 1947.

Quite why they felt a new car club needed to be formed when one already existed in Dumfries is not at all clear, but Philip and his cronies certainly meant business and agreed at that meeting to place a notice in the Dumfries Standard on January 6th 1951, announcing that a meeting would take place on Saturday 27th January 1951, in the Station Hotel, Dumfries at 3.00pm to discuss the formation of a new club for motor sport in the South of Scotland. The Dumfries Standard report on January 31st records that seventy new members were enlisted at that meeting and naturally Philip took up the Chairman’s post. (For more on the formation of the club, read the story at the top of this page. You will also find scanned images of the notice advertising the inaugural meeting and a report on the meeting itself on the ‘Misc’ellaneous Gallery, listed alphabetically under ‘H’ for ‘Historic Pics’).

According to Iris, she and Philip were Scottish Rally Champions in the early fifties, but proof of this is yet to be obtained. In the mid-fifties after the fire at Woodland House, which destroyed a couple of upstairs rooms, the family, Philip, Iris, eldest son Tim (born 1945) and Chris (born 1948), moved down to Hampshire, partly to look after Ursula Bloom in her old age. Philip did a variety of jobs associated with the agricultural industry and then ended up in Estate Management, first at Blithfield Hall in Staffordshire and finally at Muncaster Castle in Cumbria. He retired to a bungalow at Drigg in Cumbria and didn’t really do much except gardening and painting water-colours.

He was still a keen follower of motor-sport on television well into retirement and was very supportive when Chris took up rallying himself and in his motor sport career he has competed on the Acropolis Rally, a couple of Cyprus International Rallies, the RAC, the Avon Tour of Britain and saloon car racing at Silverstone, Brands Hatch etc. In more recent years he has done several classic rallies, including the London-Peking, the Inca Trail round South America, a couple of ‘Classic Malts’ round Scotland and the Tour of Ireland. Although he is now based in Plymouth, Chris has stated a keenness to return to SW Scotland to visit SOSCC and he will be welcome any time.

George Philip Denham – Cookes died on March 2nd, 2009, and is buried in Muncaster Churchyard, Ravenglass.

Many, many thanks to Chris Denham and his Mum Iris, aged 91, who kindly provided all of the above information, plus copious newspaper cuttings and pictures, taken way back during Philip’s motor sport career and in the very early years, during which he was the man mostly responsible for the formation of the South of Scotland Car Club. Updated 31/10/12.


Doig – Jim, who now lives in Terregles, Dumfries, thoroughly enjoyed his rallying and liked nothing better than to get out on a 12 car rally, normally accompanied by long-time friend and colleague at Dumfries’s long since closed Carnation factory, Bob Morland. Jim states quite categorically, that his greatest ever achievement was becoming the SOSCC Club Champion. Jim was also a familiar sight getting around the town in his Zephyr estate, signwritten with the legend ‘Moffat House Hotel’ as it was used as the service ‘barge’ for Richard Stewart’s rally cars.

Dated 23/03/2006.


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Dundas – Francis (Frank) was one of the club’s founder members and a member of the three car SOSCC team that won the Team Award on the 1953 International Coronation Scottish Rally, along with Jim Watson and Philip Denham Cookes. On that occasion, Francis was driving a Cooper MG and having won his class, also won the Scottish Sporting Car Club’s award for the best performance by a member of that club.

The ‘Friends of the Rest’ (the Rest and be Thankfull Hillclimb in Argyllshire) website records that in 1953, Frank competed on the hill in a Cooper MG that had previously been driven as a works prototype by a young Stirling Moss at Goodwood in 1950.

Here’s a tiny snippet from the ‘1955 Rallies’ website:

“13th Scottish Rally – 30th May to 2nd June”.

‘Other class 9 finishers.

4th. Frank Dundas / Eric Dymock’ (an author of motoring and motor sport related books, see item below)

13th. Billy Potts / Jim Clark’ (yes, the famous racing driver)

26th. Andy Neil / Chrissie Neil’. (Dont know who Andy was, but as Chrissie was ‘Miss’ its more likely he was a brother or another relative.)

Frank seems to have had a flurry of rallying activity in 1958, at least according to the Glasgow Herald. The following items about Frank were all taken from the archives of that august newspaper and we are grateful that they continue to post these articles on the internet.

From the Glasgow Herald, Thursday Jan 23 1958 comes the following excerpt from a much longer article:

“Hazards of Monte Carlo Rally”. – sub heading “84 Glasgow Starters Reach Dover in Time”.

‘All but one of the 85 Glasgow starters in the Monte Carlo Rally reached Dover late last night in time to catch the cross channel ferry after travelling 565 miles over snow and ice. Not one lost marks for late arrival. The narrowest escape from time penalties was that of Miss Christina Neil of Glasgow, who with Mr Fracis Dundas, her brother in law, checked in with three minutes to spare’.

Aparently, the the first man in, Frank Ward of Coventry summed up the conditions in one word “Murder”, stating the worst section of the trip was through Kent, where snowploughs had been out all day. 303 cars started this event with entries from 20 different countries.

Note the name Christina Neil in the above excerpt as this was our own Chrissie Neil, who donated a trophy back then which is still awarded to this day. Frank also donated a trophy, known appropriately enough as the ‘Francis Dundas Trophy’. Both trophies are for navigational events.

From the same newspaper on January 23rd 1958 but on a different page, here’s an excerpt from another article on the ‘Monte’.

“Trouble Comes Soon To Rally Drivers”.

‘Some of the contingent of 85 cars that set out from Glasgow early yesterday on the Monte Carlo rally did not get far along the 2000 mile road to the Riviera before they were in trouble’.

Apparently it all began “on the snow covered route to Stranraer”.

‘All the Scottish entries including Miss Chrissie Neil who is partnering her brother-in-law, Francis Dundas, in a Standard Sportsman got away without trouble. During the day the RAC made an appeal to the sporting spirit of all road users, asking them to help competitors’.

Another driver said “the worst stretch was in Scotland and the ice persisted until just after Stranraer”.

Here’s more from the Glasgow Herald, this time an excerpt from a larger article to publicise their own rally, a 1000 mile event held over Easter weekend, April 4th to 7th. This was clearly to drum up entries, much as we do today on internet rally forums, and the article is dated Monday March 17 1958, titled:

“The Glasgow Herald Highland Rally”. – sub heading “Recent Notable Entries”.

‘Among them was a Persian’. He was described by the paper as a Middle-Eastern chap, G. H. Zarghami, aged 25 who was studying medicine at Glasgow University and was to drive a Triumph TR3 in the rally. His previous experience was finishing 2nd overall on a university organised rally (it doesn’t say how many competitors there were) and in 1953, driving a Chevrolet 3000 miles from Britain to his home in Shiraz!.

Later in this article – “The event will have some associations with the recent Monte Carlo Rally. Taking part will be the Lundin Links (Fife) driver, W. Shepherd who on this occasion will be driving an MG. In the gruelling dash through snow and ice to the Riviera, he competed as an Austin factory entry. Another driver for the Highland Rally who took part in the Monte Carlo run is Francis Dundas (Triumph) Dumfries. He will have with him as co-driver and navigator Miss Chrissie Neil, Tolcross, Glasgow. Miss Neil has been a regular competitor in motor sport events for some years, until recently along with her sister, formerly Miss Annie Neil”.

“Entries can still be accepted. They should be sent to W. L. B. Callander, Secretary, Scottish Sporting Car Club, 100 West Regent Street, Glasgow”.

Then there’s the Glasgow Herald, Saturday May 31 1958. Here are some excerpts from a longer article:

“Scottish Car Rally’s Close Finish.” – sub heading “Popular Win for Dumfries Farmer in Triumph.”

‘An outstandingly successful rally organised by the Royal Scottish Automobile Club and held under an International permit, ended yesterday in Glasgow with outright victory, although by a very narrow margin for Francis Dundas, a Dumfries farmer. He was at the wheel of a Triumph TR3 sports car and his co-driver was his sister in law, Miss Chrissie Neil, of Tolcross, Glasgow.

There could have been no more popular victor. Dundas has been an enthusiastic and skillful rally performer for a number of years and has had such successes as a class winner in the RAC Rally and has also topped the results in invitation events. But this is his first win on general classification in a major event.

Commenting on the Scottish Rally’s five days of intricate tests and 1200 miles of road work, he said: “it was a grand event”‘.

The article also records that the runner-up was Ronnie Dalglish, a farmer from Auchterarder in a Triumph. Only three points separated 1st and 2nd, due to Dalglish making a mistake on Inverfarigaig Hill where he didn’t stop astride the finish line, losing 5 marks. Final score, Dundas 246, Dalglish 243. There were 86 starters and as well as taking the ‘Weir Trophy’ presented by Lord Weir, Francis also won the class for cars up to 2000cc.

Records of the Scottish Rally state that while the rally commenced in 1932 and had run every year apart from breaks for major world events such as the second world war, up to 1958 awards were only presented on a class basis. Frank was therefore in 1958, declared as the first ever outright winner of the Scottish Rally. The records also confirm that Ronnie Dalglish, runner-up in 1958, won the rally in 1959.

Frank’s navigator on the 1953 Scottish Rally, Eric Dymock, published an article on October 12th 2009 recalling Frank and the cars he drove. Here are some excerps from his story:

“Rediscovered an old friend at the Goodwood Revival Meeting. Cooper MG NKC195 lined up for the Stirling Moss 80th birthday tribute and I confirmed with owner George Cooper that it belonged to Frank D. Dundas, for whom I navigated many times on his local South of Scotland Car Club and my local Lanarkshire Car Club rallies in the 1950s. Most memorably we scored third in class on the 1955 Scottish Rally in Frank’s Morgan Plus 4, one of the first with the Triumph TR2 engine. I only did one event in the Cooper, as replacement for his regular navigator Jimmy Bogie, one of a rallying family still to the fore. The Cooper had minimal weather protection; it wasn’t suitable for the ‘plot and bash’ events of the time. It was all right for the bash, but a bit inconvenient for the plotting. It had a hood of sorts and a proper windscreen not the aero screens it has now, but OS maps blew about a lot”.

“After Frank started rallying the Morgan PSM 508, the Cooper was consigned to the roof of his Dumfries agricultural building. I never knew at the time that Stirling Moss had driven it”.

“I came across the Cooper at a service area on the M5 some years ago. It had been splendidly restored and repainted blue instead of the bronze (maybe it was green)”. See picture.

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Back to 2009…. “What a treat to see it at Goodwood and re-live a piece of history”. “Frank Dundas, generous, engaging, warm-hearted to a Dumfries fault and a gifted driver, would have enjoyed the occasion”. Eric Dymock. Upated 03/03/12.

Francis Dundas presented the club with a aplendid silver trophy in 1957 to recognise the best newcomers. Here are the winners since then: 1957 P Roxburgh, 1958 I Bogie, 1959 I Bogie, 1960 J W McAllister, 1961 J W McAllister, 1962 A A Wilson, 1963 A A Wilson, 1964 W Paterson, 1965 A Peters, 1966 not awarded, 1967 T Beattie, 1968 J Morrison, 1969 W Brown, 1970 K Key, 1971 J C Rafferty, 1972 G R McKerrow, 1973 M B Stewart, 1974 D Porteous, 1975 W McDonald, 1976 D Johnson-Ferguson, 1977 M Wells, 1978 S Austin, 1979 R Wells, 1980 D Paterson, 1981 A Candlish, 1982 W Graham, 1983 G Murray, 1984 G McKie, 1985 M Paterson, 1986 C Wright, 1987 A McGregor, 1988 J Kelly, 1989 C McKnight, 1990 G Myatt, 1991 W Gillespie, 1992 C Harvey, 1993 L Paterson, 1994 A Sloan, 1995 D Latta, 1996 A McNish, 1967 V Bone, 1998 I Rae & C Tait, 1999 R Tait, 2000 M Paterson, 2001 D Bogie, 2002 G White, 2003 M Brown, 2004 A Proudfoot, 2005 K Wright, 2006 J Kerr, 2007 C Anderson, 2008 S Robson, 2009 M Currie, 2010 R Clark, 2011 A Bevan, 2012 J Palmer.


Grierson – Murray, born in Balmaclellan in 1948 and now living in Dalbeattie, didnt get involved in motor sport until he reached 24 when he joined the SOSCC and began doing 12 car rallies in a Mini Cooper ‘S’, only one of a few Minis which were participating at that time, more often than not involved in epic battles along the back roads of Dumfriesshire. Murray then became a regular Scottish Championship competitor and used among other cars a fabulously fast Mk I Escort. He won the championship not once but twice, firstly in 1987 in an Opel Kadett 400 for which he collected the Stuart Brown Memorial Trophy, the Weldex Trophy, the Esso Trophy, a Skean Dhu Holday Weekend Voucher and a cheque from ESSO for £600, plus the ESSO Award for 2nd in class 6. In 1993, the win came partly thanks to his Metro 6R4, famously sponsored by his employers, ICI. Not finished there, he progressed onto the British (Mintex) National Rally Championship, finishing either first or second on every event but never taking the title, although he was runner-up thrice, first in 1988 in the Kadett and in both 1997 and 1998 in an Impreza 555.

Murray’s keen eye for detail and vast experience then took him on to many World Championship events as gravel note man for Alister McRae in the Hyundai Accent WRC car as well as Colin McRae in his Subaru Impreza WRC and Citroen Xsara WRC.

Murray has had a few navigators over the years but many will recognise one, the quiet and unassuming Roger Anderson, who partnered Murray on many many events and to this day is still heavily involved in running stage rallies.

But to finish, a little more on his own rally carrer. Murray claims his best results included one particular year on the ‘Scottish’, where he was 4th overall which may not be all that impressive, until you mention that Marcus Gronholm was third and Tommy Makinen was sixth!.

Then there was the 1994 Vauxhall Rally of Wales, where he proudly recalls he was third overall, which is impressive enough but take a look at the top ten: Stephen Finlay, Birger Gundersen, Murray Grierson, Tomas Abrahamsson, Bertie Fisher, Austin McHale, Tapio Laukkanen, Martin Rowe, David Llewellyn, and Runar Pedersen!. Not to mention the 1998 Bulldog Rally which had another nostalgia stirring top ten: Alistair MacRae, Murray Grierson, Marcus Dodd, Roger Duckworth, Jeremy Easson, Mark Perrott, Gwyn Jones, Brian Lyall, Nigel Worswick and Steve Hill.

Murray’s favourite funny memory hails back to 1996, when he was on the Subaru works team in support of Coln McRae’s WRC campaign. The event was a specially arranged visit to Silverstone when a Jordan F1 car, sponsored at the time by Benson & Hedges was laid on for Colin to drive, while Martin Brundle (some unknown F1 driver) was to drive the works Scooby sponsored by 555. The idea was that the back to back test would allow the drivers to compare notes and of course, make good publicity. (I mention B&H and 555, because this tobacco manufacturer of both brands, was the connection between the two teams).

Murray and Subaru colleague, Simon Redhead, were strolling round the pits and spotting the front cover was off the Jordan, they wandered over. Looking closely, Murray, an engineer of some repute noted the suspension had a ‘potentiometer’ fitted and began explaining to Simon what this neat piece of kit could do. (Basically, a potentiometer can measure and set tiny changes in dimensions.) One of the Jordan technicians spotted the pair peering at the suspension and pompously thought he would give them the benefit of his vast knowledge. He walked over and said “Yes, that tiny instrument there is a potentiometer. With that I can sense suspension changes up to 100th of a mil”. Without thinking, Simon piped up. Oh yes, but we can set the Subaru suspension spot on!”.Updated 09/03/10.


Hayton – David, also known by many as ‘Peggy’, was born in 1958 and currently lives in Bloomfield, Dumfries. David’s first event was a PCT run by SOSCC at Irongray, where he turned up in a fibreglass MG Sprite. The field being used that day was unusually steep and because of this, the organisers had specified that once they had cleared the tests, competitors should reverse straight back down the hill to avoid the possibility of cars rolling or sliding sideways into trouble. As the rules were foreign to Peggy, not only did he clear the first section easily but he also drove out of the top end of it and then along the side of the hill !. Legend has it he got a bollocking for his trouble.

Peggy has only ever rallied (always very sideways and spectacular) one model of car – the MkI Escort – firstly in a bog standard 1100 Popular 2 door model on the Machars Rally in 1977. He then moved onto 1300s and latterly a 1600 on the 2003 Scottish Rally with Derek ‘Rooster’ Adamson. This was his last event to date. His best ever result on a rally was 3rd overall in the 2002 National ‘B’ Centurion Rally, but he is equally proud of coming second overall in the 1300 class, in the 1982 Scottish Rally Championship. Peggy still has a Mk I sitting in a garage which is just about ready for competition and would like a chance to compete again, his ultimate ambition being to do the Roger Albert Clark.

He remembers one incident with a smile, where he and David Paterson worked hard until midnight to get the Mk I ready for the ‘Arbroath Stages’ the following day. Having just managed to prepare the car, they set off at 4.00am, duly arrived at Arbroath, went through scrutineering & signing on and then suddently realised that they hadn’t brought anyone to drive the service car !. All they could do was carry a half-shaft and some tools in the rally car but the car was so reliable, they werent needed. At the one and a half hour service halt, Peggy and David got quietly sick of ice cream, as the only food available here, was from an ice-cream van !. David’s son Stuart is already a hot-shot on a racing kart at 12 years of age, so the Hayton dynasty in motor sport wont die out for a long time yet. Dated 20/03/07.


Jardine – Andy, who was born in 1967 and now lives with his wife Rosie in Inverness, first got into rallying doing 12 cars in the 80’s but soon progressed to the stages with Alan Barrie in the Balcastle Hotel sponsored Mini their first rally being a SOSCC stage rally at Hallburn near Longtown. Later they progressed to an Escort, doing Scottish Championship events. After his spell with Alan Barrie, Andy joined Brian Kinghorn in 1987 for a couple of years of competition together, where they achieved a couple of top ten places in a 1600 Escort. At the same time he managed to cram in some West of Scotland Navigational events. While living in the Lockerbie area, Andy served on the SOSCC committee and organised 12 Cars, was Clerk of the Course on the Doonhamer Navigational Rally and later helped revive the Autumn Stages in 1990.

But back to his rallying carrer. In 1990 it was all change again, this time competing on the Scottish Championship with George Porteous. Even though work took him off the rallying scene for a wee while, he soon returned to join George in a Toyota Corolla, which he had purchased with the intention of doing the 1991 Lombard RAC Rally, this being one of the highlights of Andy’s rallying career. The support team consisted of other SOSCC members, Gordon Paterson, Kenny Morland and Brian Kinghorn. The four day event based in Harrogate went well for the team and going into the last two stages, they had calculated that as they were lying seventh in class and the prizes only went up to sixth, they’d better get their collective finger out !.

While the gap to sixth in class was one and a half minutes, they decided to “have a go – then it got foggy”. Andy continues – “On the penultimate stage, we took forty seconds out of sixth place. On the last stage the fog was so thick it was easier driving with the lights out and by reading the organisers notes, we had a blazing stage with our biggest moment 100 metres before the flying finish”. They waited at the stop line to await the result they had been hoping for, to discover they had got into sixth place by quite a margin. They had been 19th fastest on the last stage, upon which the results computer threw up an alarm, causing the organisers to add a minute to their time, a situation that only lasted as long as it took the team to convince the officials they were wrong !.

Oh and Juha Kankunnen won the RAC rally that year !.

In 1992 he started navigating for Andy Horne in a collection of cars, surviving one horrific accident in a Manta on Mull, against a granite boulder twice the size of the car, Andy only suffering a broken finger. Since moving North in 2004 to be White & MacKay’s Electrical Engineer in their distillery, he has started navigating again, and has done a spell on the organising team of the Snowman, run by his local Highland Car Club. Dated 20/12/2006. Updated 02/12/07..


Marshall – Sadly, Sandra Marshall passed away on July 29th 2003 after a short illness. Sandra was for many years one of the largely unsung, unpaid administrators of the sport and if she was at an event, she would almost certainly be found seated behind a desk. Having initially competed at various levels of motor sport, Sandra then found it easy to adapt her administrative skills to become part of any organisational team. Sandra spent some time on the South of Scotland Car Club committee and served for a number of years as a super-efficient club secretary. She then moved onto the organisational team of the Scottish International Rally and remained there right up until her untimely death, having worked in the rally’s press office only a month before her demise. Her funeral at Beattock Church, was attended by some notable faces from Scottish Motor Sport and her helpful, eager and always cheerful personality was a great loss to motor sport. Dated 04/05/06.


Monro – One of the founder members of the South of Scotland Car Club, Sir Hector Monro died on August 30th 2006 at the age of 83, having distinguished himself in a number of fields, undoubtedly his most notable achievement being Tory member of Parliament for Dumfriesshire for 33 years. Hector was a keen sportsman and in particular, an avid follower of Rugby but motor sport was also a passion from an early age. While we were making preparations to celebrate our 50th anniversary by re-running the Autumn Stages at Drumlanrig, we wrote to him for his recollections of the early years of the club and to invite him to attend the event. Here are some excerpts from his reply from his Baltimore home, dated August 17th 2003, aged 80.

Dear Roland, Many thanks for your most interesting letter, which has been forwarded here from Williamwood. (his Dumfriesshire home) I would have thought that the car club began at least in 1954, if not a year or two earlier. I am thinking of cars I drove in various competitions then, usually in rallies or driving tests. I was pretty active in 54, 55, 56 with my Triumph TR2 and represented the club in the inter-club auto tests at Turnberry. Personalities were Frank Dundas with a Cooper Climax and Denham-Cooke in his Jaguar XK120. We had lots of fun and I suppose I was an original member. The Doctor at Thornhill (Doctor Watson) was also a leading light with his Allard. He was on the RSAC Motor Sports Committee.

Later, I drifted off to vintage Bentleys and still have the club badge on it. I am sorry over the years I have lost touch with the club, though not with motor sport, as I have raced with the Bentley Drivers Club at Silverstone and was President of the Auto Cycle Union for 5 years. A week on the Isle of Man was always a great experience. I remember venues such as Halleaths, Langholm, the Ranges at Kirkcudbright and rally routes but rusty on names. Kind regards, Sir Hector Monro. Dated 26.09.06.


Morland – Bob, who lives in Heathhall, Dumfries has had enough rallying experiences to fill a book. Even though he will be a septogenarian in 2007, he continues to love his rallying and can relate stories from way back. His first rallying experience was navigating for Derek Attwood in a Saab and through the years has sat beside a variety of different drivers including, of course, Ivor Clark and Jim Doig. The decision to stick to navigating was taken one night when on the ‘Solway Coast’ (at the time a navigational event) he put a Mk 1 Escort, navigated by Walter McDonald, on its side near Lochmaben cemetery.

Bob’s best result was second overall, navigating for Ricky Wheeler senior on the 1988 Tweedies Daihatsu Stages, beaten only by Colin McRae, who was busy winning his first rally. Bob also has a flair for building rally cars and by March 2006 has already built two of the latest spec Fiestas. One of the more notable builds was Richard Stewart’s flying Anglia, which will certainly not be remembered by the younger readers even though it was legendary in its time. Pick any subject you like, and Bob will have a story. And he has a wicked sense of humour. Occasionally he’ll produce a Blue Book from 1970 and completely bamboozle the organisers, who often are not quick enough to notice it’s over 30 years out of date!. Dated 20/03/06.


McGowan – Ewan, who for many years lived in Lochfoot, a wee village a few miles West of Dumfries, ran the village Post Office with wife Hilda and was very involved in village life, including the popular Pantomime Group, based there. Born in 1943 and having died in 2015, Ewan had long since given up motor sport, having competed mainly in navigational and stage rallies in the late 70’s, with Frank Wright, Murray Grierson and Jock Adamson having taken spells in Ewan’s left-hand seat. Ewan’s best ever result was winning the Doonhamer Rally with Murray, an all-night event around Dumfries & Galloway, which was at that time, capable of drawing in excess of 100 entries.

Ewan’s choice of car was originally a Cortina GT (sponsored by Mogil Motors) which with development, morphed into something much more competitive. He recalled that there were times when Murray would get his lefts and rights mixed up and Ewan would find himself dangerously anticipating what Murray was about to say and then reverse it himself, to work out the correct instruction. On one all nighter, he recalled eating cold pies from Johnstonebridge Service Station, which due to their dubious quality, became nicknamed ‘depth charges’. He also remembered Murray coming out with this gem “If we do the next five miles in three minutes, we’ve a good chance of winning this” !.

Ewan’s first stage rally was the Autumn Stages, which he completed on standard road tyres and with no spare being carried on board. One stage in Ae was so rough because it hadn’t been regraded that at the end, Jock Adamson, remarked *!@!+* that was rough, reached into the glove compartment, pulled out a can of lager and on pulling the ring, filled the whole car with spray!. Upated 21/01/2015 (the day of Ewan’s funeral, which was attended by several hundred mourners).


Paterson – Willie, (known as Micky to his friends) latterly a Collin resident, was born in 1936 and was one of the first club members, joining when Francis Dundas was Chairman. Micky ran the club’s sand racing events at Powfoot in the 50’s and the first club Autocross at Broadgate Farm, Mouswald in the 60’s. He competed mainly in rallies during the 50’s and 60’s, initially in a Lotus Cortina, followed by an Escort Twin Cam, in which he did his final rally, the 1972 ‘Scottish’, based in Aviemore. Micky was always navigated by Roy McCourt and remembered his main friendly rivalry on most events was with John (the current John’s Uncle) and Pat Bogie.

Micky won the club’s ‘Burmah Castrol Trophy, the whereabouts of which is currently a mystery. He also went to great pains to emphasise that David (Plod) Reid was always his service crew and remembered with a grin, two instances where Plod provided the laughs. On the first, while servicing on the Scottish for Micky in a Ford Anglia, Plod went through a stage after the rally cars had completed it. He had his suitcase strapped to the roof rack by the handles but unfortunately, only the handles remained when he got to the end of the stage! On another occasion, while preparing the tea in a caravan which was pitched near Elgin, Plod attempted to heat a can of beans on the stove without taking the lid off. Micky recalled the resulting explosion was like a bomb and the can went right through the caravan roof !. Willie sadly died on December 9th 2010 after a long brave battle with cancer and received a huge send off by the rallying fraternity.Updated 25/10/11.


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Rankin – Michael, (known by everyone as Micky) currently living near Terregles, Dumfries, is perhaps best known for his legendary car control and has a number of 1980’s stage rally wins to his name, including the now defunct farmtrack events, known as the ‘Machars’ and the ‘Rhins’ rallies, because of their geographical locations. Micky was also a keen competitor on club Autotests and 12 Car Rallies. Born in 1953, he recalls when 12 car rallies were fiercely fought over by a group of members and when asked to reminisce, he particularly recalls the time when he and his friend George Black (now the tyre supremo at M-Sport) were haring along in the Durisdeer area with John Bogie a minute behind. Micky ‘lost’ the car on one corner and the car careered backwards down a banking, out of sight of the road. John Bogie soon flew past, unaware of the incident and arrived at the next control to enquire of the Marshals where Micky and George were. In fact, back down the road, the lads had got out, turned the carbs up and put the car in gear so that it would drive itself, while they shoved from the back. It worked! and they regained the road to continue.

Competing in a variety of Avengers and MkI & Mk II Escorts, he also had Jim Doig navigating for him briefly but Jim decided the partnership was over on one Machars stage rally, when they rolled end over end and finished upside down with petrol dripping round their ears!. Micky almost scored a historic second overall on one of the early ‘Galloway Hills’ because while he was seeded 50th, the snow and ice faced by the top seeds had gone by the time he and George arrived. Sadly, a broken diff on the last stage ended the dream. Micky is particularly proud of his win on the tarmac ‘Runway Stages’ at Kirknewton Airfield near Edinburgh in the 80’s. Up against ex-works cars valued at easily ten times the value of his Escort, he dominated the event, surprising everyone else marginally more than he did himself !. Dated 16/05/06.


Reid – David, known universally as ‘Plod’, was born in 1950 and brought up at Morrinton, near Dunscore. Plod first joined the SOSCC in 1969 and then spent some time on the commitee in the early seventies. He has competed with a number of guys over the years, among those being his first navigator, Rab Marchbank. His first rally win was achieved when sitting beside Brian Allan on the Machars Rally in 1973. The pair remained as a team until they took their second and only other win, on the Autumn Stages in 2005, which was also to be their final rally together. Near successes included leading the Autumn Stages rally on its first running in 1972, sitting beside Gordon (Corvennie) Armstrong, the win eventually going to Alastair Brearley from the Borders.

Plod’s first event was an SOSCC 12 car rally in 1969 in a 100E Escort. The rally started between Lockerbie and Langholm and he remembers it went on for most of the night, depite heavy snow causing some crews to leave the road. Some of the cars even had to stop for a train at a level crossing on the Waverley Line near Langholm, which has long since closed. Another memory he has of 12 Cars is that they would sometimes start in the dark and finish in daylight, regularly going on for 250 miles or even more!. In fact, on one particular Wednesday night, an SOSCC 12 car and a Machars 12 car met head on, at Morton Castle near Thornhill.

He has lots of fond rallying memories, many of them funny and some which cannot be repeated here but when asked, one story came instantly to mind. Apparently, during one eventful Scottish Rally, where much merriment was being enjoyed up in the North of the country, Murray Grierson lost his wallet on a night out in Granton on Spey. After an exhaustive search, it was found at the bottom of the practice tower in Grantown’s Fire Station. Little can be remembered about that night but it seems the wallet fell out of Murray’s pocket when, in an alcohol fuelled fit of bravery, climbing the tower seemed like a good idea!. Plod also recalls when the fountains in Aviemore were filled with Squezy liquid and bubbled over and also the midnight tea-tray races down Aviemore’s dry ski-slope. He lives a much quieter but no less busy life now, and has become a bit of a thespian with Dumfries’s Guild of Players, also finding time to be part of the successful team that runs Dumfries Aviation Museum. Dated 12/04/08.


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Riddick – Bill. Pictured here on the left, at the back door of the farmhouse at Kirkton, all ready for the 1970 Scottish Rally.


Robertson – Stewart, known to all in the rallying world as ‘Wee Stewart” (his initials were W.S.) had many fine achievements in rallying with his cool, calm persona shining out when others around him would be showing the pressure.

Stewart competed for many years in a variety of cars, starting with a Mini in the late 60’s, progressing through Escorts, a Sunbeam, a Samba, an ex-works ex Guy Frequelin Sunbeam taking to 4th overall in the 1988 Scottish Rally Championship, his best overall position of all the years he contested this series.

He was navigated regularly but not exclusively by Lawrance Clark who sadly died young with cancer, Tom Mair being another regular sidekick but it was with Lawrance that Stewart achieved his personal favourite result, driving a Metro 6R4 and beating Murray Grierson into second place on the 1989 Tweedies Daihatsu Stages, organised by SOSCC.

Undoubtedly his most outstanding contribution to the history of the South of Scotland Car Club was when he, along with other SOSCC team mebers, Ivor Clark and Walter McDonald, won the overall team award on the Scottish International Rally in 1979, beating all the other works and club teams (see Historic Pic No 04 in the ‘Misc’ picture gallery).

Stewart had a string of rallying successes apart from this and always enjoyed his sport, being a wily and tenacous competitor who rarely gave up even when he was up against it.

Stewart was also a successful businessman and his long term car sales and fuel sales company is well known across the South of Scotland.

Sadly, wee Stewart died suddenly of a heart attack, aged just 60, while out mountain biking just before Christmas in 2010, leaving behind his wife Caroline and twin sons, Andrew and Jamie. Dated 02/08/11.


Scott – Walter Francis John Montagu Douglas, known better the world over as His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry VRD KT. His Grace signed his mail simply ‘Buccleuch’, which was quite understandable really and no doubt (having a keen sense of humour) would find the funny side of having such a long title. He was of course known to all of us in the club as our Honorary President, a title he held for decades until his death in September 2007 a few days after our Autumn Stages rally, following a short illness. Despite his disablement which confined him to a wheelchair after a riding accident in the 1970’s, His Grace continued to run his many estates with a velvet glove, loved by some and admired by most of his employees for his understanding and compassion for each individual’s personality and needs.

Born in 1923, His Grace served in the navy, later in life moving on to serve as Member of Parliament for Edinburgh for thirteen years and then later in the House of Lords. He supported numerous charitable causes and loved sport, music and art but it was his loyalty to the South of Scotland Car Club that saw him emerge to us as a great benefactor when in 2005, he agreed to allow the use of his estate roads for a Special Stage Rally to celebrate the club’s 50th anniversary, – a club that he was instrumental in creating so many years ago. The club showed its gratitude to him and our deep respect, when a memorial tree was planted in the grounds of Drumlanrig Castle in 2008. Dated 16/01/08.


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Tweedie – Harold, a retired Leftenant Colonel who lives in Amisfield, Dumfries, was born on January 18th 1942. He was an active member back in the sixties, seventies and eighties and is still a member to this day. He competed in a variety of events – and cars – including using a Austin Healey 3 Litre in the club’s Sand Racing events down on the shore at Powfoot in the sixties, which he recalls were highly dangerous events.

Apart from sponsoring the ‘Tweedies Daihatsu Rally’, (including 1988, the year that Colin McRae won it, this in fact being his first rally win), Harold made the local newspapers in May 1985, when he announced he was to compete on the following month’s Scottish International Rally in a 2.8 litre, 4 cylinder, Daihatsu Fourtrack, the only Diesel vehicle to enter the event. With Bob Morland alongside, the pair gave the Army Land Rovers a run for their money, beating them soundly. The Daihatsu returned from the rally to Dumfries and to more mundane agricultural duties, without a scratch.

Then in 1986, 1987 and 1988, Harold was back again, doing the Scottish’ in a Daihatsu. Here’s an excerpt from the extensive report on the ‘British Midland RSCA Scottish Rally’ from the August 1988 Rally Sport Magazine, where every crew was given their own individual report: “117 Harold Tweedie/Bob Morland 2.8 Daihatsu Fourtrack Diesel (Tweedies Motors; T Mac Van Hire; Daihatsu UK; Carnation; Mintex). For the fourth year running, ‘Wee Daisy’ gave no trouble at all, using the same four Dunlop Maxtrak tyres throughout “although we only used three at a time in the corners”. They frightened the spectators at the jump in SS 17, “but not half as much as the driver”, then tried again in SS 20. “The cause of all these biggies was trying to keep ahead of a nasty green Land Rover (122). Luckily we came upon Jaffray (111) and gave him his annual tow out, dropping three minutes to get out of the rat race with honour”. They thought the pace notes were expensive to make but “a good idea”; we improved our best time on Drummond Hill by two and a half minutes”. They finished ninth overall”

(Fourth overall in the National section of the event that is!).

More recently, Harold surprised everyone by turning up to watch a grass autotest in May 2008 and ending up competing, driving his wee MGF on ordinary road tyres and using a borrowed helmet. You’re never to young, or too old, to go autotesting!.Updated 06/01/2012.


Watson – James, one of the founder members of the South of Scotland Car Club in 1951, was born in Glasgow on September 2nd 1910 and was educated at Greenock Academy. He was awarded his Doctorate in 1940 at Glasgow University and began his medical career in Glasgow Western Infirmary, moving on to practice country-wide from Essex to Tongue in Sutherland. He went into General Practice in Thornhill Dumfriesshire in 1942 where he remained until 1961. He held many medical titles and among those was a spell on the Scottish Council of the BMA from 1949 to 1961.

Jim always took a keen interest in sports. He was keen on rowing, tennis and badminton. While in Thornhill he developed his interest in motor sport within the South of Scotland Car Club (see ‘The Birth of the South of Scotland Car Club’ above) and the Scottish Sporting Car Club, particularly in national and international rallies, including the 1951 Tulip Rally which was his very first motor sport event!(see ‘Historic Pics’ in the ‘Miscellaneous’ gallery). This event started in Glasgow, crossed over to Holland, went down through France and back to Holland, a trip that would be quite daunting even today. Jim eventually became president (or Chairman) of the SOSCC.

On becoming a member of the Royal Scottish Automobile Club, he was appointed to their Competitions Committee, eventually becoming its Convener and taking responsibility for the organisation of the Scottish Rally and other events. He was actually on the organising team when they decided to add special stages to the Scottish. He was subsequently appointed to the General Committee of the RSAC and in 1968, became Chairman of the Club, holding this position until 1970. During this time he became very friendly with A. K, Stevenson who donated a trophy to SOSCC, that trophy still being awarded to this day.

Later, he took more interest in yachting, becoming secretary of the Clyde Yacht Clubs Association from 1976 to 1980 and then Commodore of the Royal Gourock Yacht Club. He was said to be a caring person who had suffered great sadness. His first wife Helen, the mother of his four children, died after a long illness. Re-marrying in 1984 he lived a happy life with Margaret until his death on June 21st 1997. To the end of his life he retained his youth, vitality and enthusiasm for all things. Its thanks only to Jim and other members of a small band of post-war motoring enthusiasts who got together early in 1951, including Philip Denham-Cookes, Jimmy Cringean, Billy Marchbank and the Duke of Buccleuch, that the South of Scotland Car Club owes its very existence.Updated 12/01/12..

Lots more history still to come…………….


 Club Constitution


The Companies Acts 1948 to 1967



1. The provisions of Section 110 of the Act shall be observed by the Club and every member of the Club shall sign a written consent to become a member.

Every candidate for membership shall sign a form of application for membership giving details required by the Board and undertake to be bound by the Memorandum for Articles of Association and Rules. The application shall be accompanied by the annual subscription which shall be refunded if the candidate is not elected.

2. The power of admitting members rests with the Board and no reason need be given for non-admittance.

3. Every member, whether or not he shall have actually received a copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association shall be deemed to have notice of them and to be bound thereby as they are available on the website.

4. A member may resign at any time by sending his resignation in writing to the Secretary. Unless he specifies otherwise the resignation will take effect from the end of his current year of membership.

5. Membership shall cease
a. if the member is expelled from the Club b. if a member resigns in writing

c. if the annual subscription be more than two months in arrears, unless the period is extended by decision of the Board.

6. Any member who refuses or neglects to comply with the Articles or Rules of the Club, or is guilty of conduct objectionable to other members, or contrary to the interests of the Club may be expelled by resolution of the Board. Notice of expulsion shall be given in writing not less than one week before the date of expulsion giving details of reasons for the decision. The member shall be entitled to answer in writing these allegations or attend a meeting of the Board to discuss the allegations. The Board shall have absolute discretion to accept or reject any explanation. Its decision to expel a member shall then be final and conclusive.

7. The Board shall have power to elect Honorary members who shall not be liable to pay any entrance fee or annual subscription. Honorary members shall not be registered members of the Club for the purposes of the Act. They shall be entitled to such privileges and advantages of membership as the Board may decide.

8. The amount of the entrance fee payable on election, and the amount of the Annual Subscription shall be decided by the Club in General Meeting. The annual subscription shall become due in advance of 1st January.

9. a. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 30th June each year.

b. The accounts for the year up to the preceding 31st January shall be placed before the Annual General Meeting.

10. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened by the Directors or on requisition by any 12 members in writing to the Secretary.

11. An AGM or a meeting for the passing of a Special Resolution shall be called by 21 days’ notice in writing. Any other meeting to be called by 14 days’ notice in writing. The notice shall be exclusive of the day on which it is served and the day of the meeting. The notice shall specify the reason for the meeting, the place, the day and the hour of the meeting and shall be issued to those entitled to receive such notices from the Company.

If a meeting of the Company is called on shorter notice than specified it may be deemed to have been duly called if so agreed by two thirds of the total current membership.

12. The accidental omission or non-receipt of a notice of meeting by any person entitled to receive notice shall not invalidate the proceedings of that meeting.

13. Any business other than the accounts, balance sheets, Directors Report election of directors shall be deemed special.

14. a. No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum of 7 members be present.

b. No business shall be discussed at any General Meeting unless:
i It is notified in the Agenda.
ii One quarter of those present and entitled to vote, vote to discuss it.

15. If a quorum is not present within half an hour of the time of the start of the meeting, it shall be adjourned to the same time, the same day, at the same place the next week, or to such other day, time and place as the Directors may determine. If at this adjourned meeting a quorum is not present, then the members present shall be a quorum.

16. The Chairman of the Board shall preside at every General Meeting, failing him the Vice-Chairman. If they are not present within 15 minutes of the start of the meeting, then a member of the Board or finally a chosen Club member shall take the chair.

17. The Chairman may, with the consent of the meeting, adjourn the meeting from time to time and from place to place. No business shall be transacted at any adjourned meeting other than the business left unfinished. If a meeting is adjourned for 30 days or more notice of the adjourned meeting shall be given as in the case f the original meeting.

18. A resolution in writing signed by two-thirds of the members entitled to do so shall be as valid as if it had been passed at a General Meeting of the Company.


19. Every member shall have one vote.

20. Unless the Board determines otherwise only fully paid up members may vote.


21. The Club shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Competitions Secretary (The Officers) and not more than 10 ordinary Directors. Only paid up members of the Club are eligible as Directors.

22. The Board may appoint any member of the Club as a Director to fill a casual vacancy. This office to be filled until the next A.G.M. when he shall be eligible for re- election.


23. At the AGM every year, all the Officers and all Directors shall retire but shall be eligible for re-election. The Chairman shall not hold office as Chairman for more than two years concurrently. On his retiral he shall become an ex officio member of the Committee for the year after his retiral. Thereafter the Chairman shall not be eligible for re-election until he has been out of office for two years.

24. The Company may from time to time by Ordinary Resolution increase or reduce the number of Directors and may also determine in what rotation the increased or reduced number is to go out of office.

25. Election of Officers and Directors
1. Every candidate shall be nominated by two members.

2. A Director due to retire, if willing to stand again, shall be deemed to have been nominated.

3. If there are more nominees than vacancies then voting shall be by show of hands or ballot.

4. If the number of candidates equals the number of positions then no vote shall be required. If there are fewer candidates than positions then those candidates are elected, and the unfilled vacancies may be filled by the Board as casual vacancies.


26. The Directors shall be responsible for all the powers of the Company to borrow money.


27. The business of the Company shall be managed by the Directors unless such business requires a General Meeting of the Company and providing it be carried out with regard to these Articles or the Act.

28. The Directors may appoint somebody to be Attorney of the Company having such powers to act as the Directors may decide providing such powers do not go outside the powers of the Directors themselves.

29. All cheques, receipts etc., shall be executed in such manner as the Directors shall determine by Resolution.

30. The Directors shall cause minutes to be made for the purpose:
a. of all appointments of Officers made by the Directors.
b. the names of Directors present at each meeting of the Directors.
c. all resolutions and proceedings of meetings of the Company or Board.


31. An Officer or Director shall be deemed to have vacated his office or membership of the Board:

a. if he becomes bankrupt.

b. if he becomes of unsound mind.

c. if he ceases to be a member of the Club.

d. if he resigns his office in writing.

e. if he ceases to hold office by person or any order made under Section 188 of the Act.

f. if he is removed from office by a resolution duly passed pursuant to Section 184 of the Act.

g. if he is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Board and the Board resolved that his office is thereby vacated.

32. In addition and without prejudice to the provisions of Section 184 of the Act, the Club may remove any Officer or member of the Board, before expiration of this office, by Extraordinary Resolution. The Club, by Ordinary Resolution may fill the

vacant post. The person so elected, shall retire at the same time as the original holder of the office would have retired.


33. The Directors may meet together for the despatch of business as necessary. Questions arising at any meeting shall be decided by a majority of votes. In the case of an equality of votes the Chairman shall have a second or casting vote. A Director may summon a meeting of Directors.

34. The quorum for the transaction of business shall be 4.

35. The Chairman shall be Chairman of their meetings but if the Chairman is not present within 5 minutes of the appointed time, the Directors may choose one of their number to be Chairman of the meeting.

36. The Directors may appoint committees. Such committees will comply with the regulations imposed on it by the Directors.

37. A resolution in writing, signed by all the Directors, shall be valid and effective as if it had been passed at a meeting of the Directors.


38. The Board may make Rules for regulating the affairs of the Club which shall be binding on all members, and may from time to time revoke, alter or replace any such Rules. In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the Board may make such Rules in regard to all or any of the following matters:

a. As to the rights and privileges (so far as not provided for by these presents) which shall be accorded to members of the Club, and as to the particulars to be supplied by candidates for membership.

b. As to conduct of members in relation to one another and to the Club’s servants.

c. As to the badges and insignia to be issued to members.

d. As to the organisation, management and conduct of motor sporting activities or other events arranged by the Club.

e. As to the election of persons as honorary members and as to the privileges and advantages to be accorded to any persons so elected.

g. As to arrangements for reciprocal concessions or other matters with other Clubs or Association.

As to any other matter as to the operation of the Club not already provided for by the Memorandum and Articles of Association thereof or the time being in force, provided always:

i That no Rules shall be inconsistent with or shall affect or repeal anything contained in the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club.

ii That any Rule may be cancelled, modified or amended by Special Resolution of the Club.


39. The Directors shall cause proper books of account to be kept with respect to: a. All receipts and expenditure of the club with details.
b. All sales and purchases by the Company.
c. The assets and liabilities of the Company.

40. The books of account shall be kept at the Registered Office of the Company or a place that the Directors think fit. They shall be open to inspection.

41. The Directors shall decide the arrangements by which the books and accounts shall be open for inspection by members. No member, unless a Director shall have the right to inspect the books without prior arrangement.

42. The Directors, in accordance with Sections 148, 150 and 157 of the Act, shall cause to be prepared and to be laid before the Company at General Meeting such financial details as are required.

43. The complete company Balance Sheet, Auditors Report etc., shall be not less than 21 days before the General Meeting at which such details are to be laid before the Company.

44. Auditors shall be appointed and their duties regulated in accordance with Sections 159 to 162 of the Act.


45. A notice may be deemed to have been served to a member either personally or by properly conducted post. In the case of postage the notice is understood to have been served 24 hours after the letter was posted.

46. Notice of every General Meeting shall be given in any manner authorised to: a. every member who has provided an address.
b. a legal representative of a member.
c. the auditor of the Company.


47. No dissolution of the Club shall be valid unless with the consent in writing of tw0- thirds of the members delivered to the secretary within a maximum period of 21 days.