20/03/2016 Rally Result for the weekend

March 20th, 2016

20/03/2016 Rally Result for the weekend

Border Counties Rally results:

Greg & Chris McKnight no 22 finished 25th O/a and 2nd in class, after dropping back with a off with the rear of the car badly damaged.

Murray Coulthard no 55 finished 36th O/a and 3rd in class

James Robertson/Colin Maxwell no57 failed to finish due to alternator problem.

Niall Cowan Jnr no75 finished 46th O/a and 2nd in class

Memorial Garden Junior Stage Rally


Ian Paterson/David Crosbie no11 failed to finish due to a misfire and no brakes, but were lying well in 4th O/a at one point.

Stuart Paterson/ Allan Paterson no 15 were lying 9th O/a until the crownwheel & pinion gave up and put them out the rally

Midlands Stages Rally 2016

David Bogie/Kevin Rae no1 came from behind on the last stage to take victory on the Midlands Stages Rally in Ireland.