A Day to Forget.

March 5th, 2013

A Day to Forget.

A few of our members were out on last weekend’s Malcolm Wilson Stages Rally. Here’s Mike Curry’s report:


“Disaster struck again on Saturday when the BMW of David Harkness in which I was co-driving, snapped yet another shaft – this time a mile into the first stage.

What was most annoying was the fact that said shaft was a brand new replacement for the one that broke on the Wyedean.

The only good thing to come out of it is the fact that David has now invited me to co-drive for him for the whole of the SRC which gives me something to do now I’m not prepping Tam’s car following his temporary “retirement” from the sport”.

The same event didnt go much better for David Bogie and Kevin rae who found themselves in a Focus that wanted to rotate the whole time. For safety reasosns, they withdrew after a few stages, to conserve the car and themseleves and to get the car fettled for the next round of the SRC.