All Change

August 11th, 2015

All Change

You may be aware of a few changes on the committee of your club since the AGM.

Roland has retired from the committee and from his role as secretary, a post he has held for literally decades. We really do appreciate what Roland has done for the club over the years, and we hope to see him competing now he has a bit more free time.

Donald Carruthers is now the new secretary, in addition to his treasurer duties.

Tony Currie has also stood down from both the committee and role of chairman. Again Tony has been on the committee for years and will be sorely missed – hopefully he will find time to attend events. He certainly intends to be back out in his Nova in the future.

Your new chairman is Willie Keaning, and the vice chairman is now Warren Gillespie.

Shirley Currie has also stood down from the committee. She will still be seen competing on events, but only once she is better after a recent fall. Get well soon!

In more positive news, Drew McLean has joined the committee, bringing years of experience and bags of enthusiasm with him.