Another Scottish Comes and Goes

July 1st, 2012

Another Scottish Comes and Goes

Many thanks to all of the following who signed on as marshals for SOSCC at Castle O’er yesterday and special thanks to my Deputy Stage Commander, Colin Marshall, who co-ordinated you all.

Thelma Proudlock, Tony Currie, Donald Carruthers, Paul Carruthers, Graham Currie, David Pinkerton, Andrew Taylor, Colin Marshall, Andrew Pattie, Derek Kirkpatrick, George Bell, Alan Henderson, Douglas Taylor, Ronnie Clark, James Clark, Stuart Forsyth, Chris Kemp, Stephen Kemp, Eamonn Long, Christine Long, John Hume, Harold Tweedie, Scott McMillan, Laurie Boyle & Alison Hurst. (16 others also signed on as radio, recovery, rescue and doctor) Roland Proudlock – Stage Commander.

At number one were David Bogie & Kevin Rae, in the Evo 9 and they produced another calculated first overall, 50 seconds ahead of Euan Thorburn’s Focus. At 28 were Ian Paterson and Jim Haugh in the Subaru who took 25th. Roy Eide Johansen and Mark Simpson didn’t finish with a burst head gasket on the Mk I Escort and Stuart Paterson and Colin Maxwell took the Subaru to 34th.

Greg and Chris McKnight non-finished the Nova while Tam Brown and Mike Curry finished 44th in the 205GTi. Robert Paterson and Neil Richardson were right behind finishing 45th in the Mk II Escort and Micky Hunter and James McWhir fiished 51st in the Lada Samara.

Here’s Tam Brown’s report:

” I was a bit nervous at the start as if I bend another one I’m retiring and on top of that, I had never tested the car since Mike (Curry) re-shelled it.                                             In Ae 1 the windscreen misted up in the rain for about half the stage. In Windy Hill, we went down to three cylinders after half a mile as a plug lead had jumped off. Twigleees was gid!. In Castle O’er, we were back into heavy rain and we could see f*** all again. Mike said it was the scardest he’d been in a rally car, as he couldn’t see a thing – but the notes kept coming and they were grand!.

Heathall was the same old start and then the finish. In big Ae, we had a guid clean run with a couple of moments thrown in. Twiglees was the best stage in my honest opinion. Re-instatements on the stages just dug up again and rutted, with some big holes in places.

We needed a finish and we were 3rd in class, which is our best finish on this event despite the problems. With no local RAC rally this year, that could be it unti next year’s Scottish!. Cheers.      Tam.

Here are some excellent pics, courtesy of Frank Love.

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