‘Autofest’ Weekend

June 11th, 2012

‘Autofest’ Weekend

Here are the results for day one, Saturday

Autotest June 9th 2012

Many thanks to Kevin Sloan for all these excellent images from both days.

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and day two, Sunday

Guid Nychburris Autotest Results June 10th 2012

As the June 10th event was run under SACC rules which are quite different to our own as seen above, we now need to convert the results to SOSCC rules to be able to award points for our own championship. Here are the results and points, based on all runs counting and 5% penalties for LSD:

Class 1: Chris Kemp 723 penalties….12 points. Stephen Kemp 786 penalties….11 points. Stephen Dixon (also entered under WCMSC) 789 penalties….10 points. Robert Macgregor 1067 penalties….9 points. Heather Currie 1181 penalties….8 points. Adam Bevan 1205 penalties….7 points. Tony Currie 1305 penalties….6 points. Mags Pattie DNF….1 point. Danny Pattie DNF….1 point. Alison Bell DNF….1 point.

Class 2: Warren Gillespie 794 penalties….12 points. Graham Currie 955 penalties….11 points. Shirley Currie 1040 penalties….10 points. Kelsey Gillespie 1222 penalties….9 points.

Class 3: Archie Simmonds 656 penaties….12 points.

Class 4: Paul Whyte 919 penalties….12 points.

Class 5: Gordon Clendinning 603 penalties….12 points. Wullie Keaning 668 penalties….11 points.

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SACC  Autotest Challenge 2012

Just a quick ‘thank you’ to all members and friends that assisted in the successful running of this exciting event.

I’m sure the competitors were all suffering aches and pains the following day, after covering 16 tests, and even more so if they had competed over the two days. I know a few marshals with sore legs having stood all day. (Except for some who were laying about on Loungers !)

As organisers it was a bit disappointing to have so few representatives from outwith the club. However I think our members can be proud of the level of competition we provided. Good to see the young bloods giving it a good try. And the ladies were well represented.

The comments from competitors were mostly positive with only minor adjustments to the diagrams being the most obvious request. One of the visitors has even asked for a membership form. It ‘s in the post Grainger!.

Not wanting to single anyone out but a big ‘thank you’ to Thelma for producing results on our stone age laptop. I  promise to ask for a new one at the next committee meeting.

Mark Simpson

Clerk of Course

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Class winner Grainger Robertson is missing from this gallery.

Many thanks to the Scottish Association of Car Clubs (SACC), Graham Murray, Stan Thoroughgood, Grierson & Graham, Oakbank Services, Lockerbie Cheese & Burdens for their support and assistance in running this event.