Scavenger Hunt Trophy Championship.

December 18th, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Trophy Championship.

December 18th……………Tonight’s quiz was hard fought but light hearted – well most of the time. As usual the hard pressed quizmaster had to put up with a bit of stick, but Simon McLaughlin’s heard it all before and at the end, received a warm round of applause for his efforts in providing varied questions, including one section which was all about car crash songs, the answers for which nobody got !.

Five teams were competing tonight and unusually, there was a tie at the end which was settled by a one question tie-break. Although it wasn’t crucial in the overall championship competition it was still exciting. Please note that only club members are eligible for points, so here are tonight’s results:

1st with 50. ‘Team Santnav’ Roland Proudlock & Tony Currie. 12 points each. 2nd with 49. ‘Lockerbie Diamonds’ Jono and Mrs McAndrew plus Eunice and Gemma McLaughlin. No points. 3rd with 48. Team ‘Spanners’. Ian, Daniel & Mrs Wright. 10 points to Ian and Dan.  4th with 46. Team ‘Why Bother’ Wullie Keaning, Liam Harkness, Connor McLaughlin and his pal. 9 points to Wullie & Liam. 5th with 45. Team ‘Thick as Mince’ Graham and Shirley Currie. 8 points each.

So, with all three rounds of the 2013 Scavenger Hunt Trophy Championship completed, here is the final points tally:

Tony Currie 32, Wullie  Keaning 31,  Shirley  Currie 19, Mark  Simpson 17, Ian  Wright 15, Kelsey  Gillespie 12,  Roland Proudlock 12, Dan  Wright 11, Simon McLaughlin 10, Colin  Maxwell 9, Liam Harkness 9, Graham Currie 9, Warren  Gillespie 6, David  Crosbie 4, Ian  Crosbie 3, Paul  Whyte 2, Stuart  Paterson 1,  Bob  Sloan 1, Ian  Paterson 1,   Kevin Andrews 1.

Points are awarded as follows: 1st – 12 points, 2nd – 10 points, 3rd – 9 points etc etc.

So congratulations to the champion, our Chairman Tony Currie, who will collect the big flashy Scavenger Hunt Trophy at the Annual Awards Party on February 1st at the Cairndale Hotel in Dumfries.