Doonhamer Classic Rally Final Instructions & Seeded List

September 11th, 2017

Doonhamer Classic Rally Final Instructions & Seeded List


Final Instructions
Dear Competitor ,

Here are your final instructions prior to setting off from the Lockerbie Lorry Park, this Sunday, September 17th 2017.

Your start number is shown on the attached seeded list .
Your start time is 9.30, plus your start number, so car 5 will start at 9.35.

Our marked measured mile is on the entrance from the Lorry Park and turn right

The Lockerbie Lorry Park is on the service road near Lockerbie Postcode: DG11 2SL

On arrival at the lorry park please follow signs for Trailers, Noise & Scrutineering; at top of car park please report firstly to noise check/ scrutineering,
Only present your car for scrutineering on the tyres you’ll use all day.

Trailers can be parked as arrowed but please park sensibly. Don’t take trailers any nearer to Cafe, unless instructed. Scrutineering commences at 07.30 am. The Scrutineer is MSA Scrutineer Jock & Gail Hislop

Once through scrutineering, please park your car neatly, and in number order as instructed, in the queue in main car park near start Truck Stop
. Please now walk to Rally HQ & Signing On, a very short distance from where your car is parked.

Signing on opens at 07.30am. Here you will be given a road book, rally plate, side window number, a book of test diagrams and your time cards & Breakfast voucher for 2, please go to counter in Café and hand over your voucher and order your breakfast ASAP AS IT WILL BE BUSY
You must produce your car’s V5, to confirm its year of registration.
. For lunch we are at Cochran Boiler works where we will have a snack lunch ,lunch halt maybe be cut to 30 mins if we need to catch up with time.
will have someone serving a snack meal & drink etc

Change of officials:
Jock & Gail Hislop will be MSA Scrutineer for this event
Club Stewards Ed Graham/ Other

You must both attend the briefing, which will take place in Rally HQ if dry outside of Signing On , at 9.00am.

1st Overall Driver Co-Driver
Awards are now 1st /2nd/3rd in each class
No SoSCC Award
Highest placed Lady Driver or Co-Driver
Best Prepared Car (chosen by Scrutineer)

Any questions?. Please call me on 07740949240 or e-mail
Ian Crosbie Clerk of the Course.

Seeded Entry List

No     Driver             Navigator        Make       Model          CC Class
1 Andy Beaumont Andrew Fish Sunbeam Rapier H120 1725 H4
2 John Bertram Louise Whitelaw Ford         Escort        1600 H4
3 David Marsden Mike Garstang Ford         Escort Mk1 1998 H4
4 David Short Roy Heath Ford                       Escort          2000 C5
5 James Mc Whir Kyle Maitland Ford         Escort Mk1 2000 H4
6 Robin Murray Chris Hodgson Austin   Mini Cooper S 1293 H1
7 Ian Dixon Richard Welsh           Mgb              Gt              1795 H4
8 David Agnew Alan Jackson     Porsche          911            2200 H2
9 David Garstang Heidi Garstang Ford       Fiesta Mk1    1300 C5
10 Peter Metcalfe Ian Marsden    Austin         Mini            1275 H1
11 Charles Graves Ron Palmer    Triumph        Tr4            2188 H2
12 John Sloan Marian Sloan            MG           Midget        1293 H3
13 David McCausland Kieron Dillon Ford     Escort Mk1 1998 H4
14 George Eland Ian Eland          Alfa Romeo Gtv              1950 H4
15 Chris Donachie Alan Aitken       Triumph   Tr7 V8       3500 C5
16 Ray Jude Ben Jude                      Triumph   TR7 V8       3528 C5
17 Terence Dixon Maureen Dixon Austin         Mini          1300 H3
18 Chas Stansfield Martin Harwood Triumph Tr3A          2138 H2
19 Peter J Whitaker Maurice Ellison Ford Cortina Mk1 Lotus 1558 H2
20 Peter Keen Martin Phillips      Reliant       Scimitar       2553 H2
21 Tom Pearson Jim Stairs                 Ford        Escort        2000 H4
22 Brian Bradley Michael Marsland Rover         Mini        1275   C5
23 Karsten Brown Ranald White      Rover           P6           2000 H2
24 Jim Hendry Irene Hendry        Triumph         Tr3          2188 H2
25 Duncan Menzies Bob Stubbs Morris              Minor        1275 H3
26 Ryan Hay Peter Weall                 Toyota          Paseo        1497 M6
27 Simon Jennings Clive White     Peugeot           106          1597 M6
28 Chris Hunter Fiona Tyson          Mazda            MX5       1600 M6
29 Chris Haw Russell Smith            Peugeot           205        1600 M6
30 Grainger Robertson David Robertson Ford Fiesta St     1978 M6
31 Craig Wallace Clifford Auld          Toyota     Corolla G6R 1598 M6
32 Noel Cochrane Oly Mc Collum       MG            Midget      1598 M6
33 Kevin Savage Phillip Savage         Suzuki            Ignis       1500 M6
34 Drew Mc Lean Karina McLean     Mazda             MX5     1600 M6
35 Stephen Palmer Jack Palmer         Rover               25        1400 M6
36 Stuart Paterson Alice Paterson    Renault           Clio Dci 1500 M6
37 David Crosbie Kelsey Gillespie     Renault             Clio      1200 M6
38 Gavin Murray Richard Murray    MG                      ZR        1796 M6
39 Roland Proudlock Thelma Proudlock Renault Clio 182  2000 M6
40 Quentin James Tome Howe           Citroen              C2        1587 M6
41 Geoff Bateman Maggy Bateman      Peugeot          205 Gti 1904 M6
42 Alan Paterson Colin Maxwell            Mazda          MX5      1800 M6
43 Philip Hodgson Ian Giles                   Mazda          MX5      2000 M6
44 Stuart Leighton Tony Coates             Nissan          Micra     1300 M6
45 Kevin Andrews Daniel Lockerbie     Peugeot 206 Gti 180 2000 M6
46 Euan D Beck Graeme Goodwin          Nissan    Sunny GS   1600 M6
47 Christopher Hewlett Matthew Hewlett Peugeot 206 Gti 180 2000 M6