Doonhamer Delight!.

September 25th, 2012

Doonhamer Delight!.

Here are some texts, e.mails and forum posts, since Sunday’s event:

“Thank you Roly and the rest of the team for a great event, I know what is involved putting on these rallies and it is appreciated.
David Agnew”  Car No 7. Porsche.

“Thanks to Roly and team for a great event… and the weather… great to see all the cars out classic and modern and some very entertaining driving.
Hope you’ll have us back next year.
Dazzer & Susan. Car 5 Triumph 2000″

And Dazzer again, this time  on the Club Triumph Website Forum. ”

Just returned from a fantastic day of competition in Sunny Scotland!
Having never entered the Doonhamer or an event of a similar test based format wasn’t sure what to expect but was grinning from ear to ear as soon as we started. Roland and his team organised a superb event of varied tests on all surfaces and in many places with an appreciative audience to cheer competitors on.
I would recommend this event to all levels of competitor, from beginners to the more experienced. The tests were demanding enough to keep your navigator on their toes and the driver concentrated, plenty of opportunity for the handbrake if you so desired but equally you could just drive them and put down a respectable time, but more importantly they were fun.
Everyone was very friendly and helpful and the best recommendation I could give the event is that we’ll definitely be doing it again next year… if they’ll have us back!
Thanks for bringing this event to our attention Roland.
Cheers Dazzer

“Just a note of thanks to Roly and all the organising team for a first class event.
Excellent flowing tests and a superb start/finish venue, the scrap bins and trailers as “cones” really concentrated the mind!
Congratulations to Tom and his “virgin” navigator on a well deserved win!
Looking forward to next year already.
Kenmore”.              ???

“Well it was our first ever Rally so didn’t really know what to expect. I think we are hooked! What a fantastic day out we had on a well organised and run event. A big thanks to all the people involved organisers/marshalls/competitors. I’m now looking for other similar events to do. If anyone has any links to photographs of the event then please let me know.
Once again thanks………..Colin.”   Colin Rose. MG Midget. Car No. 12.

“Big thank you for a fantastic event yesterday.  Much improved venue, longer tests, less road mileage. Well done SOSCC. Hopefully Glenn will be available for next year’s event. Looking forward to it already”.  Gordon Clendinning. Car 2. Chevette.

“I’am biased. It was a great event. Well done Roly and all involved. Keep it simple for me, it works every time.
Finally Archie I got ya!.  Roly does that mean I’m off at number one next year or can we swing it for Archie to be first again.
Tom”. Tom Hall (Winner) Car 20. Riley Elf.

Nice to be appreciated and of course the credit goes to all of the team, not just the Clerk of the Course.

Officials signed on were: Ed Graham, D. Thompson, John Taylor, Doug Taylor, John Kelly, Ian Crosbie, David McKeown, Gordon Paterson, Chiara Simpson, Tony Currie, Harold Tweedie, Andrew Macgregor, James Clark, Stuart Forsyth, Derek Kirkpatrick, Gordon Smith, Joanne Smith, Steven Smith, Sharon Smith, Donna Smith, Bob Sloan, Mike Hodgson, Ken Duff, Sharon Carse, Paul Whyte, Mark Simpson, Colin Marshall, George Bell, David Pinkerton, Roland Proudlock, Hayley Whyte, Thelma Proudlock, Wullie Keaning, Liam Harkness, Donald Carruthers, S. Carruthers, Willie Ross, Shirley Currie, Graham Currie and Ronnie Clark.

Thank you all !

And then there are all the others who helped greatly in their own special way: All the staff at the Barony College, the Forestry Commission staff at Ae, James Jones and Sons, Knavesmire, Alan King at Rammerscales Sawmill, All the staff at Lockerbie Lorry Park, Jim Jardine at Palletways of Lockerbie, Kingan Feeds, the Management at Cochrans of Powfoot, John Bogie, Andy McNish and big Jim at Oakbank Services and of course, our sponsor, Simon McLaughlin at Galloway Industrial. There will be some names missing from this list but nonetheless, please accept our sincere thanks.

Roly P.