Grass Autotest, Brasswell, May 27th 2012.

May 27th, 2012

Grass Autotest, Brasswell, May 27th 2012.

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Autotest on Grass. Brasswell. May 27th 2012

Many thanks to Kevin Sloan’s for his fab pics of this event.

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This was our second visit to this field in three weeks and it just keeps getting better. It was well baked by the time we got back for our second go but despite the lack of any meaningful rain for some time, there was still a lot more long lush grass that, once it was brushed aside, exposed some very grippy peat, which was much reduced by the end of the day as most of the soil left through the gate, stuck to the competitors, most of whom looked like they’d just done a 12 hour shift down the pit. It was just like having a day at the seadside as that fine peat dust gets everywhere!!!!…. and I mean everywhere!.

Ths sheer size of the field allowed two long tests to be run at the same time and rather than wait to the end of the report, this is as good a time as any to thank George Bell who manfully took times on one of tests all afternoon, in the baking sun, strong breeze and with dust blowing in his face.

Thanks also to Thelma for timekeeping/results duties and to David Wilson who apart from getting the bonus of being invited to share Paul Whyte’s MX5, kindly returned the many cones needed for a field this size back to their home at the chicken shack (club equipment storage facility).

And last but not least, many many thanks to John Bogie who ensured that the field remained untouched until we had been and gone.

I believe everyone had a great day and with the two last tests being 0.6 of a mile each, (both of the earlier tests joined together) no one was complaining of a lack of value for money when test ten was over. Now we all convert to tar settings for the big two-day ‘Autofest’ at Heathhall. Remember to send in your entry form for the day 2 event, which is doubling as the Scottish Association of Car Clubs’ ‘Autotest Challenge’. Download your regs and entry form from the ‘Events Calendar’ page.