Grierson & Graham Targa Rally. May 11th 2014.

May 12th, 2014

Grierson & Graham Targa Rally. May 11th 2014.

At the completion of Sunday’s event, all were agreed the event had run well and had definitely deserved many more entries than it received. However, Targa rallying is still very much in its infancy and only by demonstrating what it’s all about, will we educate and encourage more folk to come and have a go.

Many congratulations to Ian Crosbie of SOSCC and George Bryson of EACC, joint Clerks of the Course on the first event to be co-promoted by our two clubs. Thanks also to all the marshals and officials who turned out, despite the sometimes very wet weather, to keep the event moving as it travelled from Drumlanrig Castle in Dumfries & Galloway to Kames in Ayrshire.

The landowners of all the tests also deserve credit for putting their faith in us to allow the use of their premises. Thanks also to Sheila Crosbie, who ran the barbecue at tests 3 & 4 Dalpeddar, where everyone, not just the competitors, got a hot filled roll and a drink between runs at this test. Our gratitude also to Thelma Proudlock our one woman Timekeeper and Results team, who rapidly produced results throughout and delivered the final placings in record time at the finish, allowing us all to set off for home nice and early, which is particularly handy when you have to get back to Inverness or Aberdeen!.

Our good friend Peter Clingan very kindly provided his services as scrutineer despite a very busy life at events all over the country, keeping everything good and legal.

Final thanks must go to David Graham for agreeing to resurrect the long established relationship between the South of Scotland Car Club and Grierson & Graham, their generous sponsorship allowing us to commit to the additional cost of hiring Drumlanrig’s now famous ‘red road’, despite the small number of entries.

To date we have received only positive feedback from anyone who was at the event and due to the pioneering spirit we’ve invested in Targa rallying, there’s now talk of the possibility of a wee Targa rally championship in 2015, between SOSCC, EACC and perhaps one or two other reasonably local car clubs. Maybe all those who failed to enter the rally this year will, in the future, support the club in it’s efforts to provide fun events of this type for them at budget prices.

Any clubs interested in talks about a possible Targa Championship in 2015 should Contact Ian Crosbie or Roland Proudlock to discuss this. Contact details on the ‘Management’ page.

Oh and just one other thing. This event was filmed from start to finish by two film crews from Eyeline Media, for an item on BBC Alba’s regular motoring show, similar in style to Top Gear. Two of the presenters, Donald Mackay and Linda McLeod, were actually competing and loved their first rallying experience, driving a borrowed 205 Gti. This item will appear on telly later this year or next spring. Watch ‘Full Chat’ for an announcement of the date, once it has been decided.

Here are the results:

Grierson & Graham Targa Rally. May 11th 2014