Jim Clark Time Again

May 31st, 2012

Jim Clark Time Again

This weekend saw rallies of every decription taking place in the Borders, as is the norm on the Jim Clark.

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As it happens, all three SOSCC crews had a very short day and indeed, all three cars were on the trailer pretty soon after the event had started.

David Bogie & Kevin Rae had hoped to put in a performance in the Metro but it decided it didn’y want to play and after just one stage it broke and that was that!. Oh well, at least its in one piece for Donegal in two weeks time.

Greg and Chris McKnight had an even shorter event. Greg reports: “We didn’t even make it to the start of stage one. We broke down on the road section with a broken clutch lever arm. We are very dissapointed, especially after the good results weve had lately. All that effort in changing the brakes, suspension and tyres, just to get a few miles of road section. Not to worry though. At least it’s nothing serious or expensive and I can look forward to the Scottish in a few weeks time”.

Here’s Mike Curry’s report:
“Bit of a mixed weekend to say the least.
I had a great run to 15th overall and first in class on the National co-driving for Andy Davison in the BMW. The M3 was sporting a new engine for the event which produced plenty of power and speed. We had a few high speed moments but Andy managed to control them to ensure a great result.
Sadly the Reivers didnt go to plan and I rolled the Peugeot through a bush and down a bank (and very nearly into the river) on the fast main road section on the second running of Bothwell.
The combination of slicks and rain wasn’t the best scenario but we live to tell the tale.
The car will repair with a few panels and glass but im not sure if Lindsay enjoyed joining the “rollover” club!
Sadly I’m a seasoned member now with 5 – and before you ask I was only driving on two of them!”.