Mull Rally Weekend for SoSCC members

October 20th, 2016

Mull Rally Weekend for SoSCC members

SoSCC members didn’t fair to well at Mull Rally

No14 David Bogie/ Kevin Rae in the Oakbank sponsored Millington Escort Mk2  were going well , lying in 4th O/a and showing a great challenge to the locals, but came to an end when they slid of the road on the Calgary Bay/ Loch Tuath SS15 to retire from the event, but will hopefully return next year with a bigger challenge.

No 43 StephenThompson/ David Crosbie in there AMD Sponsored Mk2 escort were lying 9th overall after leg 1 on the Friday night in their 1800cc Mk2 Escort! They had planned to do much of the same on the Saturday afternoon but unfortunatly after climbing there way up to 7th they also slipped of the road in the damp conditions on SS8 however continued on the last four stages on Saturday night and set four times well inside the top 10!

No44 Greg Mcknight/ Laura Marshall with their Scottish Gritting Sponsored Mk2 escort, were hoping for a good result, but things went wrong on SS2 where they went out with a damaged diff , so burning the midnight oil they set to it to get it sorted, thanks to Den Motorsport and all his team they got in sorted for Leg 2 on Saturday, but hit bad luck again by landing in a ditch .

Also well done to SoSCC member Harry Marchbank who finished 26th O/A with Gareth White in their very smart Peugeot 208 R2 Vti