Need a Tune Up ?

March 17th, 2015

Need a Tune Up ?

DA Autoparts have approached SOSCC to offer a specially arranged club Rolling Road night, where six club members’ cars will be put on the rolling road with the aim of maximising their performance.

The evening wil start at 6.00pm and finish around 9.00pm, so each car will get about half an hour on the apparatus.

The deal is, we need to provide six cars and in return, all fees will be half price. So, if the fee is normally £60 plus VAT, it will be half of that for each member.

The evening will be mid week, probably Wednesday, although that’s not yet set in stone. Anyone interested should give their name to me on 07824 847383, stating which night would suit them best and once/if we have enough interest, the night will then be arranged.

Roly P.