Quiz Night November 29th.

December 5th, 2012

Quiz Night November 29th.

Simon McLaughlin submitted this report last week, after his very first effort at running a Scavenger Hunt Quiz. Apologies for the delay in publishing it………….

“As virgin quiz hosts, we may have got off lightly!. We had a round on cartoons and amongst other things, a round on Austin Powers. Quite good fun – for me at least.


1st. ‘Father O’Donnell’s Dancing Donkey Doo Dah Band’. (Heather Currie, Adam Bevan & Bob Sloan). 44 marks……….12 points each.

2nd. ‘The Blank Faces’. (Wullie Keaning <with a black eye!> and Mark Simpson). 43 marks……….10 points each.

3rd. ‘Fill In The Blanks’. (Shirley and Graham Currie). 35 marks……………9 points each.

4th. ‘Sian & Eunice’. (How did they come up with that one eh?). 31 marks……………..8 points each.

Good fun was had by the hosts, Simon & Gemma. Who cares about the competitors. Much groaning was heard about the Austin Powers round yet, curiously, they all had a good round!!!!

Thankfully no team name involved the names of any bad people, so the lawyers can stand down.

Simon McLaughlin.

The points for this quiz will be collated with those from the previous quiz before the next and final round, which is on Thursday December 13th.