Scavenger Hunt Championship – Final Results

December 21st, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Championship – Final Results

Last night’s quiz was the third and final event of this year’s Scavenger Hunt Championship. It may have been a ‘cracker’ but it was also a chance to humiliate oneself by wearing a very silly hat. Most were very festive as intended, including Bob and Simon’s home made efforts, which involved a lot of work and – rumour has it – some welding!.

Every competitor had to wear a hat throughout the  quiz and even Heather didnt get away with dropping hers occasionally, due to Bob ‘the hat policeman’s’ vigilance. Graham Currie was certainly on the ball, wearing a Fox Hat and complying totally with the instruction on the previous post on this subject!.

Very well done to Eunice and Gemma McLaughlin who bravely took on the task of quiz compositers and questioners and managed to survive all the usual insults !

The Quiz had a possible maximum of 82 marks.

Results: ‘Big Boned Boys’ Bob Sloan and Wullie Keaning. 35 marks…..12 points each.  ‘Four Fox Sake’ Graham, Shirey and Heather Currie plus Adam Bevan. 26 marks…..10 points each. ‘Yellow Snow’ Roland Proudlock, Connor McLaughlin and Lucy Thompson. 24 marks…..9 points each – and – ‘I hear Santa takes ** ** *** Chimney’, Simon McLaughlin and Gail Rodts. 20 marks…..8 points each.

Final Championship Points: Wullie Keaning (who wins the Scavenger Hunt Trophy) 34 points. Heather Currie 32 points. Adam Bevan 32 points. Shirley Currie 31 points. Graham Currie 31 points. Bob Sloan 24 points. Eunice McLaughlin 20 points. Simon McLaughlin 20 points. Mark Simpson 10 points. Roland Proudlock 9 points. Connor McLaughlin 9 points. Lucy Thompson 9 points. Sian McLaughlin 8 points & Gail Rodts 8 points.