Scottish 2014

June 29th, 2014

Scottish 2014

Here are Frank Love’s quality pics of the four SOSCC teams competing yesterday.

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Well, the new Fiesta R5+ has been a great success and taking first overall after just two events in the car (the pair did the Carlisle Stages last week purely as a shakedown and didn’t hand in their time cards) David Bogie and Kevin Rae will be relishing the thought of completing the remainder of the Scottish championship in this new toy which I understand it, eats tyres at a phenomenal rate. No shit Sherlock!. Remember to keep your eyes on the prize, – the Wales Rally GB at the end of the year.

Greg and Chris McKnight took a brilliant 14th overal in the Mk II Escort on their home event and are dead chuffed at taking various prizes away with them. And no wonder as fourteenth is a fitting reward for a good aggressive drive , proving that Greg has now got to grips with Rear Wheel Drive.

James Robertson and Colin Maxwell took 23rd (and not 57th as previously stated) in the C2R2, despite several electrical problems. Just finishing the rally really is an achievement, considering the carnage on some stages, as evidenced by the footage on Facebook. Colin says ” got stopped on stage 2 and got an optimum time that was crap, then caught a car on 3 and was held up for about 6 miles in the dust. The car keeps burning out throttle bodies and we went through another three !”

Scott and David Sloan had a spectacular roll leaving the car looking like a write off, but nonetheless finished 63rd overall.

For all four SOSCC teams to get to the end is a fine effort by all. Well done guys.

Meanwhile SOSCC marshalled the Castle O’er stage and I’d like to publically thank Harold Tweedie, Calum McDonald, Scott McMillan, Mark Simpson, Derek Kirkpatrick, Ronnie Clark, James Clark, Stuart, Shirley and Graham Currie, Eamonn and Christine Long, Tony Currie Donald & Wendy Carruthers, Colin Robertson, Chris Wilson and Kyle Ferguson, for running a very slick operation, despite needing to be on duty for a ludicrously long time (9 hours), considering the entire field only passed through the stage once!. Roly P.