Scottish Rally June 29th.

June 28th, 2013

Scottish Rally June 29th.

Apart from the Annual Awards Party, this is the event which invloves the largest number of SOSCC members, many of whom are out competing, servicing or marshalling.

Many thanks to all our members who signed on very early this morning at Windy Hill which will now forever be known as ‘Midgie Mountain’. Kinell  !!!!.  I have never ever seen midgies worse than this. The little buggers were eating us alive and there is now even a question over how effective Avon’s Skin So Soft really is at deterring them. It may even be a rumour put about by Avon themselves to sell the stuff.

Here’s a late bulletin: The bottles of Avon ‘Skin So Soft’ provided by the rally organisers were the new version, containing no insect repellent !!!. Grrrrrrr !! 

My special thanks to our Chief Marshal, Colin Marshall, who assembled the team for our stage.

Here’s a list of our 28 brave boys and girls who exposed themselves at ‘Midgie Mountain’ for a full six hours this morning: Harry Marchbank, David Crosbie, Duncan Wardrop, Mark Simpson, Simon McLaughlin, Colin Marshall, Thelma Proudlock, Roly P, Warren Gillespie, Graham Currie, Heather Currie, David Pinkerton, Stephen Palmer, Donald Carruthers, Gaz Starkey, Ian Anderson, Derek Kirkpatrick, Doug Taylor, Harold Tweedie, Ronnie Clark, James Clark, Stuart Forsyth, Tony Currie, Greg McKnight, Chris McKnight, Scott McMillan, Scott McKune, Neil McKune.

Also officiating in the stage were: Brenda McRae, Wayne Marshall, Mike Baird, Martin Luke, Shona Hale, Ian Nelson, James Knox, David Cunningham, Packham, S M Burns, Ian Turnbull & Neil Richardson, plus the ambulance crew and our doctor, Gavin. Thanks to everyone.    Roly P.

The SOSCC Crews for 2013 were:

Here are Frank Love’s excellent images of the SOSCC crews.

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1. David Bogie & Kevin Rae. Focus. 2nd overall. David and Kevin got out of the car to cool down during a twelve minute holdup at the start of stage one. Did they cool down too much?. They probably wont get out of the Cagemax Focus at all on the next SRC round, the Speyside Rally.

23. Ian Paterson & Jim Haugh. Subaru. The Gulf Oil scooby ran well all day and a satisfactory 21st overall was gained after a number of problems this year to date, including nearly drowning in petrol on the Jim Clark !. 21st on the Scottish is a good result to build on.

32 Stuart Paterson & Colin Maxwell. Subaru. 32nd overall. Stuart and Colin got off to what Stuart admitted was a slow start but picked up the pace later and enjoyed the event, with no mechanical problems at all.

61 James Robertson & Ian Crosbie. C2R2. 40th overall. Another steady run from the quiet man in the quest for class points.

72 Chuck Blair & Mark Roberts. 205Gti. Finished 39th and 4th in class 3. Chuck looked nervous on the start line of the first stage, Windy Hill, but needn’t have been. He drove well to get the 205 home.

78 Scott Sloan & David Sloan. Corsa. Retired when the clutch went phut on stage two. They had made lots of improvements to the car and were gutted to retire from their home event, although Scott was chuffed that they at least managed to get through their home club’s stage (Windy Hill).