August 3rd, 2012


2nd overall and still leading the 2012 SRC!.

David and Kevin were late going into stage 3, even though they didn’t have a problem, but then they got stuck behind Bruce McCombie and dropped around ten to fifteen seconds.

The rest of their time loss was possibly just the result of the short sprint type stages which appear to have favoured the WRC Focus of Thorburn rather than the big Evo. And the leading trio had identical times on 3 of the stages which means they beat the Bogey time, which doesn’t help when you are on a mission to regain lost time.

You have to ask yourself, what are organisers thinking when they allow this to happen?. Seriously, what’s the point of driving on the limit for miles and at great expense and risk, just to be given the same time as your main competitors?.

David & Kevin just edged out Jock Armstrong and took 2nd place, so it was good for championship points. This isn’t the whole story though. The loss of the intercom on stage four was a bugger but a bigger obstacle, in the form of a stout gate post on the outside of a bend was waiting for our lads on the tenth and last stage.

Gate post nil, Mitsubishi bent!!!. But despite several battered panels on the offside of the car, the old workhorse just kept going and second overall was a handy score for the lads to carry into the next round.

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