Sprinting Uphill

April 23rd, 2015

Sprinting Uphill

Two SOSCC drivers have been busy over the last two weekends in the world of sprinting and hillclimbing.

Ian Wright is yet again campaigning a Honda Civic, which I understand is pretty tricked up with some serious go faster bits bolted on.

And Paul Whyte has a Clio Cup which despite its very standard set up, has been setting some very satisfactory times.

Two weeks ago it was Kames, where the weather started off very wet but dried out to allow some fast late runs, then last weekend it was the hillclimb at Doune which is very tricky and way too narrow to expect no incidents. In fact it was a 205 that somehow got on top of the barrier in the process of wrecking itself that brought things to a halt after just one official timed run had been set by all the other drivers. With only two morning practice runs, this meant there was a total of just about two minutes of driving in anger the whole day !.

I may get some photos of our members to let you see what went on……………