Well done to one of our Junior Car Club Members

July 20th, 2019

Well done to one of our Junior Car Club Members



We are delighted to enter Letisha Conn as our first Rallysport profile into the Female Database on the website.

At only 14 years old, Letisha has an already impressive career in Motorsport. She caught our eye earlier this year and was one of the nominees for our Monthly Star Drive award in May.

Her story is inspirational for all young females. When she started Karting at age 8 she was involved in a big accident which left her in a neck brace. Amazingly, she wasn’t turned off the sport and bounced back even stronger.

She has won in many disciplines, including Karting, Mini cup, and Rallysport. At only 14 she is leading the RSA class 1 category.

Check out Letisha’s profile by following the link below or continue reading about her journey so far.

This girl is one to watch and we look forward to following her progress. Well done Letisha!

Letisha started karting when she was 8 years old but spent most of that year on the sidelines after a huge accident in her very 1st year which left her in hospital for 2 days and in a neck brace for 6 weeks. On her 1st day back testing after the accident she immediately set her fastest ever lap around Whiteriver, which was where she had the accident. She kept improving and went on to win the LKC honda cup and several race wins.

When she turned 12 she decided to switch to rallying and quit karting while leading the championship. She went from 6hp honda cadet to 135hp mini cup car and took to it immediately.

In only her 2nd year in the mini she won the RSA mini cup junior in both the Irish and N. Irish championships She also finished 2nd in the Northern Ireland senior championship beating her father who finished 3rd.

Another birthday and another change of car. Two weeks after her 14th birthday she had her first Scottish junior 1000 event in the Stuart Paterson 107 and finished a brilliant 5th. Another two 4th places puts her in a great position in the championship against the more experienced Scottish males and females. At home she is currently leading the RSA class 1 after two wins and a 3rd place in her own Gordon Automotive backed C1. This is a fantastic showing by Letisha, as it’s only 1000cc and she is competing against 1200cc Corsas and 1250cc Fiestas.