You have a year…………….

October 5th, 2012

You have a year…………….

to get your car sorted for the 2013 Doonhamer Classic, as it will take place on September 22nd 2013.

For the 2013 Doonhamer Classic, Classic and Historic cars, built up to and including December 31st 1990, will take precedence. Any free spaces (if there are any) at close of entries may be filled by cars built after this date – but why take the chance?. Start searching out an oldie now. You have a year………….


the committee are planning a similar event to the Doonhamer Classic (which are all to be known as ‘Targa’ events, according the the MSA’s most recent announcement) in the spring of 2013, for club members only and where a modern car can win outright!.

So there’s something for everyone. We do aim to please. Think about it. The Doonhamer’s entry fee was £90, including three meals for each crew member. Where can you go stage rallying for this?.

Roly P.